► World of Tanks: DPM Factories – New AMX 30B and STB-1

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Source: DezGamez

Tanks AMX 30B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks -1 Gameplay Review. Tanks Tier 10 Medium Tanks – Best DPM.

New week, new videos… In this episode I am going couple rounds with DPM factories new “AMX 30B” and with “-1”. Those tanks have one of best damage per minute numbers in this game, AMX 30B has the best with Object 430, compared to the tier 10 medium tanks.



  1. isn’t stb1 turret not as good as new 30dpm
    stb 1 does more damage with 105 than t10 stalin gun but with half the reload. not even angled mouse and a tier 10 bounces the lower plate lol

  2. My M48 Patton has a little over 3500 DPM I’ll stick with that instead of grinding for this thing.

  3. Dpm factory isn’t working. Glad I’ve got some


  4. Where are the victory girls? 😀

  5. If i have him in my Team i kill dezgamez too. Off course maybe i get a ban but shipthenutz is a stupid gay.

  6. I woulda appreciate playing in European server just to find you in a random battle, dez 😀

  7. wg gonna next remove guns from 30b to make it unigue ? :O

  8. Thanks Dez! You and Claus are always the highlights of my work day morning breaks. Really appreciate the work.

  9. where is my obj430

  10. nice boosting position…by the way

  11. Meanwhile e50m benefits from that 20mm lower plate buff and upper plate nerf more than any of these …what a fucking joke this game is…

  12. so amx is a Leopard 1 with better armor and faster reload… so glad i tanked my stats grinding the leo 2 years ago

    back when tier 6 lights faced maus’s and xp boosters didnt exist so it took forever to get to the next tank.

  13. dez please check out your channel description. there is no “you’ll see” at “you see a lot…” just a tip 😉

  14. Why can’t there be a “love” selection bc just dont like this vids, I love them!

  15. AgingJedi called you “ShiTtheNutz” in his last vid (Possibly by accident).
    Any comment, Dez?

  16. Dez gamer,We are all assuming that the terrain related changes for the boosts are to make them more difficult to reach. But the patch notes only say they changed it(it is not specified if it is in a good or bad way, even maybe both), so could it be that they made other parts of the map boostable or more easy to reach? (I am just making this statement because I see more people boosting in this patch then in previous pathes)

  17. Poor stb-1. . . . . Hull down stb1? Shoot at its gun….

  18. Dez, thinking of going down the french med line to the 30b… do you recommend getting the 40t, or waiting on the M4A1 Rev to come back to the prem shop?

  19. Who doesn’t like to snipe titties
    -Dez 2017

  20. Fuuuuck console was so close to catching up to PC in terms of content and buffs and shit. But nope. Forget that, we’re wargaming we don’t GaF.

  21. Also why the fuck have they made the cupola on the M48 tiny? Why don’t they just buff it now it’s not an M48

  22. love your videos Dez

  23. I heard that agingjedi wants to playaigainst you. Can i hope for that video?


    Best wot commentary i’ve ever seen/heard

  25. Great battles… one thing I like best about your replays are that you show both wins and defeats….I learn from both great job

  26. The armor buffs to the M46 and M48 have really made them much nicer to ridge play with. For the M46 this is a godsend seeing as the hull may as well be made of cheese.

  27. Sergio González Torres

    Downloading WoT right now… it looks way more fun in PC than in mobile

  28. Lmao when the song started I though it was Darude-Sandstorm

  29. DPM counts for nothing if the pen is reduced, just more gold will be fired. What is the point of ROF buff when you bounce half of them.

  30. Two of the epic sexy tanks too

  31. 1111 vids of Dez

  32. Zayne Schondelmayer

    Tortoise is the best DPM factory. If they ever Nerf it, I am quiting.

  33. Aww Des….first time I heard you called someone a fucking idiot? I think you are really cool because your not usually a nasty commentator ,keeping it clean, fun and not so cheap is not so easy and you do it really well……keep me subscribed ???

  34. I <3 Tits

  35. If you think T-10 is shit, like this comment.

  36. what is song in 0:52 of video pls?

  37. I think amx30b and stb-1 are similar to each other now but still different than leopart1 and amx30b previous path.

  38. I prefer the old amx 30b ;-;

  39. Tier for Tier tho the AMX 30 Proto. is way better than the AMX 30 B and the STB in my opinion

  40. 1:30, 69 is a beautiful number indeed…..

  41. Should really go clear A8 before you go into the mid….you are trapping yourself. 🙁

  42. I just got the upgraded 105mm gun on my AMX 30 just as the update came out and it has never felt better. And at the same time, there is an On the Track to the STB-1 mission going on which means I will have one of those very soon…

  43. did you mention the STB-1 is like worse in every significant way than the 30B? the gun handling is terrific and it doesnt really have as much armor, especially since the STB side armor can get overmatched by 105+mm guns

  44. Who doesn’t like sniping tds? -DezGamez

  45. What are the odds? The odds are roughly 0.25% to get the same highroll twice on a 390 alpha gun. 🙂 PS: once you hear the TDs it’s impossible to unhear the TDs ^^

  46. I sold my 30b before update,cuz it was shit,now i want it back but i do not have credits :c

  47. When we will get another Face off episodes?

  48. it wasnt for you,..it was for that t49 🙂

  49. in 2nd game, 4 guys can not handle T54 on A0 on die one by another at the end of game.unbelievable.

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