► World of Tanks: Face Off #2 – 15 E-100s vs 15 IS-7s – [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

E-100 vs . 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. Tank Face Off Series.


Welcome back to another episode of “Face Off”. Yes, I changed the name thanks to you guys! “Face Off” sounds a lot better than “The Last Stand”.
Anyways, in today’s episode you are going to see 2 tier 10 super-heavy tanks going face to face… Today’s “Face Off” about -7 and E-100… Sit back and watch that epic action between 15 -7s and 15 E-100s!

I really do hope you enjoy this epic action and please give me feedback!



  1. 1 E50M vs 29 T1 tanks.
    Can they stop it from moving?
    Ramming only.

  2. you are awesome

  3. is4 vs is7!?

  4. 15 Vickers Medium 1’s vs. 15 Vickers Medium 1’s. All with the machine gun.

  5. t71 vs amx 13 75

  6. 14 M48A1s vs 14 E-50Ms from across the map with 1 non-target scout for each

  7. connor trevaskiss

    do 15 t95s vs 15 elc amx bis
    or 15 pz1cs vs 5 wt auf panzer e100

  8. connor trevaskiss

    do teir 10 t92 vs bachats

  9. E-100 Is simply a pay to win tank

  10. 15 Bert the Avenger against 15 ELCs, it could be very surprising !

  11. 113 vs is7 :D

  12. IS4 VS MAUS…. IN videos i dont see one time FOCUS FIRE !

  13. mateusz221301 666

    FOCH 155 vs WT AUF E-100

  14. Eimantas Makarevicius

    E50 vs T54 ;)

  15. 15 Jp.E100s vs 15 Godzillas

  16. Philipp Guggenmos

    is-3 vs t-34

  17. It would be nice to see what happens when autoloader is against same tier

  18. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    or AMX 50 B vs Batchats!

  19. Jgdpz E-100 vs FV215b(183) with APvsAP, HEATvsHESH, HEvsHE!!! that will be
    the battle of DEATH STARS

  20. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    make 15 FV4005 vs 15 FV215b (183)

  21. It’s funny how you pronounce ”is” as like ”ease” :D

  22. 15 T1 Cunninghams vs 15 LTraktors :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  23. 15 loltraktors vs 1 T92

  24. perhaps do the same with equal crews…? – now there seems to be quite a
    lot of difference in reload times.

  25. 15 B2 vs 15 AMX 40 – ricochet all the time

  26. 15 FV215B (183) [Firing Hesh] vs. 15 Wt. Auf E-100

  27. Would ithave been a big difference ,when the e100s where using the 12.8cm

  28. AMX50B vs T57 Heavy

  29. Regarding your comment on the different skill levels of the tank drivers, I
    suggest that there are an ample number of players available and the stats
    are public so that you can put together 2 team of the respective tanks with
    matching players.
    I know it takes an effort, but I appreciate much more videos that I can
    learn from or that really proves a point than mere “fun” vidoes about
    simple destroying of steel.
    Don’t you agree?

  30. I’ve got a few:
    WT Auf. E 100 vs FV215b 183
    FV215b 183 vs FV4005
    Maybe SU-152 vs E25?

  31. Stug III G vs Wolverine

  32. Or do something where you synchronize one teams shots together to fire 15
    guns at once and maybe at longer rage?

  33. There can only be one t x german medium
    E50m vs Leo 1

  34. Do Artillery T92s vs CGC’s

  35. Honestly, it was an unfair face-to-face contest considering the huge hp
    difference. A single IS7 with 550 lower hp meant all those fifteen E100s
    had a total 8250hp health point advantage. Simply unfair plane, that’s it.

  36. Oh my goodness one of the IS-7s in the move around match was firing HE

  37. Hey Dez, you could use the new physics to create one of the “classical
    pistol duels” Like place 2 fast tanks backs to each other, each drive same
    distance to opposite ways and then use handbrake to do 180 turn and fire
    😀 Would be funny to see just from RNGesus point of view 😀

    To be more like a duel, both should be reduced to “1 shot” range for the
    opponent :-D

  38. Great video as always and nice showcase of how premium ammo affect some
    tanks. E100 is 2x better with it. Tanks that need premium ammo to be
    competitive are noob tanks for me. Thats why i dont play tanks like E100,
    etc. That comes from 2500+ wn8 tanker. Next video: E75 vs ST-I, Obj263 vs
    268, T57 heavy vs AMX 50B etc :)

