► World of Tanks: DezGamez Giveaway For Epic 2015! – 25,000 Gold + 19 x T-127 + 3 Premium Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

►Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/8cb6
World Tanks Giveaway Contest Epic !

Yes, it that time of the year where I am going to give you some “love” for supporting me!
I am going to host one pretty nice giveaway contest just to say Thank You!

2) Enjoy my content!
3) Submit your e-mail.
This is the best way to make sure that you are actually going to receive your prize! So many guys are not checking their Youtube message box, as I have tested before!

Prize pool:
*10 x 2,500 gold. EU/NA/SEA/RU
*19 x T-127 + Garage slot + 300 gold + 3 days of Premium. T-127 for EU only, going to draw winners earlier(2015-12-29), because codes must be used before the end of the year!
*1 x Type 64
*1 x T26E4 Superpershing
*1 x

*Going to draw the winners few days after the new year.
*Contests ends 2015-12-31 23:59/11:59PM EET
*If you win gold, you can also get the same amount of gold in World of Warships, if you wish to do so!
►Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/8cb6



  1. If I win something I should to give it away because I’m dumb and didn’t
    even watch the entire video before submitting.

    Thanks for the giveaway Dez!

  2. Nice :-)

  3. I joined some time ago due to mr Jingles. I really like the world of
    warships content and RNG-videos. Keep up the good work

  4. GJ man, I realy this epic giveaway and I hope you will grow as big as QB.
    You really deserve it!!!

  5. awesome waiting to to win it…….:)

  6. Way better than anything offical WG EU is giving us :)

  7. Real kind of ya to do this for your subscribers.Thanks,Dez.

  8. Nice ! I hope to get a T-127.

  9. wow nice man

  10. Nice job…

  11. Dez is tha maaaaan :D

  12. Richard Komendanchik

    if I get prize, I love you long time

  13. I never win, so I’ll say congrats to you who win now. The man post some
    good content.

  14. I wanna float like a butterfly an sting like a bee, amx cdc 🙂 hhehe

  15. SimRacing TV (Andreas Furil)

    Good Holdiday for you….

  16. Hi Ship
    I of course made a mistake (Didn’t read the rules properly and didn’t watch
    all the video before I entered) After I pressed enter, I read the rules and
    realised I put incorrect information…So I entered again with a different
    email address. After watching the video I realise I now have 2 valid
    entries so can you delete one of them for me? One has this You Tube user
    name. I certainly didn’t mean to cheat and have 2 entries I just didn’t
    read properly.
    So happy you had a great year and keep up the good work o/


  17. Thank you for the great year :D

  18. CHRoOMAX - Randoms Videos!

    Hey Dez, I just wanted to ask a pretty newbie question, but how do I submit
    my E-mail to you? Ty:D

  19. i may stand a chance of winning as i do not after submit a epic game …

  20. Hrvoje Vrček (esseker)

    great giveaway, I am fresh subscriber but I really like your videos :)

  21. Nice giveawau

  22. keep going the good job ,love from Greece

  23. Very Nice! Do i have to like all ur video’s ?

  24. Hopefully the channel grows by another 24k subs in 2016, keep the great
    content coming!

  25. That is very cool

  26. tnx Dez and good luck to all of guys :)

  27. You’r the real Santa DezGamez!

  28. Thank you for all the great YT content this year ! maybe we should give you
    a price aswell ! .. like send you a million replays ! of TOG II!

  29. Good work. Of all the YouTuber who uploaded World Of Tanks are my favorite.
    A lot of success in 2016 and happy new year.

  30. Thanks for all the give aways and the epic content Dez. You should totally
    stream more though, loved the guest appearance on Circon’s stream :D

  31. Shit. I’m such an idiot. I think at the First name field I filled the same
    as my YouTube user name… In case you can edit that submitted information
    my WoT user name is Souperman not cezarica #facepalm

    Thanks and keep up the good work! 🙂

    PS: That T30 was sure pissed af cos you kept detracking him haha

  32. Julien Brouilhounat

    i enjoy eachone of your content, and often comment them ^^ so this time, as
    i haven’t any money for this year xmas, the superpersh or the CDC i’ll win
    is going to be my present XD
    anyway, thanks for this whole year of super video epic play and somtimes
    RNGesus rage quit ^^

  33. helluva givaway. keep up the good work, man.

    actually updated the client today. going to log in tomorrow and get mad @

  34. one more amazing giveaway. I hope I will win for the first time..lol

  35. Can i only submit 1 form?

  36. submit email to where?

