► World of Tanks Extinct Premium Beast – Legendary Type 59 Premium Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks Type 59 Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

I need credits, like always, so today decided to grind for few hours had an idea to record few games with old Type 59. This thing is Legendary… Still making epic amount of credits!



  1. Would like to see some more Armored Warfare coverage (When EA4 starts) ;)

  2. Best moneymaker T34. Most fun Panther 8.8 and for lols Type 59

  3. Wait, you have Estonian flag on your tank. Ega Te juhuslikult eestlane
    pole? :)

  4. WTF was the really loud alarm? FFS that was annoying.

  5. Why Estonian flag on this tank? :)

  6. Can you recommend money making premium tank?

  7. Remember when the type 59 was first added, had a match were I was one of
    the few tier 8s that wasn’t one.

  8. “now if i can just get the…” that was too funny lol

  9. +DezGamez I was wondering, if you want to play World of Warships or CS:GO
    or maybe Arma 3 🙂 with me

  10. Great Game video…. Please don’t start playing world of warships….that
    game is so boring.

  11. Capitalist America

    Can u play some low tier tanks like tetrarch?

  12. If you have played port the day it came out you are old skoool.

  13. My t54 mod 1 is not only my best money maker but my best tank in game so
    far with over 500 battles and 66% victorys and 1120 average xp per game 😀 

  14. OMG LMAO hahahahahaha. The end of that Jt88 was one of the funiest things
    in any of your videos for a long long time. Sorry man, that was hilarious.


  16. How much $$$ would WG make if they put Type 59 back on sale for one

  17. I think that with other tanks that have been added to the game, the Type 59
    could be/should be sold again (I’ve always wanted one). Also, in the past
    two years the hype for it has become much less 

  18. Type 59 is the Holy Grail of medium tanks. Good mobility, good gun, good
    armor. People would KILL to get this tank. I HAVE A NEED FOR IT !!

  19. I remember Dragon ridge map, I started playing december 2011, and this tank
    was already removed from the store… or at least they removed it after
    little longer. so yeah. like 4 years ago. hah

  20. Would you recommend Lowe or FCM 50t? I know those two are very different,
    but i need to know the raw credit earnig potential of those two tanks.
    Thanks in advance.

    • From my experience in my Bulldog the FCM is a harder to kill tank. Less
      armor, but it can still bounce some shots, better moblity and better gun
      than Löwe. I would go for the FCM. But I do not own any of them, this is
      only what I see from fighting them.

  21. my top game in type 59 was 107k creds without premium acc OFC before it got
    ninja nerfed

  22. type 59 got a massive nerf in speed mainly
    when it 1st came out games were flooded with the 59,s
    and would just destroy anything in its path
    it was so op it was even better than the t54
    and the credits earned were amazing

  23. just wondering, why you have the Estonian flag on the type59?

  24. One of the things I remember most about world of tanks was that when I
    started first playing, it was two days after the type was removed. 

  25. 10:32 Scared the shit out of me lol

  26. Before 10:00-11:00, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN FOR OWN SAFETY D:

  27. liek for u

  28. Loved the game play. More please in the t59 and super p if you have one. 

  29. 10:40 dat ghost shell tho

  30. Damned Types were taking over the game back when I started. One game there
    were 27 Types, 2 arty and one other med.

  31. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    T59 is not same for long time.

  32. Rick Van calster

    fcm 50t worth it?
    i don’t own a crew for dcd, i have a crew for amx 50t

  33. Hi dude can you make a video about amx 13 90 thank you

  34. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    It got removed cus it was OP, didn’t it? That’s what my friend told me

  35. Aroused Squirrel

    When you pay for a penetration, it should be worth every penny.

  36. Typical scumbag move from that M12.

  37. 5:32 “999886”. Holy cow Dez, That must be world record!

  38. Oho Type 59 OP COMFIRMED or is DG just OP

  39. Lot of guys on the xbox version i know really want the Type 59. I for one
    don’t care for it. Long as i have my T34 i’m set. :D

  40. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Hi Dez! 🙂 say hello haha

  41. What is your favorite credit cow in the game?

  42. Mark Rogachevsky

    I always thought the Type 59 was the ching chong reincarnation of the T-54
    and it’s overpowered. Well,then I checked the stats in tank inspector and
    realized the hull is not very heavily armored. Anyway,great video Dez,as
    always. Cheerio!

    • PleaseMindTheGap

      +Mark Rogachevsky After the nerfs indeed.

      Before the nerfs, not so much. Type 59 had a t54 hull and turret. It was
      for the longest time the best t8 med in the game. The old t8 panther (now
      Panther 2) with 203 pen would struggle to pen it, since it offered ~200
      armor in most situations.

      Then they nerfed it and it became what it is today. Competitive but not
      horribly broken.

    • +Aroused Squirrel
      7.1 reload is with rammer ven and BIA
      also accuracy and aim time is horrendous
      i barely at 54% with the type running with 5 skills for each crew
      on the other hand i had 57% with my panther 2 just because of the gun and
      dpm of it
      IS snap shot my hull and pen for some reason…dont know how and those IS
      are 800WN8 IS s
      but yes if u get in to matches like this replay then u should have a decent

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Mark Rogachevsky Also, the DPM is horrendous.

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