► World of Tanks: E-100 – 10,000+, The Story of AP-100 – E-100 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Epic Battle. World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

Today I have something for AP ammunition fans… E-100 epic battle episode with only AP rounds.
So you are going to see The Story of AP-100!


  1. I noticed he took a couple of hits in his back twice I think near the end.i
    thought an enemy was behind him but it looks like it was someone from his
    own team.
    At tier 9 and 10 players should of learnt that basic part of the game play
    a long time ago not to do that.

  2. No need for HEAT in the E-100, or any tier 10 and tier 9 for that matter.
    The times I get HEAT T110E5’s against me is so ridiculous.

  3. second 30… heard “no HEAT round in this battle”… instalike 🙂 :)

  4. should be another medal for scoring 1337 lol

  5. no HEAT E-100 game, rare to see~

  6. I like how the e-100 team likes to shoot him XD

  7. This was fun watching the guy hit and pen all of his shots on juicy full HP
    targets yum

  8. An E100 having an awesome game – how novel!

  9. Great replay thanks Dez

  10. rarest creature of them all, an E-100 not spamming HEAT

  11. Playing the E-100 is so frustrating since the massive turret face is just a
    HEAT magnet; every bob knows they can just roll up to you and auto-pen you
    every time.

    Occasionally you do have epic games but I’ve had plenty of zero damage
    games especially when arty decides to focus you are rape you.

  12. I don’t blame E-100 drivers for using heat amo,because when i play with
    IS-3 more than often i bounce their AP amo.

  13. RNG can be a bitch therefore I assume it is a woman

  14. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Do you record your games full screen? Or do you do it while it’s small?
    It’s all pixelated.

  15. Hey dez, Have you thought about making War Thunder series?

  16. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    To be honest, AP is enough to pen any tier 10, just aim at the weakspots
    and that’s it.

  17. I always say rng is a bitch, cant make up her fricken mind

  18. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    that game was a walk in the park…i can do that with my eyes closed. easy

  19. Good player, most replays are People wo have only luck, hè doesnt had luck

  20. Anyone else notice that he was shot at 3-4 times by friendlies? lol

  21. I’m getting very lethargic about these epic rounds… I wanna see some

  22. Its always nice to drive an E-100 in the Hollywood hills.

  23. RNG is definitely a woman…no man could be that cruel for no reason ;)

  24. The only real threats to him were the 183 with AP, the T57 and M103 with
    HEAT, Bat Chats tend not to load HEAT and IS7 APCR is not that good, plus
    IS7 was the only thing that would trouble 235 pen and his team dealt with

    This replay shows how silly it is to have tier 8s v tier 10s as he just got
    to bully most of the enemy team. He also kind of left his fellow heavies
    out to dry there in the beginning.

  25. Anton Anktonkovich

    Love the new intro.

  26. hey DezGamez. You are my favorit wot let’s player and I want to ask if you
    wanna make a Platoon at the weekend? I’m on EU server and My ingame name is
    Dangerous007. You can write my a message ingame. And THX for the video. :)

  27. full ap gg

  28. Seeing just ap fired is highly impressive, well played e100. Thanks dez for
    this video!!!

  29. This is how players should play e 100 , gj 🙂
    If I could like this ten times I would

  30. Taylan Özgür Taş

    epic indeed. m00h died first!!!

  31. Nothing was EPIC in this battle

  32. Why did I go for the Maus before the E100 🙁 The gun sucks and cant have a
    decent game as arty or gold spamming kills me every time. E100 seems much
    more mobile and epic cannon.

  33. +Dezgamez pls upload a video with is7 with huge amount of damage, cus i
    have to buy it for the first time (my very first tier X is stg special :))

  34. The luck was with this player

  35. GG to his team… shooting him 3 times….. 3 fucking friendly hits…….

  36. top tier, no arty, E-100… snipe.. yea you will get a lot dmg games when
    you just sit in back and fire that 150mm…. Really what is so epic about
    this apart he fired nothing but AP? He basically let anyone else on that
    flank die so he was able to farm the dmg…

  37. now that’s how to play the E100

  38. LOL! He was shot 3 times by allies near the end. Twice by t28 prot and once
    by m46 kr.

  39. there was a lot of tier 8’s so ap heat wasnt needed at all

  40. I HAVE A DREAM that one day people will be searching for E100 replays on
    YouTube and that this replay will be the one they click so they can see how
    a real player handles things in his E100 without having to click the
    ”increase skillz plz-button” a.k.a. the 2-button

  41. Hey Dez. So. Did you get the E4 yet? also. When you showed your tank tree i
    saw that the ST-1 is something you don’t own. I must say. Why not? Think
    you could show it? pls? For me? I got a Cookie for you. It’s got double
    chocolate chip. :D

  42. I would play my E100 a lot more if it wasnt for everyone at t10 just
    loading heat to pen the massive turret front :/

  43. Good to be back

  44. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Nice game! now i want to play my E100 with only AP xD

  45. First comment now to watch video lol


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