► World of Tanks – Do you even heavy? | FV215b feat. E-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of FV215b and E-100 Live .
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Last time someone asked: “Do you even heavy, brah?”
… I have to fix that problem and have play with some heavy tanks and complete some missions!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Do you even heavy, brah?

  2. And people still question my decision to never load HE when facing
    artillery as the remaining enemies 😀
    *raises hand for platoon missions*

  3. National voices are cool with the british, they have thick british accents

  4. Why oh whyyyyyy do you use HE on a 750 avg dmg gun on Arty when even the
    biggest arty in the game has like 500hp QQ. Fun to watch though, getting
    close to the 215b myself ^^

  5. It’s not called “Plan full retard” it’s “Plan: Ballzzzzzzz deep” +DezGamez +Dez
    Moments ;-)

  6. Amx 12t? :D

  7. Can you make some artillery gameplay?

  8. Good video:) and grats in ur first mark :)

  9. whats better e100 or mause 

  10. Great episode dez, Awesome turret spin on your E100 ‘acting’ like you dont
    give a Honey Badger

  11. 13:40 can you simply see on the low left corner how long the batchat is
    reloading? I’m strongly convinced that when it says that a tank is
    reloaded, it already is cheating, but to see how long he is reloading, is
    just ridiculous in my opinion. However, i think you are doing a great job
    in your videos dezgamez, keep up getting the good work sir

  12. Do you even auto load? Do you even arty? Do you even light tank? Play what
    you likee bud, your vids are always entertaining no matter what ya plan in

  13. IS7 or E5!

  14. Because you need HEAT amo to penetrate batchat turret! :D

  15. You never load HE against arty in E100 because no arty has 750HP, with HE
    you can just fail to penetrate and not kill.

  16. North Shore Model Railway Club

    So funny to watch with your commentary

  17. Hey DezGamez great games, are you using promod by any chance?

  18. Nice one again Dez 🙂 keep it up dude and “see you in the next episode” 

  19. Also Dez: please do not forget to make a short video before you start
    streaming as I don’t want to miss it. Thx again and keep it up mate 

  20. Great video, congrats on the mark for the FV215b…….more please. 🙂
    That tanks just so much fun to run though the front can be trollish at

  21. E100 was hilRious. Go

  22. Jesus approves of this video.

  23. Your luck of teams when you play the 215B….I never face guys like that 🙁

    I still really want to know what you look like!

  24. man you really love that 215b. i’m wanting to get one out of curiosity
    before they remove it, just unlocked the conq but then again i’m close to
    the obj 140 as well. SO MANY TANKS TO BUYYYY

    but yeah nice vid

  25. Some epic TD action plz!

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