► World of Tanks Epic T34: 13 Kills Battle – 20,000 Subscribers Giveaway Contest Winners!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T34 Gameplay Review and Commentary. World of Tanks T34 Epic Battle Episode.

What more to say other than Thank You!
You guys have been epic and I hope we are going to have awesome future. 🙂
Congratz to everyone who won something and who didn’t win… Better luck next time, you never know when you are going to win something!

Oh, and also enjoy epic battle played by “zitman99” in his T34.

Enjoy the show!

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Oldskools modpack:


  1. It’s an amazing score, but I don’t like the replay…

  2. ReadMyNamem8xXx_SampleCat_xXx MemeMasterz ftw xDD

    Yes! We all won. We won a video!!!!

  3. Good job DezGamez ;)

  4. You are the best WOT player on YouTube!

  5. i never win at this kind of giveaways :<

  6. Great content look forward to more. 

  7. 🙂 at least guy i know get nice prize 🙂 better luck for rest of us :)

  8. Tomas Markauskas

    Thanks Dez for the massive giveaways,I’m so salty for not getting something

  9. M40/43 lightly salted 

  10. so close some of the winners had the letters of my name in their name!!!!!
    so close :(

  11. Glad to hear you had such a successful contest. Hope your base continues
    to grow.

  12. Didn’t win but it’s cool good channel.

  13. I was shocked when I heard my name, but thanks for the gold and keep up the
    great work. :)

  14. Ok bye unsub! jk for those who didnt win 30k is coming :D

  15. HOLY PEEP! It is me who won! :D

  16. Hell of a match for that T34. Lord knows when I take it out the other team
    is staffed with clones of Rommel who can see the future.

    And congrats to the winners.

  17. T34. Good credit maker Prem.

  18. Derp! I only counted kills from the second contest game.

  19. Congratz to all the winners :)

  20. slobodan djukic

    LOL this tankist can play alone against 15tanks….:P

  21. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Congrats to you on the contest and all the winners.

  22. Seapanners nanners

    New I was never gonna win been subscribed to your channel for a while first
    giveaway I’ve ever entered and I never get chosen

  23. Victor Petrichev

    Congratz for winners and Dez dont forget to do it more often… 30000
    subscribers,40000, 50000 😉

  24. Tankwarfare7 WoT

    Hmm didn’t win no big surprise i guess but congratz to the guys that won 

  25. Since everyone seem to be such a smartass. Going for arty while we (yepp, I
    am the salty arty) died, was a huge risk. The AMX 50 100 still could have
    killed our hero here and all that would have been left is a huge
    heartbreak. I defend my point, the T34 was egoistic and that is a behaviour
    which is not good in a teambased game. Imagine me in a tank not being arty
    with the same reasoning and think about it objectively! Greetings. 

  26. Great video. Thanks.

  27. I thought the purpose of that contest was to comment a random comment
    having nothing to do with the video….

  28. 🙁 I never win anything

  29. Yorick de schaetzen

    ofcourse i did’nt won, oh well nothing gained, nothing lost it was worth
    congrats to all winners

  30. I have Joined over 100 giveaways and i NEVER WON!!!!!!! Fuck my life -.- my
    answers was right 9 kills fv 183 im just fucking unlucky fuck bag -.- pliz
    tell me why i cant win even a fucking lollipop ;__; i wank to quit my life
    Here and now

  31. The butthurt M4/42 player M3mph11s is in the Chat here trying to defend
    himself. What an ass. Bad enough only doing 180 dmg, he had to make the
    chat Toxic. STay off your keyboard or delete the game, We don’t need toxic
    scumbags like you making the game hell on others. Air Chair Rommel, have
    you ever had a 10+ kill game?

  32. congrats to all the winners and good job with channel DezGames 😉
    maybe I will win the next time who knows

  33. Ahh… i knew i wouldn t win. I m very unlucky :-(

  34. Wooooooooooohoo

  35. Congratz to the winners!!!

  36. always nice to see those game an cool comments please keep up your good

  37. The Shermanator

    Dayum 13 kills :p

  38. Yes! T34 is king! Thank you Dez. ^-^ <3

  39. the next contest i enter will be my 100th (fingers crossed, I have not won
    yet 😛 :3)

  40. Well I knew it I never win anything 

  41. Thanks for the contest and thanks to Jingles for pointing me to your
    channel. I really enjoy it.

    One question, I can’t place your accent. Where are you from?

  42. Good video next contest however i will be awarded some gold. (Waves
    hand…..you will make me a winner….)#ihaveforcepowers

  43. justahappyfellow

    The channel is really growing like crazy right now. It’s simply put
    awesome. :)

  44. 🙁 didn’t win I never win :(

  45. What about the beta keys

  46. Congrats to winners! I never expected to get something so I am not sad!
    hahaha :)

  47. I never win… 🙁 +DezGamez 

  48. Epic give away,epic game too. I watched chat during the game and I can’t
    believe that fkn. arty,as well as some others. Seems some {not all} people
    in this game or better yet society have one very screwed up concept on
    life. I guess they want everything given to them. The old communist
    philosophy of hey you’re doing so good share it with me, screw you….work
    for it!!. Pussies. People do badly they get called a noob or tomato, they
    do good they get called selfish,seems you can’t win in w.o.t. so just play
    and fck em all!!

