► World of Tanks E-75 & M103: When Nothing Works Out… – E-75 and M103 Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-75 and M103 Gameplay Commentary. Series.

Today was one of those days when nothing works out for you in World of Tanks. I had everything I need – beautiful weather, warm cup of coffee and weekend… But WoT is not going to ask when to troll you. 🙂
All we have to do is keep calm and carry on!

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Poisonousblood Wot

    when you dont have sixth sense you shouldn’t try to snipe on open field :)

  2. Could you play the Conqueror some time pls? :)

  3. faptastic_panda

    -907 from M53/M55
    -1000 from T92
    Stop camping pls. Kappa

  4. Wel i’m glad ti c dat me and my mate wasn’t only ones who had terrible
    games at this weekend…

  5. heh, this video is pretty much every day for me ATM… miss, bounce, miss,
    low roll, miss, ghost, hit-tiny-piece-of-scenery
    the more I play the worse I seem to get!? always come back for more tho..
    nice to see that the ‘elite’ struggle as well, once in a while.

    keep up the good work man, your channel gives me hope again! :)

  6. This pretty much sums up every time i try to play world of tanks these days

  7. Nice vid…when are you streaming?


  9. Some rough games for certain this time. And I have to admit the last month
    of playing for me has been a real ball breaker…Games just stuffed with
    morons and lemming trains. It almost makes me wish WG would make the
    players take an IQ test…That way all the dipshits and retards could have
    their own server.

  10. why not 1080 60fps?

  11. Dez mate all ribbons u get are only from your work eg: a spotted means u
    have spotted them & not them u.

  12. Dez!!! Thanks for showing a rough day of tanking! That is the norm – and
    funny to hear your commentary about it!

  13. I like this episode. It allows me to know that everyone can have a day
    like I have all the time

  14. Dez, when you said you had a nice cup of cappuccino coffee, I was taking a
    sip of my homemade cappuccino coffee :)

  15. Nice predictive shot to kill hiding SU101 at 8:40
    If that SU101 was a dumb noob, he would have called you a hacker.

  16. Damian “Samson” Borson

    All the reasons to hate those clicker assholes.

  17. I’ve had 5 losses in a row with my e50 and then the game our team wins I’ve
    done less than 1k damage and that’s my daily double :(

  18. why do you keep saying “WE”? you are alone dude

  19. Dez you are awesome. But I think you might be a coffee addict :P

  20. Darude Sandstorm

    Dez, I had a dream you came and stayed in my house for the summer. At night
    I snuck into your room, and…. We played tanks all night! Hell yeah!

  21. Looks like how my night went earlier this week.

  22. I was wondering how you got that reticle i cant find it

  23. hhh i have old broken keybard so when i get implosion i brake it even more
    XD 🙂 joke shut down wot and pc go for a walk get a beer with friends and
    all is ok , nice day to you all mates :)

  24. Spotted medal is if u spot the enemy tank. Your six sense still goes off if
    u are spotted, the batch thing is very helpful if u in light so in know u
    are spotting them.

  25. Can you do kv-2 live action becouse i just onlocked him and i wana know how
    to play it better so… Plese do it.

  26. like your videos. what is your favourite heavy tank?

  27. you get spotted medal when you spot an enemy :)

  28. Hey Dez. Do any of the gold prizes work on the 360 version of WoT? Or is
    this PC only? If so. Would be nice if you could have it so us 360 players
    get some love. :D

  29. Arty is too balanced for U,stop camping :)

  30. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    give us some ISU-152 gameplay derp gun please

  31. The award system is already implemented into the Xbox 360 version of the
    game, but compared to 9.8 on pc, the xbox 360 version is still behind.
    For example, the KV 1S still has the op 122 mm gun and is tier 6.

  32. Love ur outro! Song name?

  33. Stephen Marshall

    hey Dez, can you review the ST-I, I have unlocked it and I am having
    trouble getting used to it, does anyone have any pointers?

  34. Dez is it worth the grind of the top gun on M103? I mean, it’s the same gun
    than in T110 E5, so I think it’s much better to research the T110 E5 than
    spend more xp on M103 for the “stock” gun of the next tank. Or am I wrong?

  35. Yeah indeed have a nice day :3 and btw happy summer time :333 Bro ^-^

  36. Love your accent

  37. Tristan Caballero


  38. +DezGamez Love The Video Keep It Up!


    Hey dez do u love me plz love me plz

  40. Have a nice day! :P

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