► World of Tanks: E-25 – 14 Kills Epic Battle – 2 Man Mayhem!

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Source: DezGamez

E-25 Gameplay. World of Tanks E-25 14 Platoon Kill Gameplay Commentary.
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Holy shit, right?

Pretty epic action by 2 man platoon with E-25’s. Matchmaking super good, so… “Hold my beer, I got some carrying to do”.

How do you like episodes like that? They take more time to edit, but wurf it?

Beasts, ENJOY!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Cue the collection of idiots that try to claim the E25 is OP. Notice the
    map? There are maybe 4 or 5 maps in the whole game where E-25 shines. Try
    playing it in Stalingrad against IS3s and call it OP. I mean it has a tier
    5 gun! Only bads who don’t understand the game call it OP those who have it
    know that in most situations you have to work damn hard for your damage.

  2. I love it Dez nice one bro!!! Shared on FB bro

  3. What a game! Although it seems that the enemy team didn’t even have a clue
    of what they were doing.

    Of course it is not easy to outplay so many guys, they played the round
    perfectly ;)

  4. I liked the multi angle replay… totaly stolen from +TheRiisingSun but
    still good 😀

    E25 is beast, E25 is love, E25 should be in your garage… cry if it’s not.

  5. nuclearsharkattack

    Well done, Ship! Monster game from those E25s, and i do like your new
    editing style of camera switching for the kill shots, nicely done!

  6. Really like this platoon battle and i would like to see more 😀 also a tip,
    put the name of the player on the screen to know who are we looking at and
    than you dont need to mention tham always.

  7. Great duel cast with the Video Dez.

  8. Was epic! Thanks mr. Dez!

  9. Christian Rautjärvi

    This is an awesome episode, but I bet it takes a lot of effort to
    accomplish this kind of video 🙂 ! GJ!

  10. What mod do you have?

  11. duel replay is awesome, a like from me.

  12. This is normal mm for e25

  13. I have the E25, but I really suck in it…

  14. Loved the platoon dual camera …very cool to see how they coordinated
    their gameplay

  15. i like how all comments are about this tank beeing op …..always a poor
    fag that doesnt have it or cant play it :))))) thats why i play this tank
    only with gold ammo…..AHAHAHHAHA Let them nobs cry

  16. Dez mate. Just a little help with pronunciation lol:
    Xander…pronounced “Zander”.
    Mc…pronounced “Mack”…as in “McDonalds”.
    No charge :D

  17. Epic is right! Great video.

  18. Good editing Dez,Well done.Thanks for all your Vids,I enjoy them

  19. Dez I must say this was the best episode for me . Moments like this in WOT
    make this game fresh and new even with wargaming trying to destroy his
    great game with bad choices and super cheap and dumb dumb arty mechanics.

  20. I dislike that BS TD so much. E-25 is a bitch.

  21. i hate this piece of shit tank

  22. @DezGamez what do you use to record?

  23. Epic gameplay!

  24. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Dez, I like your videos. They are high quality with nice editing but, do
    you render them differently now? They look more pixelated than usual. Or it
    might just be me.

  25. man i loved the covergae over the platoon made it really intresting and
    gave some cooler points of view ! way to be DEZ !!

  26. very well done .. all though i think E-25 is over powered

  27. Nice editing man

  28. Ludwig Van Beethoven

    I want to see an Epic Review of the Mäuschen :)

  29. DezGamez , how much money you spend for this tank? or how much it cost?

  30. The nerf did nothing to this OP piece of shit

  31. Beast mode was enabled that day.

  32. David Hildebrandt

    Epic Gameplay, Love it! And btw +DezGamez i like the epic Gamplays series
    the most. :)

  33. Huh DG dat was epic!
    When will be the next stream?

  34. You think you win? Think again!

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