  39. bogdan ioan Ignat

    hi. you should do some premium tanks vs premium…so people gets some ideas
    if they want to buy. is3a vs is6 , lose vs t34, t54med vs t34-3 ..etc

  40. 15 Chaffees vs 15 ELC AMX plz

  41. 15 T-34 (tier 5 russian meds) vs 5-8 Tiger I :)

  42. This series is awesome !
    and great video editing !

  43. i think the best next episode would be obj 140 vs t62a so we can finally
    get answer on which tank is better :)

  44. Christian Hostetler

    907 vs 62A and 140

  45. 15 Chi Nu’s vs 15 Chi Nu Kai’s

  46. Doom turtle vs. Jagdtiger

  47. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    15 waffles vs 15 Mauses

  48. that was a good video would love to help but dont have a computer mine died
    dont have the $$ to get a new one. hey great idea for another video series
    for you light tank snipers see how long 15 elc amx can escape the td
    snipers ha ha ha

  49. 15 WTs vs 15 Death Stars

  50. Really interesting! Thanks!

  51. 15 is4 vs 15 e100

  52. I was wondering, 15 ue 57s vs 1 bat chat 25 t!

  53. t49s vs amx 13 90s

  54. e100 vs maus

  55. deathstars vs that other british their 10 Tank destroyer!

  56. T30 vs. Obj. 704

  57. FV215B vs T110E5

  58. 15 T1 cuttinghams against 15 MS1 most hardcore game that you can make for a

  59. 15 Tiger i vs 15 T29

  60. mark dayanghirang

    T20 vs Comet fight

  61. no holds barred in the third round is AWESOME!!!!!
    together with the background music… it’s breathtaking…!!!

  62. kv3 vs is

  63. The problem this round was that the IS-7’s started focus firing hence
    wasting shots on others by accidentally shooting dead E-100’s. But still
    good video man :)

  64. Dynamite Mcnugget

    Tiger II vs T29

  65. fair enough

  66. Whatever Challenge Dez picked for the WoT challenges must be quite

  67. do type5 heavys vs maus

  68. IS7 really need some buff

  69. 15 type 95 ha go’s vs 15 m3 Stuart’s would be a historic ww2 battle


  71. E-75 vs ST-1 please :)

  72. ultimate russian shootout IS-4 Vs. IS-7

  73. Ploop Productions

    Obj 430 vs Obj 140 vs T-62a!

  74. 15 HE-100s vs 15 HE type 5s!

  75. 15 t57 ht vs 15 amx 50b plz:)

  76. reminds me of the movie ‘the patriot’, where everyone shot at the same
    time, to maximize the effectiveness of their shooting

  77. so good to see the over powered russain heavies get bullied by huge
    lumbering blocks of armor like the e100

  78. 15-arty-battle :D

  79. The IS-7 was designed for facehugging and is more mobile. Just saying.

  80. panthers vs tigers

  81. plz don’t ever stop this series. i find it very entertaining and kind of
    shows just how each tank performs against its biggest rival

  82. JeanPierreRheinault

    Pls make 15xAMX 40 vs 15xB1 Bis :D

  83. Reported for abuse to is7s! Lol jk

  84. 15 t95s vs 15 t95s for the lols

  85. Your voice is amazing.

  86. 2 be honest, the IS-7’s would have lost the 3rd round either way, the
    inaccuracy of the E-100’s guns is non-existent at that range. and can pen
    the sides and rears of the IS-7’s no problem, combined with massive alpha
    damage and good all round armor. the is-7’s had no chance as soon as they
    got close. maybe if they camped at the back like the O-I’s did last video

  87. If they are going into real battles, I think each team would swap tanks,
    and then increase the sample size for a more accurate measurement. I.e team
    A plays IS-7s and team B plays E-100s for 5 battles in a row, then both
    team swap tanks and plays another 5 battles.

  88. {GAMING-VLOG}-SD Channel (HD)

    or 15 O-HO vs 15 Tiger ll or IS-3

  89. Gareth Fairclough

    15 panzer 2J’s vs 15 of the same?
    15 bert the avengers vs whatever?
    15 M4 Shermans vs 15 Panzer 4 H.

