► World of Tanks: Epic Battle – MT-25 Carry in Tier 9 Battle – What a Game!

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Source: DezGamez

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In today’s epic battle episode you are going to see one of my gameplays that I had yesterday while I was actually streaming. I can not show you the exact footage because music on the background is copyrighted, but is still going to be epic!

Check out how to get crazy amount of XP to be second by damage done in tier 9 battle with tier 6 light tank!



  1. PADDER!!! CHEATS!!! HACKS!!! Player too good, please nerf! 😉
    You should link to this twitch highlight (it is a highlight right?) as

  2. Bit disappointed, thought you had carryed more… maybe my standarts are
    too high?

  3. Sweet Baby Jesus!!! Positively epic game and we need more players like
    Cornel_eco in WoT. I think if a player has a game like that, they should
    be able to forgo the grind and get a fully hooked-up LTTB.

  4. Cool game Dez, I had a game like that one in my Mt25 with only 2800 damage,
    its a crazy wn8 farmer

  5. Happy b day from Arizona USA

  6. Loved that live stream! that WAS a hell of a match in this little beast.
    but I missed another one? damn it.

  7. sweet :)

  8. So much epicness live with the Chariots of fire on the background!

  9. Haha great game mate. The enemy T30 made me chuckle, watching him moving
    around like WTF? where is that pew pew pew coming from and then

  10. i love running around in little pew pew tanks and annoy the heck out of
    heavy tanks. a KV-3 reported me for using “gold” on him… and i was in a
    RAM II

  11. Wow… one of the last tanks i would expect is Mt-25, it’s such a random

  12. NICE!!

  13. how you can drift?

  14. well done man great game 🙂 ?

  15. i used to say “good job bro” on na east server, but often time I got “stfu
    noob or shut up tards, you’re the worst player”… so i don’t say this
    anymore on na east server.
    anyhow, great epic game, great job… and nice to see you live stream
    again, as always, i love and enjoy watching your stream and videos. thank
    you and keep up the good work.

  16. Dez, are you ever gonna webcam?

  17. miss T-50-2

  18. Holy shit indeed. 😀 Pretty damn impressive.

  19. Your heart must have pomped like hell this game. I’m going to search this
    replay on twitch, hope I can watch it and see how you reacted in that
    moment 🙂

    I want to make my apologies to you.
    When I started in WoT, I got in a game with you.
    I offended you while you were making an effort to learn me a lesson ingame.
    Sorry I did that, my pride got in my way.

  20. Dan te jebooooo :D

  21. Magnificent effort dude! Your heart might have been racing, but you
    maintained your focus and obviously your mouse hand wasn’t shaking. Well

  22. at least we don’t have to suffer through listening to your keyboard.

  23. Awesome game. Still shame you needed so many Premium Ammo. Would be better
    without it.

  24. Dude amazing game!!!! I hated the mt-25 it’s gun was just to mediocre one
    of the few tanks I used free exp to get past.

  25. Great game man, just one thing….

    You need more APCR 😀 If you had more of those, you could do even better
    😀 MT-25 really struggles with regular rounds against high tier heavy
    armored tanks (like bouncing ass of E-75).

  26. I can’t afford to have those games if you had a prem acc did really well
    and still lost money no offence intended great game anyway ☺

  27. Not 37mm, pleb.

  28. I can’t believe you are such a bully! That was mean of you to pick on all
    of those tier 7, 8, and 9 tanks like that! Great game, congratulations.

  29. Wow great game!

  30. Name of the music pls >< thx and big gg beastGamez

  31. Name of the music pls >< thx and big gg beastGamez

  32. Wow awesome gameplay . First time i see that . Really GG Baron .

  33. Just because I’m curious, I’m asking a question to all the viewers of this
    video. What are the best light tanks from tier 5 to 8? Say one light tank
    per tier.

  34. Watched this live, was fantastic to watch! Crazy amount of damage
    considering the alpha of this tank.

  35. DEZ sometimes when I’m sad I dig a hole in my garden and sit in it
    pretending to be a carrot

  36. MT-25 OP pls nerf

  37. And I am actually streaming right now as well, trying to get as good games
    as this one! 😀

  38. Finally first view :D

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