► World of Tanks: Error 404: Team Not Found! – AMX 50B feat. IS-4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks AMX 50B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Now the main question is: “Where is my team at?”

I hope you enjoy this episode and your weekend!


  1. thank you Dez for showing how it really is in tanks . sadly a lot of games
    are like this teams evaporate in the first 3 mins and you are left facing
    15 enemy’s with maybe 2 or 3 allies Pfffft . all you can do is you best and
    you do an awesome job . thank you, love your vids :)

  2. Muhahhaha…. Nothing better to watching live game play! Keep em up DG

  3. Kind of funny to see you so pissed off :D

  4. I feel your pain Dez. The team’s I get stuck with are enough to make a
    grown man weep tears of pure rage.

  5. Dez would win more if he played the flanks and not go to WHERE THE MOST

  6. why didn’t he just shoot the E5’s commanders hatch?

  7. Cant be epic all the tome ;)

  8. The E5 is VERY easy to penetrate….. from the sides. I call my strategy,
    “Don’t shoot at the front of a T100E5, shoot at the sides”.

  9. I don’t wanna be “one of those guys,” but I don’t recall a time when I
    bounced the lower plate of an E5 with my T30. That thing’s a beast.

  10. Are you all new subs to his channel? Do you see the tanks he has in his
    garage? He knows these maps like the back of most of your throats. E5
    refixed this time to good rather the russianed to death. last time i sold
    mine. They have a tiny weak spot either side by the transmission mounting.
    You never could pen them lower hull every time you LIAR! The turret on top
    was major weak spot but no more. E5 is now great monster tank. NOOOOBS!!

  11. owwwwwie,,,,

  12. Bro, you need to take a break from making epic videos and take a walk in
    the forest, maybe pick some flowers. You’ll feel better afterwards.

  13. Last night on NA east I saw a player whose name was Error404teamnotfound.
    For a moment I thought I might be in this video!

  14. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    That first map.
    Just so you know, good arty players (like me) that spawn on that side will
    be in A5 so they can can hit the heavies that go down G5/H5.

    RIP ears 2k16

  16. Yeah i dunno about that not capping nonsense i go for the win, period.
    Winrate may not be important to you but it is to me so whatever it takes to
    win is what i’ll do. We all play World of Tanks for different reasons and
    get enjoyment from different aspects of it, so to each their own.

  17. is it just me or does it seem like this game is rigged? it’s almost
    mathematically impossible to lose 10-15 games in a row. but it happens a
    lot to a lot of people. when RNG decidssr you’re going to lose, you’re
    going to lose. this game frustrates the fuck out of me anymore. after
    thousands of dollars spent on this game ove the last few years I can
    honestly say, I could care less if I never play it again. I know it’s just
    a “game” but games ain’t suppose to cause high blood pressure and a need to
    replace monitors.

  18. Dez, you know why the games where you get trolled are so popular? Because
    if RNG and muppets can even get to you, it means they troll everyone. GG as

  19. love the voice at 1:00

  20. What a douchbag that JgPz E100 in the 1st game… love when ppl ping you on
    the map, not realizing your tank is fked up, while no1 really cares that 2
    tanks are unable to kill T57 with like 500hp…

  21. Nice to see I am not the only one who has games like that

  22. You need to take a chill pill, or a drink might be better. Keep on rocking

  23. arty, fair and balanced…….punishing “campers” using that ww2 drone

  24. Hi guy ! What’s your settup ? I saw your fps and i’m pretty impressive
    because i’ve a R9 390 from Sapphire and an i5 3570K, I have only between 40
    and 65 fps, it’s really random. Any idea ?

  25. Dez Salty

  26. Base trash man always capping base when there’s dudes to be killed lmao

  27. Should have taken that win by cap…..Epic fail.

  28. WOW perfect time to slam the keyboard and kick the shit out of the
    Refrigerator!!! your the beast DEZ!!!

  29. go play aw….wot sucks!

  30. Everyone report the Jp E100 in the first game..:D

  31. why you heff to be mad it’s only a game *insert jingles video* ;)

  32. I feel your pain Boss!!! Somedays you can’t catch a break!! Old man out!!

    Thanks, aka flea1951

  33. you brought that defeat in first game by yourself…” no cap, guys!”,

  34. Play some WoWS to cool off, Dez! No CVs anymore so you can spam torpedoes
    at leisure :p

  35. The E5 is very easy to penetrate. just lower plate xD


  37. Dez you should play World of Tonks instead of World of Tanks you are much

  38. 57 Heavy and AMX 50 B,
    what are actually the major differences between those two tanks?

  39. the salt is real

  40. LOL my nick in World of Tanks is eror404_team_not_found Illuminati
    confirmed :D

  41. Its ok dez keep strong and carry on

  42. Its ok dez keep strong and carry on

  43. Welcome to my world people should put down the drugs when playing world of

  44. Don’t be mad Mr.Nutz! We like your vids whatever gameplay you show us (i
    prefer pro vids tho since i learn more of them even i still have till July
    to play again) 50B is one of my fav. tanks in the game. Smtms i had some
    bad games tho when i didn’t concentrate. Take care Dez.! :D

  45. tnx Dez your troubles makes me feel better now about my losing streaks
    …shit happens dudes ,shit happens and u take it like a man

  46. We need more episodes like this. Short two games. AWESOME

  47. i dont know you like that why you haff to be mad

  48. The salt is real and I dont blame ya m8 :)

  49. lol dez so bad at playing IS4.. blaming accuracy and rng .. ofc his team
    was bad (as usual) but u cant blame everything for ur own incompetence

  50. Dez dont be mad its only the game :D

  51. Hey DG we’ve all had games where the team goes awol

  52. Some days it’s just like this

  53. Error 404: Tanks not Found… ;)

  54. Dez don’t bleep the f words becuse I want to hear something els then
    BLEEEEP then you are out in a match 😛 xD

  55. HAHAHA Now you got the first like and comment on this vid:) MOHAHAHA 11th

  56. wow i
    m quick

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