  90. {GAMING-VLOG}-SD Channel (HD)

    15 type 5 heavy VS 15 Maus

  91. is7s gun sounds like a firecracker and the e100 sounds like a cannon

  92. These are really fun to watch. Keep them coming!!!

  93. Why don’t u make it in AW like 15 T 90ms vs 15 M1A2 or challengers 2??!! If
    u make it count me in

  94. ChiefTeamStrikers

    Really love the new style episode. I agree. you should stay on the open

  95. That action battle was pretty epic. While it would be a clusterf*ck if all
    games were like that, it would be fun to see every once in a while where
    everyone put their man pants on and met in battle.

  96. 15 MAUS VS 15 Type 5 heavys!

  97. Juanchiacosta Mendez

    Fv(183) vs jpe-100

  98. stb1 vs patton

  99. heatzer vs matilda

  100. reminds me of the civil war (american)

  101. Tog vs tog

  102. there should be a rule “no focus fire” everyone should shot at his target

  103. 15 ru 251’s vs 15 T54 Ltwt.

  104. Well done Dez.

  105. Is-7 is a brawler this isn’t how an is-7 should fight how wonder the e-100
    won with heat and e-100 drivers would angle their turret how wonder the
    e-100 won with heat rounds

  106. 15 amx40 vs 15 valentineII! I guess its endless battle!

  107. FV215b 183 vs JagPzE100

  108. ugh, that one guy with 12,8 cm in E-100, he should be publicly flogged for
    not maintaining the uniformity of division!

  109. 15 MS-1s vs 15 Loltraktors

    go the other way

  110. BEST tier 8 Med competition. Please.

  111. Do a Amx CDC vs Pz 58 Mutz in a train line push battle!

  112. 15 WT auf 100 vs 15 maus

  113. T110E4s VS T110E3s? I would like to see that! Also congratz on 50K subs,
    you diserve a lot more in my opinion!

  114. Bat.-Châtillon 25 t vs TVP T 50/51

  115. yes E100 still the daddy tank

  116. 15 Maus vs 15 Type 5 Heavies!

  117. Hey Dez, I really like this idea of facing off tanks against each other,
    but I think it would be much more interesting if you also made a bit of a
    story about the encounter and maneuvers on different maps. I saw some War
    Thunder videos where a few Pz III tanks met some T-34s in a forest, and it
    was presented from different angles and was sort of like a short movie. I
    would really enjoy watching that compared to some tanks lined up and
    shooting each other. Keep up the great work anyway!

  118. great channel with great commentary and series. very underrated and well
    deserving of thousands of more subs.

  119. E100 is better in that but i think Is7 is more useful in clanwars or

  120. I think this result was rather obvious. IS-7 is a terrible tank. It’s kinda
    sluggish, it’s armor was good when the game first came out, but these days
    it’s useless. It’s gun not only has terrible alpha, but terrible pen on all
    it’s ammo, and terrible gun handling and a low rate of fire, with terribad

  121. BatChat 25t vs TVP 50/51.

    Battle of the autoloading tier 10 mediums!

  122. Daniel Danny Wilde

    One word: EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great Video!!!

  123. Jaylin The LaxBro

    IS-4 Vs 113

  124. 15 E-75 vs 15 ST-1

  125. Do AMX 50Bs vs. T57 heavies.

  126. amx 50b vs t57 heavy

  127. 15 t49’s vs 15 13 90’s with the clip reloaded.

  128. t-34 vs pz iv h

  129. Epic! One of the funniest videos you have so far. Very entertaining. Keep
    making more of these :D


  131. While it is true that watching these behemoths slug it out on open ground
    is entertaining, it is also not a fair representation of some tanks. Put 15
    T95’s against 15 WT Pz IV’s in an open field and the outcome is pretty
    obvious, because a baby waffle should NEVER go into a field.

  132. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    fv215 b vs wt asuf e 100

  133. can you make 15 cromwells vs 15 T37

  134. E75 vs ST-1

  135. it would be awsome to se 15 FV215b 183 vs 15Jp auf E100.

    Nice series…. ;)

  136. How about one E-100 versus fifteen loltractors in a melee.

  137. 15 Grants vs 15 M3 Lee’s?? Everyone’s favourite tanks haha :p – Great vid
    again :)

  138. MAUS vS TYPE

  139. waffle auto loaders….

