► World of Tanks: E-50-M Epic Battle – 1 vs 7 Action – E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Ausf. M Commentary. World of Tanks Series. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Epic Battle.

It is time for another Epic Battle Episode!
This time going to feature Germany “E-50 Ausf. M” driven by “futukasX”.
Battle starts out slowly, but the ending is just super action packed and awesome!

Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2071101#details


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 Asuf.


  1. what is that dmg log?

  2. Wow, what a guy.. after 5th bounce on FV i think i would just have said
    “Nope, fuck this shit, next game”

  3. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    hey dex what do you think about cromwell b getting a steel wall medal thats
    a lot of RNG

  4. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    hey dex what do you think about cromwell b getting a steel wall medal thats
    a lot of RNG

  5. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    hey dez what do you think about cromwel l b getting a stell wall medal
    thats a lot of RNG

  6. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    hey dez what do you think about cromwel l b getting a stell wall medal
    thats a lot of RNG

  7. brilliant,love all the chat comments.so entertaining.
    well done Futukas great game chap.

  8. GG ,well played at the end against that t95. Also some really bad luck at
    the beginning.

  9. he can’t play in E50M, this battle is pure luck. he show all the time lower
    plate, he don’t use sidescraping, should ram T30 and kill him in one

  10. dat maus though… 0 knowledge about angling

  11. Taka “elpape44250” PS

    GG “Futukas Fuck cheater” 😀 but really GG

  12. Dez where are you from?!
    😀 nice vid btw

  13. good job E50M. For the losing team and the fucktard bitching whining
    losers, grow up.

  14. lol your accent makes your vids 10x better haha
    and the way you pronounce some words

  15. Santa Claus in the summer? 😀 u drunk mate? 😀 and i love when i play iwth
    my IS-6 and IS-5 they call me armor hacker :>

  16. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Chat-rage from my enemies always makes me giggle. Best I got from one poor
    kid who I schooled harshly was, “I hope you get cancer. Die in a fire.”
    Laughed so hard I messed my next two shots.

  17. Very well played.

  18. damn! awesome i have the E50, i cant even wait till ive maxed it out!

  19. watching this just makes me wish they would stop fucking around and unnerf
    the M48 Patton and the FV4202. Still props to Futukas for the insane carry.
    he made some great calls and kept his nerves under control and made some
    great shots in the last 4 mins. but let’s all be fair here. That final shot
    from the T95 should have killed him dead to rights and we once again see
    why RNG needs to be reworked in WOT. the force from that 155mm shell alone
    should have blown the E50m on it’s side.

    • +onebigfatguy no it shouldnt the E-50m`s upper Front Plate has an effective
      armor thickness of about 300mm and in the angle the t-95 hit him it
      probably was about 600mm effective or even an autobounce so not really a
      lot of rng just a very bad snapshot by the t-95

      the only Thing i can say about this Battle is that he played pretty well
      but as always in such good games the enemies were fully retarded as they
      did go pretty much 1 by 1 etc. …

      greetings Duck_of_Death

  20. Thanks Dez for showing my replay 😛
    When I bounced that T-95 shot I was so happy, it felt like santa came over
    during summer 😉
    Thanks guys

    • Whut, u can WOT still?! U chet u reload 4.38s not ready to WOT = 40 day
      ban! No WOT no YouTube!

      LMFAO Just kidding buddy! E-50M baby, it’s for winning cheaters like you
      and I! XD

    • +Corodej How ist that cheating?

    • +Ray Preston Sadly, there is no official list of “cheating mods” and i
      believe that Aslain has that reload mod included in his mods package…
      Obviously knowing when tank is reloading without you even seeing him fire
      is by majority considered as cheating, but WG in EU obviously does not feel
      so….. 🙁

    • +Lukas Karuza Well played man, a bit of luck but you deserve it after those
      bounces of the tanks on the hill. Just a bit of advise if i might… when
      you are shooting the FV4202… two things…
      1) Don’t auto-aim when he is facing you with his front (specially when he
      is angled like he was)
      2) dont bother aim hull… just hit the turret

      auto-aim makes your shots go right to upper plate and that will bounce more
      often than not. I got FV in my garage and i have snacked up on Obj 140s who
      were auto-aimed at me and bounced shot after shot from point blank range of
      my hull. And cursed my turret when every time i poke over some ridge i get
      pen by almost anything…

    • +Lukas Karuza funny how he accuses you of cheating when he is obviously
      using a mod that tells him your reload time

  21. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    We all know you like watching people hacking Dez, you scum. ;D

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Nice.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +marko nepergaca Well, like I said, I’ve unblocked you now. 😀

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Me neither, I doubt I even
      disagreed with you, let alone troll, or some similar shit.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +marko nepergaca Yeah I did….

      You’re unblocked now, I am just confused as to why I blocked you. I don’t
      remember. :/

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man I can’t find this
      conversation through that profile, so you probably did block me.

  22. Santa Claus during summer 🙂 Funny one Dez 🙂 .This vid made me want to
    start playing wot again.

  23. Awesome game; great skills with a good dose of luck thrown in!

  24. IS 8 was a tomato anyway

  25. Love watching these epic game’s.Hope to see a 1 vs 15 game in the future!

  26. wish i could get games like that in my e50m, thanks for the epic gameplay.

  27. E50M heker
    unfair plane

  28. Dez youre my fav youtuber!

  29. Dat ping !

  30. E50M confirmed weak… Ok, this is getting old. :/
    Awesome replay. :)

  31. That is8 what a idiot

  32. I really hope the spakkers who called him a cheater see this video. Fuck
    you guys.

  33. not the smartest team they could have all grouped up and attack him insted
    of going 1 by 1

  34. “Like Santa Claus in the summer” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That cracked me up good! XD
    Awesome vid as always Dez :3

  35. What music was used?

  36. are you gone do a review of the bt-7 arty that every1 gets tomorrow?

  37. That IS-8 and Jagdtiger are two retards but awsome replay

  38. santa drives T95 in the summer, confirmed!

  39. Richard Komendanchik

    This game was awesome but any great game comes with a bit of luck and he
    had it when he bounced that t95

    • +Richard Komendanchik
      Wasn’t really RNG… The T95 took a snap shot and hit the upper plate,
      which is hard for just about anything to pen.

    • Richard Komendanchik

      although it was probably RNGesus repaying him for the unlucky shots on the
      caernarvon and fv4202

  40. mojimax multigamer

    lol OPOP

  41. great vid dez once again

  42. Joaquin Hernandez

    I think they got 2 cocky at the end and threw it all away

  43. Joaquin Hernandez

    lol suck it up buttercup nice XD

  44. Didn’t watch it yet but i know i’ll like it :D

    • Grof od Banoštor

      +DezGamez I just had amazing arty game in my tier 7 arty in a tier 10
      match. When i got my 3rd kill enemy team was yelling ban him for being

    • +DezGamez i bought the amx 50b today and cuz of your videos i have been
      getting betetr and better games in it 😀 my best today was 5.8k damage on
      my 12th battles 😀

    • +Slobodan Djuric
      That’s the spirit! 🙂

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