► World of Tanks: Epic Battle – STB-1 Grind Continues! – Try Hard Chi-To Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Chi-To Gameplay. World of Tanks Road to STB-1. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

My epic journey to tier 10 Japanese medium continues with another gameplay episode about tier 6 ÜChi-To”, because it was super intense and interesting battle. I am already at tier 7 “Chi-Ri”, but more about that in my next “Road to STB-1” episode.



  1. you have an ugly antenna on Chi To…. lol :)

  2. IT would be really nice if you could do some more Armored Warfare gameplays

  3. I played the Chi-To a while back, but didnt like it for its low pen and
    damage…so i played russian tanks that all have that same 175/390 gun so i
    got sick of it! Nowdays i enjoy the low pen/dmg guns with high
    ROF(Cromwell) so i just might buy a Chi-To myself, thanks for making me
    spend my credits Dez :D

  4. I have Chi-To too!

  5. What is your streaming schedule?

  6. I dont get why EVERYONE like games without arty … Arty is so balanced and
    take ALOT of skill to play ! This is not fair…

  7. Respect mate :)

  8. lol I checked my notifications when your phone went off cause I was
    watching on my phone

  9. Pppfffftttttt i have done 3800 damage in t34 85 with kolobanovs radley
    walters, top gun, high cal, pascucci, tank sniper and faydins. 1300wn8
    player no problem!

  10. U could have won that if u were a little more aggressive


  12. Hey Dez great vid but what the name of you outro song it’s epic

  13. Just bought my tier VIII STA yesterday. On my xbox1.

  14. lol Dez phone went off and I checked mine!!! lol very good play as well.

  15. Sellout lol

  16. I was hopping for a video about dez eating chitos, but instead i watched a
    video of a tank named chi-to.

  17. I’m fairly sure the last video was of the chi-to as well, not the chi-nu

  18. dezgames top wot channel:)

  19. Chi to is such an underrated tank, I loved it! Got a draw in it with 4000
    dmg done and 6 kills.

  20. Mr Dez will you be doing a video on the Chieftian and Action X?

  21. I also like when there is no arta

  22. Did anyone notice how the KV-85 tried to give Ship’s position away, but
    kept typing it in team chat? Made me lol.

  23. God dammit, five people got here before me! :(

  24. lol, only spam comments

  25. First :P

  26. I did first ? ?

  27. nailed it, first one

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