► World of Tanks: E-100 & E-50-M – Bon Voyage, Nyan Cat!

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Source: DezGamez

E-100 and E-50 Ausf. M Live Gameplay Commentary. April Fools Special Event!
►Welcome Home!
I thought I have seen everything in this game, but seems like not.. Flying briefcases with nyan cat in them.. This some next level trolling.
The sad thing is… I LIKE IT!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Flying briefcases with Nyan Cat in them.. Crazy house!

  2. It’s so stupid.. Mine doesn’t work..

  3. xxxyoloswag twerk420blazexxx

    Anyone else saw the random ass nyan cat at the beginning or did my weed man
    give me some grass

  4. So, what is your favo tank destroyer?


  6. Can you make some Tortoise action? :)

  7. Why “bon voyage”?
    You know it’s a french sentence ^-^

  8. CastleCrafte RPG

    Can you talk about good CW tanks and CW tips and do some BC action pls?

  9. Sub 300 hype

  10. Dez it would be really better if you switch the players list from name to
    tank type.

  11. Epic and funny games Dez (As always 😉 ) Keep it up!

  12. E50M <3

  13. Great video man, Do you have any Japanese tanks? If not then maybe bring
    out a Elc Amx for some lower teir action and derp around with the 90MM gun
    on it.

  14. play FV 183 only AP 🙂

  15. How about a bit of cheeky amx 13 90 action?

  16. I see I made you “suffer” Dez! Damn! 8/9 penned, thats some new nazi
    superskill going on!! :D

  17. Some FV215b action maybe?

  18. IS-4 :D

  19. IS4 or Bat.Chat. would be nice!

  20. I thought your repairman voice was hilarious! tanks tho huh…hmm T32?
    Pershing? M48 or T110E5. or the ever lovely T110E3!

  21. Play st-1 plz

  22. Next tank: pwn some guys with a T1 Cunningham :^)

  23. Snapshotgasm!

  24. IS-4 maybe? :P

  25. how bout driving a T54E1 maybe? :P

  26. I have just fully researched my E-50.

  27. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    I’m definitely calling the MAUS “Doom Coffin” from now on.

  28. How about FV4202 or STB-1.

  29. wow you’re so animated in this, i guess SOMEONE had their coffee today 😛

    nice to see you having fun, also you killed your twin brother at 3:48 HOW
    COULD YOU?!?!

  30. Speed and power!

    great entertaining video, now time to play some random battles in Wot

  31. How bout FV4202 it has the same frigin gun as the M1 Abrams and just about
    every main battle tank in the world cause that 105mm royal ordinance is

  32. Omg love the commentary!

  33. Obj263 

  34. Bt-25t :)

  35. stb-1 with HE only;)

  36. Bye-erino Dez!

  37. STB-1 Please! Most fun you can have in a medium tank =)

  38. Also please make an episode with just one battle where you speak Estonian.
    Just for shits and giggles. Love the voice and to us Finns Estonian is so
    epic to listen to =)

  39. Michael Mcdermott

    AMX M4 mle. 45 would be nice to see ;)

  40. my best dmg game in the E100 was with 7.5k dmg or something like that and i
    was using only AP.There are moments where HEAT wont pen and AP will

  41. love ur reactions

  42. Can you play the comet? (Tier IIV britch medium tank)

  43. see you dont need to run HEAT in the e100 its still awesome with out it
    besides personally i will fire HE before i use HEAT because heat ammunition
    sucks its so shit it will either pen everything or it will hit all the
    spaced armour on a tank so HE is considerably more reliable for me

  44. you could play the IS-4 it seems like a good time to do so because its
    special event is happening right now or you may want to wait for the HD
    model to come in to the game.

  45. I want you to play a tank 121 Chinese if allowed

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