► World of Tanks: E-75 and E-100 – Who Cares About My Dreams?

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay, Review / Preview. E-100 Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

In today’s live gameplay episode I am going to play with heavy tanks from Germany and E-series! First of all going to into action with E-75 and after that with tier 10 beast E-100!

Enjoy the video and your weekend!


  1. when the next stream dez?

  2. You shouldnt avoid shooting the most effective ammo just because morons in
    the comment section think gold ammo is the devil and dont think you should
    play to the best capabilities of your tank. Particularly on the e100,
    having heat loaded by default is a huge help as 1. the tanks your likely to
    meet first will have their tough frontal armour towards you making ap
    ineffective and 2 if you had ap loaded it would waste a whole 16 seconds to
    load up heat which really hurts your damage output. The only time the e100
    shouldnt be firing heat is when sure the opponents it will come across next
    will not be a challenge to ap (ex. Overmatchable parts on the 215b, light
    tanks being the last alive on the enemy team).

    I get that gold is expensive, but thats wargamings fault balancing wise,
    not your problem to fix.

  3. Long live the German heavies!
    2000 battles with E-75, 800 with E-100 and still rising.

  4. I care Dez! I’ve been here rooting for ya! DO IT! DO IT! DON”T LET YOUR

  5. we care about your dreams

  6. Well I hope the weekend brings your dreams :)

  7. E100, the worst tier X HT in the game. :((Yes I have one)

  8. vk 45b is better than the e75. let the hate begin

  9. let me take a selfie with an E75 🙂 that made my day 😛
    GJ m8, keep up the good work

  10. Hey Dez, how about some gameplay of the T-34-3? Show us how you play it!

  11. hi dez, when did you play those games? i ask because the render distance on
    your map is square and not circle

  12. Grinding to get the E75 always wanted one 🙂 i actually like tiger 2 a lot
    and the armor is really good i wonder how will it be in E75 xD

  13. le=french
    you should have used
    ze because thats how the germans pronounce “the”

  14. Hey Dez. Got my E4 finally and I got the T49 as well. Had some good games
    in them. Wish I could record them and show them to you. 🙂 and better yet
    to show off the Xbox version of WoT as well

  15. from how long do you play WoT?

  16. oh DezGamez, I care about your dreams ;)

  17. Why is the view range not a circle? Is it an old live gameplay?

  18. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ…i care about your dreams!

  19. Your dream of having a good game seems to be my “unattainable dream!” Ha Ha

  20. Where is the World of Warships gameplay?

  21. Niče video Dez, I am grinding money for E75 started from 100 k, now I bave
    2,4 M, Just playing T5s

  22. Dez, I suck at E-100.

  23. actually i really like your live action gameplay!

  24. I care about your dreams!!!!

  25. Epic DEZ! Do you have the VK 45.02B? If so i would like to see some
    gameplay of that since it is my current grind line.

  26. Keep up doing great work DezNutz…..

  27. that chat in the first match shows you have fun the wot communitie is.

  28. am i first?

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