  140. this is a great series keep them cumming

  141. Holy f******** sh**, more please!!!

  142. 15 T110E3’s vs 15 JgPz E 100/FV 215b (183) or 15 Maus vs 15 E100/Type 5

  143. Dez Gamez, I have a plan. On Airfield there is the airfield with two roads.
    You could do knight duels on them with Berts or T49s or BC tier X arties. I
    did this on the test servers everytime

  144. I like how you set out to make entertaining videos for us, Dez, it’s a nice
    change from either listening to Jingles moan about teamkillers or
    Quickybaby doing crummy voice-over narration on a replay of some camping

  145. Maus vs IS-7 would be more interresting

  146. What about nations vs other nations, so fifteen British tanks vs fifteen
    German tanks? You could call it ‘War of the Worlds’ or something like that.

    (Germans would probably win this round though, apart from the tier 10’s our
    tanks are pretty crap).

  147. Alessandro Depaoli

    Nice vid!!
    (IMHO) was quite obvious… that with gold E100 would win… they have much
    more HP and allso a bit more of DPM… a nice try could be IS-4 vs E100 or
    E100 vs E5 or E5 vs IS4…or to go down 1 tier t54 vs m46

  148. Ouch… their wallets must have hurt

  149. It was amazing! Next, Berts vs ELCs!

  150. DavePlaysGamez (DavePlaysGamez)

    What about 15 Bat-CHat vs 15 TVP t50/51!

    – Object 704 vs Jagtiger
    – AMX50B vs T57 Heavy
    – T92 vs Conqueror Gun Carriage
    – and Matilda vs DW2.

  152. T110E3 VS T110E4

  153. 15 Loltractors vs 15 T1s, 15 tortoises vs 15 t95s

  154. Absolutely sexy sounds ?

  155. EPIC!! Next time JPZ E-100 vs Deathstar???

  156. 15 PZ 1 Cs versus 15 T 46s, go low teir man!

  157. why didnt you try E100s with HE rounds

  158. First Video of you i saw. Found you in the comments of Jingles. And yeah…
    that’s pretty entertaining. :)

  159. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    I would like to see T-62A vs Object 140… Like if you agree :)

  160. the is7 is so sexy
    and 15 Maus’ vs 15 Type 5’s

  161. you should try and to obj 268 vs obj 263 :)

  162. Swordsmanof Satsuma

    15 JgpzE100 vs 15 Death Stars

  163. E-100 is shite

  164. Damn, DG I couldn’t believe it. However, I love my E 100 and the IS-7 both
    great tanks. You are the King of wot videos my friend. Unreal freakin real.
    God Bless you and keep you. the oldman out.

    Take care, wot aka flea1951

  165. T92 vs Conqueror Gun Carriage ;)

  166. how about jadgzilla vs deathsatrs

  167. How about 15 AMX 50B’s vs. 15 T57 Heavy’s?

  168. Dez, it would actually make more sense if the IS7s are straight on but the
    E100s are angled, because of the armor design, otherwise IS7s get
    additional advantage of the pike nose.

  169. I see a lot of interesting match-ups listed in the comments, looks like
    this series is going to last a good while for you. :D

  170. When I get an E100 I’m going to only fire HEAT with it.

  171. Good Job Me. Good Job!

  172. I to see TOG 2s vs SU- 100Ys

  173. How about Comet vs T-20?

  174. jagpanzer vs waffentrager !

  175. ๖ۣۜGamerNixxVoj ツ

    m4 sharmen vs tigar 1

  176. 15 togg vs 15 churchill

  177. 15 black princes vs 15 t29s

  178. Frederick Schulze

    4:00 e 100 scumbag sidescraping around allied E 100 wow

  179. 15 Tortoises vs 15 T95s

  180. 15 clicker vs 7 light. Nice vid !

  181. Something to do with high dpm? that would be fun

  182. Make a 15 t62 vs 15 e50m

  183. how about: 15 IS4 vs 15 T110E5 ?!!!

