► World of Tanks: Derping Like a Bauss! – 11 Kills Epic Battle – AMX 30 First Prototype

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Source: DezGamez

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I hope you guys are having the best holidays ever, best wishes all of you!
Today, I am trying to entertain you with another epic battle .
Check out how “The_White_Lemming” is going to carry his team to victory with “AMX 30”, tier 9 French medium tank.


  1. Odakle si Dez?

  2. Dez how do you make your videos, i am not even close to being able to make
    them. HELP ME

  3. Props to the AMX30 driver. I’ve been in that position before and it IS
    nerve racking!

  4. Marry Christmas Des! Also. T28 Concept came to Xbox this week too. 🙂 it
    got Premium Matchmaking too. How about some more M48 Patton gameplay too?
    Love to see you play it again! 🙂 hope the buffs to both M46/48 come to
    Xbox soon! :D

  5. Christopher brintrup

    will you ever do a video where you play with subscribers?

  6. Was White Lemming trying to start an engine fire on the T95 maybe,. for one
    of those contests? Good video regardless.

  7. LOL IS 6 under 60 dmg and 1 kill but he is survivor

  8. Merry Christmas bro :)

  9. i fell bad since my clan mates were on the other team and they told me
    about this when i happened on team-speak lol

  10. Have a wonderful Christmas ship and thanks for the great gameplay and
    commentary. Sam.

  11. what does AMX even stand for, nearly every single french tank has AMX in it

  12. 11:15 wow his team blames him for carrying their asses.
    they would have deserved that he blocks his teammate so he dies and the
    suicide himself…

    well played to that guy
    and nice commentary dez

  13. What in the holy hell was he doing at the end with the T95?! Good god.
    Epically good until that point, then epically sad.

  14. love your channel but please, for the love of serB, don’t turn into


  16. what a great way to finish Christmas day, merry Christmas all and to all a
    good night ;)

  17. Do you by any chance have a 9.12 game folder? I forgot to save the folder
    after the update. Please help :P

  18. is T95 russian tenk?
    (don t comment if you didn t get the joke!)

  19. thatbattlefield dude

    Happy holidays! one of these days I will have this tank. Gonna make my way
    to the Leo first.

  20. in 11:05 that’s my avg RNG I’m so freaking…. yheeaa you understand what I

  21. Happy Xmas and New year Dez :D

  22. omg

  23. Happy holidays.

  24. what a fucking moron shoots in t95 he should shoots tracks and it will be
    with dmg shooting side omfg….

  25. Merry Christmas Dez, and everyone

  26. Merry Christmas to you Dez and your family…. nice of you to a upload
    video this Christmas.. enjoy your Christmas sir =)

  27. nice replay DG, hopefully there can be a epic ram videoin the future 😉 and
    Merry Christmas!

  28. nice epizode DG i hope you and your family enjoy this Christmas 🙂 P S
    under 301

  29. i just unlocked this tank, and it is so good

  30. Happy Xmas DezGames awesome videos keep it up !

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