  49. Again I didn’t win… sigh…. Do more streamings Dez!!!

  50. Incredible replay. (That guy in the M40/M43 – omg – what an incredibly
    whiney punk.)

    Congrats to all of the winners!!

  51. contgratz to the winners! luck was not on my side this time but whatever,
    im here for the awesome video’s of Dez :D

  52. I’m one of the 8 guys who answered right with the e-mail, i was closing my
    eyes during the count down, stressing like crazy XD saddly i did not won
    but i don’t care GG everybody, and of course GG Dez!

  53. ScottishTabasco

    Congrats to all the winners, enjoy your spoils ya lucky bassas ;o)

  54. Argh.. Never win anything. Ever. I’ve been a sub for over a year, I think
    there were only about 1.5k others when I joined…

  55. Wait so your German and you know what ghetto means that’s funny. Also I
    play WOT do you have a clan so I can join my user name is NOVACON.

    On the western server.

  56. Never gonna win anything 🙁 

  57. Can’t I just win for only 1 time in this fucking life?!

  58. did not expect to win something ( I never win something 🙁 ), but i liked
    the contest and congatulations to the winners. (Better luck next time I

  59. Sadly I didn’t won anything, but I liked the epic game and I hope you will
    get many more views, subs and likes. Keep up the good work DezGamez!!!

  60. +DezGamez can you play heroes and generals agains ?

  61. The Unturned Boss

    Nice vid man!!

  62. didn’t win, but gratz to everyone who won something

  63. well congratz oeioke who win 😛 I have been 100% sure that i will not win
    so i am happy that at least some one its lucky :)

  64. I never win a f*** thing. never.

  65. Intel HD 2000 Gaming

    What could happen?3/3k+?
    Giveaway are always there to attract more subscribERS,I guess,better luck
    next year

  66. Kamil Bielaszewski

    That M40/43 was sooo salty in chat… maybe because he was playing arty

    • +M3mph11s Butt hurt much? You are an asshole in Game chat. People like you
      make the game Toxic. Just play and stay off they keyboard sky cancer. You
      manse a complete ass of yourself.

    • +Kamil Bielaszewski ….that was my favorite part…the arty player crying.

    • +TheMontanaDave calm down big shot, I got a point and since it is the
      Internet, manors are secondary. I got over it when I took my Ace mastery in
      the 50 100 the match after.

    • +M3mph11s no matter how good you play your tank you are still an asshole in
      chat, and thats what poisons this game. Manners are secondary? That
      explains your terrible behaviour. sigh….

  67. Not really surprised that I didnt win, but that T34 game was pretty special

  68. mmh, this T34 did indeed abandon his team at a critical moment and risked
    throwing the game in order to get his arty kills. Maybe it wasn’t
    completely intentional, but this kind of thing is also what stat padders
    do. Refuse to help team and then scoop up the leftovers. Very cancerous to
    the game.

    • +Kenneth Wang And you apparently get hit by arty even when you are in
      cover. Well played…

      This is just getting silly. I already said I think he was taking an
      unnecessary risk and not playing as a team vs a potentially dangerous
      opponent. And that maybe it wasn’t a deliberate thing he actually planned,
      maybe it was just an overlook. It happens. I have been 100% reasonable
      about this. There is nothing else to say. Why don’t you whiners keep it to

    • +wtfronsson What did we whine about? No offense, as you do make some good
      points, but we didn’t call the play “cancerous”.

    • genericwittyname

      +wtfronsson I don’t think he was taking an unnecessary risk at all. Have
      you driven the t34? Do you realise how slow it is? He was already nearly at
      the arty location when it became apparent that the rest of his team was
      being overrun. I think it was absolutely the right decision to shut down
      three potentially very dangerous arties and hope that some parts of his
      team would survive whilst he did so. Had he turned around it’s quite likely
      his team would have died anyway because of how long it would take for him
      to get back.

    • +genericwittyname I disagree. The arty might have worked together to ambush
      him, and either tie him in place or kill him. And then the team would have
      lost it’s best tank. As a slow target there isn’t necessarily anything you
      can do if 3 arty focus you down from safe locations, or even just all at
      once and score the kill. His saving grace was that all of the enemies left
      were muppets enough that it didn’t end up mattering, either with the
      unchecked autoloader (who just failed instead of being a threat), or the
      driving into 3 camping arty (who didn’t have smart ambush positions). But I
      wouldn’t count on such lucky coincidences for my strategy to work, as the
      travel distance to an arty safe location where you can cover the entire
      open middle of the map was not long when it was time to make that decision.
      I would have been covering the open to make it a safe area for friendlies
      and a killzone for spotted enemies. Deal with the nearest problem with some
      teamwork, regroup and then go arty killing once the arties have lost all of
      their spotters. If arty wants to hit anyone in your team, the cover of the
      enemy side ridge line rocks can be used so there is simply no line of fire
      from the direction of the enemy spawn.