  37. every giveaway T-127….soon Dez will have a big army of T-127s…

  38. Dez this is…just unbelievable.Such love has been given from your subs to
    you and now the love you are sending us is overwhelming.There are really no
    words that can describe this love.

  39. good Video

  40. good Video

  41. YaY giveaway!

  42. +DezGamez what happens if you already have T-127 in your garage and you win
    it in the giveaway another one?

  43. i won no exceptions

  44. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    great job Dez

  45. Why does this map and cliffs are common to play I caught her already 7x
    times in a row WG report error bug instant Carma RNG .!

  46. YAYAYAY :D

  47. Thank you Dez.. love watching your vids keep up the good work! and also
    explaining what to do. ?

  48. THATS INCREDIBLE DEZ!! gj. Good luck to everyone for the contest :)

  49. just to say tnx Dez 4 all reviews

  50. Dez you are my favourite youtuber please don’t stop what you are doing also
    thanks for these amazing giveaways!

  51. Hey Dez i would like to submit my replays but im worried that because of
    the low graffics they wouldnt qualify. does that matters? tell me please

  52. A great year for you DezGamez i hope you can have the same or better next

  53. FUCK_YEAH!

  54. I don’t have wot PC though 🙁 maybe its possible if it transfers to my wot
    blitz acc +dezgamez

  55. very nice

  56. Luis Fernando Arispe

    Congrat Dez, and thanks for the giveaway.

  57. Happy Christmas Dez , looking forward to 2016 lets make it Super Epic X

  58. I hope 2016 will be just as good as 2015 for you Dez?
    Good Luck?

  59. Kos “kOOsmaty” n

    when will be the next rngesus? ;-)

  60. My God. What a beast year huh Dez? I mean HOLY FUCK this year was
    fantastic! Your even up to 37.5K subs! I’m so happy to see you growing like
    this man! You’ve come such a long way and I really do think next year is
    going to be just as awesome!

    Going on 4 years since I joined your crew and it’s only gotten better. What
    more could a friend want?

    p.s got a new Email address cause my old one is now defunct… 🙁 But I got
    a kickass new replay for you!

  61. Thank you so much for the give away event!!! it would be very very very
    nice if I win this giveaway ;)

  62. i have to say that you are a very nice person because you want to give your
    community something back from your own pocket and time that you spend to
    make this possible for us.:)

    sry for my english isnt that good :)

  63. Congratulations on the successful year Dez! May more successful years

  64. What is ones YT username? Is it what you see here above, is email I use, or
    like the name I used before G+ wich was FiRENGNER or something like that.
    There is also a hash code called user ID under account settings. It’s all a
    bit of a mystery really. 🙂

    I’ll improvise. One more thing. Can you see for how long you’ve been subbed
    to a channel? I can’t remember how many subs Dez had when I joined but I
    recon it wasn’t more than a few hundred. But I dont know. :)

  65. Thomas Connelly-moss

    dez my favourite world of tanks player these days! much love

  66. BEAST as always… keep up with great work… for Santa believers – Dez
    rekt him! :D

  67. This man is one of the most positive, upbeat and legit Youtubers ever. His
    consistent uploads never fail to make my day, and I don’t even play WoT

    You are so generous and thoughtful Dez and I wish I could give back to you
    somehow. Happy holidays, my man. Keep being real!

  68. Dez I just want to take a moment to thank you for being such a nice
    youtuber some guys out there are just horrible to their viewers you just
    are the best!

  69. lol, t-127 expires on my birthday XD

  70. happy christmas!!!

  71. You’re so kind to your people Dez, i don’t know any other youtuber as fun
    and amazing as you are. I have been here supporting you on YT and twitch
    since the very begining, and i want to see this chanell go trough the roof.
    Happy Holidays ! -Headshoterino

  72. nice :)

  73. Dez, you are just too kind… It’s great to see the mutual appreciation
    between you and your community:) keep it up!