  184. T110E3 vs T110E4

  185. E-25 vs scorpion

  186. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    Haven’t watched it yet, but those e-100’s better load HEAT if they wanna

    EDIT: Exactly what I predicted;)

  187. is7>e100 with same skilled player

  188. Alexnader Kopralev

    15 WT auf E100s vs 15 Foch 155s. The battle between the autoloading TDs!

  189. E-100 can protect himself from HE-shells with a superheavy spall liner!

  190. 15 Mauses vs 15 Type 4s

  191. As expected. If you use a German tank, you have to pay, one way or another.
    Soviet balance…

  192. Man those sounds froma distance! they sound like battleship firing a salvo!
    Prolly one of the best updates imo!

  193. Ammar Abu Al-Haijaa

    IS-4 vs maus

  194. when half of the player doesn’t even have 1 marks aim appear to be painful

  195. this will actually help alot with clanwars. those gun sounds though!! ?

  196. It should be E100 vs Maus

  197. I don’t know if you do lower tears but you should do 57 vs 75

  198. What are you doing you should be watching more Jingles videos ?

  199. +DezGamez

  200. So stop saying IS 7 OP.

  201. HE ammo doesnt give a single fuck about angling and E100 lower plate is as
    thick as IS-7 frontal armor …. logic win

  202. +DezGamez how about 15 IS-6 vs 15 KV-5 … much fun finding 15 KV-5 players

  203. I WAS HERE 😀 It was great fun and I think we all need to give Dez a pat on
    the back for letting us take part in such an amazing event

  204. Great vid series 🙂 it could be nice to see IS-7 vs IS-4 🙂 or some big
    caliber td guns :P

  205. I’m going to get a lot of hate, but, how about 15 Birch guns’ vs 15 Pz.
    Sfl. IVbs’.

  206. E3s and E4s face off!

  207. HELLCAT Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    E100 still king ;)

  208. Excelent!! What about to try also same number of tons against same number
    of tons. For ex 7 E100 agains 14 E50M

  209. YOu are idiot or yes?

  210. 15 Jg Pz E 100 Vs 15 DEATH STARS?

  211. Any War Thunder face offs?

  212. The way I see it is on a map played realistically it puts it down to skill
    and the tank, when lined up a lot can come down to rng more than anything
    taking away the values of a “vs” game

  213. Graf Brot von WoT

    or 15 Conqueror GC vs 15 T92

  214. Russian VODKA cyka

    next do amx 40’s vs valentines :D

  215. Awesome Dude! Keep on going!

  216. Buff IS7!!!!

  217. Graf Brot von WoT

    15 AMX 30 Bs vs 15 Leopard 1s

  218. LOL. More good fun. Thanks!

  219. 15 Maus vs 15 Type 5 Heavies hehe.

  220. World of Tonks mini total war edition.

  221. wahwho!!!! 50k!!! I’m thinking a RAMORAMA E50m vs Whatever!!!

  222. 15 FV215b 183’s vs 15 WT auf E 100’s/ Jg.Pz. E 100’s.
    Also, would have been a lot easier for the IS-7’s if the E 100’s could
    still be set on fire frontally, like all high-tier Germans used to.

  223. love these episodes hope you stream again some time soon, i couldnt take
    part last time, to busy with uni work, but DEZ get yourslef a jpg e100 then
    we can do 15 jpge100 v 15 fv 183

  224. It’s like some civil war shit, love it!

  225. why not just have an actual game of 15 same type vs. 15 same type? maybe
    more interesting?

  226. Hey dez could you do a 15 is4’s vs 15’type 5’s this would we epic because
    they both have good armor and good guns

  227. Here’s a true derper’s dream and fast battle. 15 GW-100s vs 15 T-92s!

  228. Broby_WotProductions

    these are very fun to watch! Amzing! How about maus vs type 4? (X japanese
    heavy tank is called type 4 right, sorry for that I play wot blitz)

  229. Now I can’t help but think of the movie “Face/Off”……

  230. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    PLEASE DO TIER8s this time like 15 mighty IS-3 vs 15 legendary TIGER2!

    i think it would be awesome to see who can take the crown once and for all!

    ( duh tiger2 will win)

  231. Vector Signorelli

    15 obj140s vs 15 E50Ms
    i wanna now who s the king of the noscope

  232. 15 T28 Proto. vs 15 Rhm B Wt

  233. I love this series, LOL!
    Next match up should be T-71 vs AMX 13 75

  234. 15 black prince vs 15 of something else you pick I don’t care lol.