    • genericwittyname

      +wtfronsson Fair point, and I agree that there’s no way in hell the 50 100
      should have lost that last engagement, particularly when the T34 managed to
      bounce off him. I still think, however, that it was the right call to
      finish off the arty once it became apparent that they were not in ambush
      positions, rather than turning his back on them and potentially getting
      absolutely wrecked by HE into his engine deck.

      Furthermore, I don’t think that between about 3’50 and 4’30 (when most of
      the remaining enemy tanks around the cap were spotted) that he would
      actually have had shots at them from the ridgeline at E1/2, which is the
      most realistic position he might have taken up to cover the cap. He would
      have been forced to chase after much more mobile tanks in order to get
      shots which might potentially have led to him overextending and being
      overwhelmed himself.

      Fundamentally, regardless of which course of action he took, he was only
      ever going to win this game with the help of incompetent play by the
      opposition – kindly provided by the 50 100. Even a semi-competent driver of
      that tank should and would have beaten him in the 2 on 1 situation at the
      end and I don’t think that would necessarily have been any different had
      that engagement occurred a few minutes earlier with arty still in play; it
      all comes down to the enemy screwing up hard rather than either of us being
      objectively right about the course of action he should have taken, because
      they both probably had a pretty similar chance of success.

  69. Hory shit zitman 99 is da beast. Does dez approve?

  70. Congrats to those who won!

  71. Congratulations every1

  72. Didn’t win 🙁 Congrats to winner! Thank you +DezGamez ! Keep up the good

  73. I think you spelled my name wrong, when you were announcing the winners of
    the contest :)

  74. Hopefully i win the cbt keys:P.

  75. Why i didnt get enything?? WWWEEEEE… ;)

  76. Aroused Squirrel

    Look at that failed abortion arty in chat!

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      +M3mph11s You could say he did it all for the medal but since his stats are
      so good it could also be because he also thought it was the best way to win
      – and get a medal. By going to the base he did manage to eliminate 3 tanks
      that had a high chance of killing him, and he was top tier. Not to mention
      he was already too far away on the map to get back in time to make a
      difference, which is probably also why his stats are so good. The question
      you have to ask is, did he win despite being greedy and going for kills,
      or, did he win because he realized the best chance to carry was to go for
      those nearby kills? Or you can just be like Jingles and say “it it works,
      it ain’t stupid”.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +M3mph11s If you like to ruin other’s games from the whole map away, giving
      your victims no chance to fight back, that is irritating and gets rather
      old. Arty is not OP, it is just broken, giving no pleasure to victims, and
      those who play it usually do not have fun either (unless they are very
      strange). Failed abortion means that you should not have been born, the
      Earth is overpopulated already, and we do not need more scum.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +NinjaMonkeyPrime He plays arty, his brain does not work as that of a
      normal person.

    • genericwittyname

      +M3mph11s I don’t think he was taking an unnecessary risk at all, or
      abandoning you guys. Have you driven the t34? Do you realise how slow it
      is? He was already nearly at the arty location when it became apparent that
      the rest of the team was being overrun. I think it was absolutely the right
      decision to shut down three potentially very dangerous arties and hope that
      some parts of his team would survive whilst he did so. Had he turned around
      it’s quite likely that you guys would have died anyway because of how long
      it would take for him to get back.

    • +M3mph11s It must have been so awkward for you hating on him when he won

  77. does dez play WT?

  78. congrats to the winners :)

  79. The Mighty Promeus

    congrats to all winners :P

  80. Krzysztof Ćwiertnia

    Lol i think i forgot to type my nickname :)

  81. Leatheredneck na

    Good stuff Dez. Gratis to the winners

  82. Damnit Dez, spelling the T34 as T-34 is why everyone is always confused! 

  83. I never win 🙁
    Keep up the good work, Dez, you deserve your success :)

  84. Martin Barilík

    Well, congrats to the winners :-/

  85. First comment, maybe? (ignore)

  86. You Beasts made one epic contest out of it. (Y)

    • +kokozaur [RO-MX] you are a lot better than me man but thanks. Once I lost
      157 in a row it was funny though cause it was always a draw where I died
      eight before my enemy did. Yet we both were our groups last man too.

    • And that sentence was grammatically incorrect. Sorry grammer ocd people
      autocorrect can’t see the difference in that one

    • Why didn’t you do my idea of a few hours platooning as a surprise? 🙁

    • +DezGamez
      inanimohabeo is latin -> in animo habeo (to have sth. in mind)
      catinator is probably from cat+inator 😀
      btw. thanks for the giveaway again ^.^

    • You are the best youtuber!

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