  74. Love your videos, helped me a lot. Thanks Dez!

  75. Nice one :)

  76. Enjoy your content? What kind of bs rule is that? Of course I enjoy your
    content. The videos are great to be honest and don’t ever doubt that

  77. Awesome giveaway, nicely done Dez. Hope you have a great year next year,
    really enjoyed your vids, including the rage quits, LOL. Woo hoo. (Not
    entering the comp I’ll let someone else win!)

  78. I thought you were talking about GOATS!

  79. Woot! Grats on a great year, Dez!

  80. You are a legend Dez! keep up the good work, Epic year!!

  81. awesome ggwp

  82. Gj Dez, I hope next year will be even better for you :)

  83. Great Vids, Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays Dez!!!!!

  84. If your email isn’t correct … I can’t help you.

    I don’t care if I win or not. I enjoy our videos. Glad you are doing well
    enough to do this giveaway. Good luck to everyone and hope to see more from

  85. An amazing giveaway, thanks for all you do to keep us entertained…. you
    have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to see what
    you bring us in the new year!

  86. U alway do superwork, Dez and 3-4 times a week. Im one of the new 22.000
    subscribers of 2015. Have a great christmas. Magnus

  87. Hey Dez it is good to giveback!

  88. I love your Videos greatings from germany! I hope YouTube will reach the
    50k subs!

  89. its DEZs voice and funny reactions that actualy got me to subscire to his
    channel:D not to mention how he prenounces some of the words like: Vorld of
    tenks, t26e4 superBershing” the way you say “coads” is funny too, it sounds
    like your saying ” goats” 😀 or when you sip your ” coffee”.
    DEZs character is enough for me to sub and his vids are “baos” 😀

    still waiting for challenger 2.

  90. Great Giveaway….
    I follow all your WOT posts, great channel, very fun videos and really
    helpful. All my best wishes to your sir, Merry Christmas and Happy New

  91. Username check

  92. I’m glad to see that your channel grows bigger and bigger. Keep up the hard
    work! I also won at on of his giveaways(thanks!). He’s a nice guy, all is
    legit. :)

  93. Thanks for doing this, Dez. Simply amazing. Good luck everyone.

  94. do u do it for xbox

  95. I haven’t been subbed for very long but you have such a unique and
    personable content array that I can’t keep myself from clicking a video
    when I see you’ve uploaded something new :)

  96. nice!!

  97. Congrats on a great year. Appreciate your content…..keeping it real. Thx

  98. gg dz nice give way en love your video’s m8

  99. man, i’ve learned a lot with your vids 😛
    your charisma and your simplicity makes you one of my favorites!

    congrats for your videos and keep going :D

  100. One of the best streamers. Always enjoy your vids. Keep it up.

  101. I like your videos!

  102. Hand’s down let’s all be honest on this. I’ve been here for a long while
    and I’ll openly admit Dez you deserve a hell of a lot more of what you
    receive. I’ve been here for a while and I’ll be here even longer!
    Keep up that good work, My day wouldn’t normally be complete without one of
    you’re videos!
    I’ll let this be said early seeing the fact i’ll be working, have a merry
    Christmas Dez!

  103. You’re one crazy amazing youtuber’ i hope one day i get big enough tôdo
    prices like you! The french community contributor program is a bit lazy on
    helping us to grow bigger…

  104. Yoo Dez. Thank you so much for the amazing content and funny ass videos. I
    can say that they have helped me a lot. So thank you for messing up so I
    don’t have to ?? :)

  105. i think u still awesome and if in dont win i will stop watching your videos
    xD JK i will keep watching cos i cant stop xD

  106. Thanks a lot for this, Dez. Doing these giveaways is very generous.

  107. i type the wrong Youtube username 😛 and this is DptyCmdr

  108. Keep up the good work!

  109. i love you man you are the best

  110. Nice one DezGamez 🙂 gl to all participants

  111. My favorite youtuber, the power of coffee is strong with this one

  112. Hello

  113. He and his giveaways are legit! Thank you Dez for an amazing year! :)

  114. I was the 183rd like 😉 dez

  115. Hi Dez,
    I found your channel about 1,5 years ago. Its been a great time so far and
    I really enjoy watching your videos. The new series rng jesus is great keep
    it up.
    Lets hope for a good upcoming year together mate!
    Good Luck in the future



  116. Seeing people grow on Youtube is always awesome! Keep on tanking! :)

  117. Tenkista999 - World of Tanks - War Thunder

    GL TO ALL ;)

  118. thanks dez

  119. Nice giveaway, man

  120. jose allan miguel gonzales

    thank you dez merry Christmas.

