► World of Tanks: Epic LOL Moments! – RNGesus #43

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Source: DezGamez

LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, , Fail and Win Moments. of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG lolz.

► Help me make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Back with some super crazy and funny moments from in episode 43 of RNGesus. Love editing, love your replays, love making this series! 🙂


► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/


  1. okay wtf. i send you a clip that was the same as 3:27 that but i oneshotted
    a e25. didnt u just see it or what? (name comrade cat or xDveetixD i just
    changed my name)

  2. how much did the amx 38 blocked xD?

  3. twice this week I was bombing along in my M41 90GF german light tank and
    boom taken out by an arty shot!

  4. F15 :O

  5. dez you invent memes <3

  6. Wow. 4:32

  7. 6:51 song please

  8. Dez how old are these replays? How come your not showing modern ones?

  9. SHIP, Good moments for a Sunday.
    -Love that Arty Splash!

  10. Cannot pen a tank LMAO XD

  11. predominant music is ruining so many otherwise maybe good videos

  12. best episode so far!!!!

  13. Cuando un comentario salvaje en español aparece… nice

  14. Dat base defense – well played!

  15. This is wot or wot blitz?

  16. I cried at the game of thrones bit lol

  17. More shining example of arty’s fair and balanced nature.

  18. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    I quit WOT today to many issues with the game, I still love ur bids dez
    keep going an have a great life

  19. did i see Neel d tyson ??

  20. Hugo “hugog2773” Giles

    This one was particularly hilarious!! Not that the others are not, but this
    one was just that much more!!

  21. I need Tracklist!!! DezZZZ

  22. 5:16 anyone notice how he just got the Pz. I C banned? He was blue and the
    Pz. II just drove into his line of fire…

  23. Would the likely-hood of having stupid enemy tankers be considered RNG as
    well? I feel like it is, but not the same kind.

  24. that Conquer GC shot at 4:15, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!

  25. That WZ deserves a medal made just for himself, something like ” World of
    Tanks Defender God”

  26. Thank you DezGamez for adding me into your episode, I’m the KV-2 driver at
    1:45, keep up the good work Dez and I’ll keep watching

  27. 9:16 how the hell did he not TK the bulldog…

  28. what was that amx 38 dmg blocked?

  29. That was cool. Very appreciate. Thanx Dez. 

  30. Awesome editing job dez!!! Please more of that! I was pissing my pens xD

  31. First one was a good example of karma. AMX ELC drivers even lose driving
    straight at AMX ELC drivers. Nice one. :p

  32. Titanic on a recorder…. Giggle :)

  33. The sad thing is, these out of view range snipes are probably just people
    with the view range mod… sad.

  34. nice edit. nice moments.

  35. Very nice work Deez!
    Appreciate your effort.

  36. Thanks for the E5 clip Dez and also the best one was the CGC 3.5k one

  37. 04:50 WTF

  38. I spy my replay at 1:19 there!! Very old replay, that was sent at February.
    But I still enjoyed it, thanks Dez!!

    One does not simply 360 no scope in front of 4 tanks in an SU100….

  39. Hey Dez, would you take console replays?

  40. 4:8 wafletrager e 100 is back

  41. what was the name of the first song

  42. WoT challenge idea: use stock IS-4 with full HE and get atleast 1 kill.
    This idea was “borrowed” from Quickybaby.
    Thanks mate, I really love your RNG-videos

  43. Bro, please play league of legends on the euw server 0_0 It’s the best game
    I think ;)

  44. Oh man the replay at 1:30. I know the pain.

  45. 3:31 I’m famous!! you must have millions of replays, I submitted this ages
    ago :P. Keep up the good work.

  46. Dirk van Roosmalen

    4:20… Every arties wet dream…

  47. 2:57 Song?

  48. at 8:54 did you get that flute sound from oneandonly16? coz its a
    legendpiece :p

  49. 360 – no scope isnt actually that rare in wot….make a sideflip

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