► World of Tanks E-50 and E-50-M: Confirmed OP-OP! :D – E-50 and E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-50 Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Live Gameplay Commentary.

Yet another live gameplay episode for you today… was raining outside and pretty much perfect time to some World of Tanks. Decided to take out E-50 and E-50 Ausf. M, tier 9 and Germany medium tanks, because those tanks are well-know-OP-OP-tanks (trollface).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

►Tanks in action:
-Germany/German E-50, Tier 9 Medium Tank
-Germany/German E-50 Ausf.
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. you should turn on the dynamic camera which stabilises the aim for you,
    might make some shots easier for you

  2. more FV215B (183) live game’play? :D

  3. Your videos remind me of MrFalkers who used to be one of my favourite
    gamers. He hasn’t uploaded in a while so I’m glad you do.

  4. 16:00 enable dynamic camera!

  5. I noticed when you go to sniper mode and your tank is moving your reticule
    always bounces up and down. You can fix the reticule where you want to aim
    without the bounces by going to settings/turn dynamic camera on/ then it
    gives you an option to fix the reticule in sniper mode. Hope it helps 🙂 

  6. Dez what do you think about the Mt pen nerf?
    Personally I hate it but what’s your opinion?

  7. Anyone know how to add xvm/mods to Mac iOS? 

  8. Dez, where are you from? :)

  9. Hey Dez

    If u hate the gun eobbling up and down u can turn it off in settings. I
    dont remember the name, but I turned it off and i dont have that annoying
    effect anymore

  10. Nice games Dez. Wish i had the teams you fight. The ones I face at tier X
    seem to all have been taught by Rommel himself.

  11. Does anybody know where i can buy a Reno from?

  12. cool story bro

  13. Lol, “lake water is not salty. It won’t break my metal”
    Loved that

  14. E50-M my fav tank 😀
    You’re the man dez, stay cool B)


  16. Not going to like any tier 10 medium when they nerf pen 🙁
    Also they want medium tanks flanking in corridors … Gj Wargaming !

  17. i live in Rhode Island and it was raining this morning i feel ya bro!

  18. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    why is e50m op?

  19. Hey Dez could you play some kv4 games. I’m having a horrible time trying
    to get good scores, It seems too slow to get enough action and just doesn’t
    have the alpha. I’m curious if you have better results and what technique
    you use. Thanks!!

  20. Play some T5/6, please! There are not that many gameplays with them.

  21. Tender Element Sorcerer

    What doe he mean when he says they aren’t using their top gun? And how can
    he tell?

    • It’s easy to tell if a tank isn’t fully upgraded, because of the damage you
      receive from that tank, and their reload. Also, the different guns have
      different muzzle breaks and other identifying features. If you struggle
      with that, there are mods that will tell you instead.

  22. How is the whole e 50m line?

    • Also I’m currently at around 1900 WN8 but I’m going up by like 5-10 on a
      good day and 2500 recent. Once I’ve finished a number of grinds I aim to
      have super unicum recent level of stats. 1500 is still dam good though!

    • E-50M is very similar, just higher pen, much better hp/ton and better
      angled front armour. Aside from that it’s identical. So yeh it can’t out
      dpm a 140 but aside from that it’s phenomenal and extremely flexible. Had
      yet another 6k damage game yesterday and still no mastery. Both are
      excellent but if you are liberal with the gold ammo the E-50 is better as
      it’s literally a tier X medium then and it prints wn8 like I’ve never seen.
      Two of my favourite tanks, can play so many roles and the gun was crafted
      by Serb himself, it’s literally spoiled every other tank in my garage as
      that accuracy/DPM/pen is an addictive combination.

      Like the T-54 is an amazing machine but as a high skill player the E-50 is
      better and so much more fun and rewarding to play. Also check out my 1
      video on my channel if you want to see what an E-50/M can do with
      controlled impact, brutal!

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      i only have 5k battles my rating is 1500(green)
      not bad for me, im on e50 i play it like a heavy and almost have
      e50m…which just gets me hyped up…when the pen nerfs roll out do u mind
      losing the pen fora faster aim time faster reload better soft stats?

    • +Vinko Bandov E-50 and E-50M are two of the most powerful tanks in the
      game, E-50 is now my highest WN8 tank after 300 games and now my favourite
      machine in the game and I’m a 2.5k WN8 recent player. I usually platoon
      with a friend and in these we can go nights of 70%+ WR and 4500+ WN8,
      absolutely ridiculous tanks. I would say if you are a high skill player
      then it’s better than a T-54 with HEAT. I just can’t believe I’ve played
      since closed beta and only got one in the last few months. Painful grind
      though, but boy was it worth it!

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      im currently on e50
      the line so far isnt bad
      the vk d at tier6 is fast and gets a good 75mm
      the panther is alright its mobile but sluggish gets a good long barrel 75mm
      which is reliable but the tankalwayse gets ammo racked.
      the panther 2 is fast but also sluggish but not as much as panther 1. it
      gets the great 88mm l71 with okayish frontal armor. nowthe e50 is mixed
      emotions for me…it feels slow but when reaches top speed its fine, the
      grind to full spec the tank is brutal…if i were u should get the enhanced
      suspension equipment so you dont need to upgrade tracks to mount second
      turret and the 105mm gun. dont get the 88mm gun that costs 44k xp you only
      get 3mm of extra pen. e50m i know its the best in the line whatching reviews

  23. Love the quality of ur vids man it seem like u have been doing this as long
    as jingles or quickybaby (who I also love!!!)

  24. Nothing personal, but how old are you and where do you live/where are you
    from? I’m just curious, and also wanted to say that keep up the good work

  25. I recently found your channel and I must say, it was a good decision to
    subscribe. Keep up the good work, man.

  26. yeah you make my day good man this was again a big epic video thx for it.
    can’t wait for the next video :)

  27. I luv your 6 sence minion

  28. DEZGASM over here =p nice vid and great job mate!

    btw i want that minion to haha to epic!

  29. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    Dude theres an option that turns off the gun wiggling

  30. Nice

  31. Hey Dez great gameplay as always! I just want to thank you so much for
    telling that story it was so touching! xD

  32. Emilien Gosselin

    QB confirmed the E50M is weak. Kappa

    • Kristoffer Bergstrom

      +Sveer Ler E50M is the best solo tank you can play imo. I love mine 65
      procent win ratio,2900 avarage damage per game on 500-600 battles. Love it

    • Emilien Gosselin

      You guys need to relax. If you have never seen the game where he was
      playing against Circon, then I don’t even know why you are commenting.

    • +Emilien Gosselin E50M is weak yes, German tech tree is sertainly not among
      most op tanks in WoT,
      The Russian tree is “op” compared to the others. THIS IS LAME BULLSHIT ASS!

    • Kristoffer Bergstrom

      +Emilien Gosselin Well imo I think QB is stupid, his play style is campy as
      hell,letting his platoon mates/teammates take all the damage while he is
      busy farming. Sad thing is that other players follow his playstyle.

  33. Hey Dez just wanted to say keep up the good work.

  34. Enjoy your weekend vol 2! :)

    • +DezGamez Still like to play my e-50 more than e-50m, pretty much the same
      gun and armor but 50m has to fight more Waffles, Deathstars and my personal
      favourite: t10 artys. I also still have bad taste about the 50m games I
      played when t10 meds came and I played ~450 games with it and hated every
      second of it because of the super bad gun depression it had back then. Tall
      tank wih gun depresion chinese tanks laugh about was such a painful combo.

    • +DezGamez You loaded HE just to miss, hehehe

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