  121. Awesome year, hope you enjoyed it DEZ

  122. Awesome year, hope you enjoyed it DEZ

  123. Congratz on such an epic year, Nutz. Merry Christmas and have another great
    year in 2016 :)

  124. Dez you’re my hero❤? keep up the amazing work just remember that i’m one
    of the many people that watches your vids but doesn’t normally take the
    time to leave a comment and a like but we all enjoy your stuff ? 1 little
    question btw: when you contact someone when he has won will you send the
    email to the emailadress he gave you are by the email adress that is linked
    to his youtube acc? for us gmail users it is quite important if we get the
    email in our normal inbox or social inbox. i one time had almost deleted a
    message from croluxgame who had send me an AW key by using the youtube
    messaging system. i normally don’t look at those emails cuz i have gotten
    the “dezgamez has uploaded a new vid” messages on my Phone as well.

  125. thank you soooo much for this giveway dez^^ You’re awesome and keep
    uploading the awesome videos:)

  126. Your so awesome DezGamez and i remember when i watched your stream awhile
    back i won a Beta code for WOWs. Just keep doing what your doing and having
    fun with man.

  127. really nice giveaway :)

  128. Thanks for the giveaway, I really appreciate it!

  129. Thanks dez!

  130. Im really glad you’d soo much subscribers more this year dez 😀
    i wish you happy holidays and all the best next year



  131. Hello Dez, thank you for an awesome year full of epicness. And keep
    carrying on.

  132. Hype for win!

  133. impressive effort as always

  134. i submitted but in city i placed Denmark where i live instead of EU

  135. I have won a prize in an giveaway earlier this year and I received my
    prize(i think it was something like 500 gold), so i can confirm this guy is
    legit. Also I enjoy his videos because they are a lot of fun. Support him
    pls and you won’t be bored ever again :)

  136. That’s cool.

  137. Dez, thank you so much for your generous choice to give stuff to us out of
    your own pocket. I enjoy your content, and hope that 2016 gains you over
    50,000 subs. (twice of this year)

  138. Actually,WE thank you dude,for the epic stuff u gave us combined with
    entertainment and useful tips! Keep doing this and keep being awesome!

  139. I wish more people would be so kind.

  140. Instructions unclear: I gave away a M60A3 ICE to myself in AW. Damn it Dez!

  141. do we put in our wot email address or can it be any email we use?

  142. very good giveaway! :)

  143. 1 year sub, keep going dez.

  144. Well, I screwed up, maybe next time

  145. Glad you’ve had a great year Dez! , You are a great chap :D

  146. Thank you for the giveaway and the great content and congratulations on the
    successful year. :)

  147. I put my real name and the lastname on the giveaway page… facepalm :D

  148. Merry Christmas DG

  149. Awesome Dude!

  150. JOY =))

  151. Nice touch, well done mate!

  152. Dez, you sir are a fucking hero. I want to say thank you for an awesome
    2015, let’s hope 2016 is bigger and better. :D

  153. best youtuber ever

  154. hope i win the CDC or Super Pershing :)

  155. I love you :)

  156. dez, i love your vids and i think it is amazing u give away all this stuff
    to people just because they love your vids and they are subs. i really dont
    get why you dont have 100.000+ subs. you and your vids are just amazing and
    you would deserve every single one of those subs. keep making vids, stay
    awesome and remember: you are the real mvp

  157. Love your vids DezGamez keep it up in 2016!<3

  158. You are the fucking best. The FV215b 183 vid… That was hilarious. Good
    job and keep making your videos.

  159. You are awesome

  160. Nice Dez and congratulations on a great year. happy holidays to you and

    thanks Iron

  161. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    Awesome man!

  162. 25 hundred

  163. Huge thanks to you sir! I love your videos and you are even giving away
    awesome stuff. I have huge respect for you dez!

  164. Thank you for great video content this year (probably past as well but I
    started the game this year)!

  165. second comment! yeah!

  166. you give to much lol! but very kind of you! best santa EU :P

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