  235. Leopard 1 vs amx 30b

  236. Love these series !

  237. 15 AT8’s vs 15 Churchill gun carriers

  238. 15 M2 mediums (with howitzer) vs 1 KV2 :p

  239. What was the ammo loadout in the free-for-all?

  240. MS1 and T92 free style please~~~

  241. 15 Maus’ vs. 15 IS-4s?

  242. 30 waffles lol

  243. Why it was full he when they went ham?

  244. death star vs jadgpanzer e100

  245. what about a battle of the slow high tier tanks 15 tortoises vs 15 t95s or
    15 maus vs 15 type 5s

  246. 15 t49 vs 15 kv2

  247. big boom stick says BOOOOOM

  248. Maud vs type 5!

  249. Can u plz do amx 50 b vs e 50m or type 5 heavy vs maus

  250. I love this series PLZ keep doing it. Oh, and keep up the good work

  251. The Is7’s seemed to try to be tactical killing the E100’s from the end and
    working their way in, wasting a lot of shots – would it have been the same
    result if they both used the same criteria for shooting ?

  252. are you from croatia cuz I saw you playing with the mistercro? :D

  253. BTW This series is absolutely awesome, keep it up

  254. Ketsadaphon Bunloed


  255. type 5 vs maus 😀 i could join in on that :D

  256. 15 Type 5 Heavy vs 15 Maus
    15 IS-3 vs 15 T32
    15 WT E100 vs 15 FV304

  257. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Maus vs Type 5 Heavies!

  258. XxilluminatixX420BlazeIt LennyFace

    Can you please do T29 vs Tigers :O
    Btw I just subbed because your channel is awesome, keep up the good work

  259. It was awesome to be part of it! ;D Can’t wait for the E50M Video! 😛
    Greetings, twinTurboE82

  260. new subscriber :D

  261. bat chats vs skodas hehe

  262. Congratulations on 50k subscribers! You deserve much more tho!

  263. 15 lttbs vs 15 m41 bulldogs

  264. Artmaster Studio TV

    Best Tonk Pron U tube , where me wet wipe 0o

  265. Sorry but I have to disagree with you, close ups are better and look more

  266. do tortoise and doomturtle!!!!


  268. he earned a lot because WoT posted him on fwcebook!

  269. Maybe is4 vs e100 would be a more even battle due to similarities in HP of
    the tanks? Great vid though ^^

  270. Could you do 1v1 E-100 vs. IS-7?

  271. Some of those ammo racks were glorious

  272. More likes
    we need More likes!!!!!

  273. 1:48 I love the green camo on the E100….I tought you can only get those
    on chinese tanks?

  274. T110E4s vs T110E3s

  275. Death stars Fv 183 b vs JPZE100

  276. leopard vs amx 30b: paper tank battle

  277. Awesome .pure bliss..my woofers are happy.:)

  278. Congratulations my friend on 50k subscribers!

  279. dats pretty badass!! keep making more of this!!

  280. Doom turtle vs T30

  281. 15 is-7 vs 15 is-4

  282. Epic epic just fking Epic!

  283. 15 fv215b 183s vs 15 fv4005 comways

  284. Stug life Dez. 15 Stug 3 vs 15 Stug 4

  285. deathstars vs jagde100s

  286. if you wanna listen to drunk Dez,set speed to 0.5 and be amazed! 😉
    i laughed so hard..

  287. congrats for 50k

  288. 3 amx cdc vs 15 t15 combat cars

  289. was a silly clip. but as u said its suppose to not be serious. i enjoyed it
    was funny and entertaining for sure

  290. 50B vs T57 next!

  291. Andre falcon fernandez

    e-100 vs maus

  292. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)

    15 T110E5 vs 15 T110E4?

  293. Daniel Grabovskiy

    obj140 vs t62a

  294. Clarence Constantino

    It sounded like a start of a war when the guns fire from a distance

  295. E-100 vs Type 5 heavies!

  296. +DezGamez 3 minutes into youtube n chill and you have a new vid, so happy
    to be here early 😀 Nice job again 😀
    edit: the skill level is such a big factor, thanks for mentioning it!

  297. I think T110E5s vs 113s or even FV215bs will be a great fight.
    Pure DPM faceoffs

  298. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    we need a Bert off

  299. love ya man (no homo)

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