► World of Tanks: Face Off #3 – 15 E-50Ms vs 15 Light Tanks – What?

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Source: DezGamez

E-50M vs Light Tanks. 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. 15 E-50M vs 15 Light Tanks. Tank Face Off Series.


Welcome back to episode 3 of fighting series called “Face Off”!
In today’s episode you are going to see something really weird… 15 E-50 Ausf. Ms are going to fight with 15 lights tanks…
“How exactly and what going to happen?” – All that and even more in the video!


►Tanks in action:
/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. Dez, you’ve become better than Jingles 🙂 I like to watch your videos more
    than I do his. Yours actually go about tanks, and you actually play them :p
    And you’re funny as hell. Keep up the good work, your channel will grow
    even bigger in no-time. I guarantee it.

  2. Hi Dez, crazy fun my friend. What’s this about not talking in the
    beginning? I’ve always enjoyed how you lay things out along with the video.
    Please keep them coming. Please don’t forget a T62A game for me before I go
    in for surgery.

    the oldman out, take care, wot flea1951

  3. AllTim3DoingThings

    15 KV1 with derp vs 15 KV1 with 85mm gun would be nice :O

  4. 15 British Matildas vs 15 AT 2
    2 most OP low tier tanks in the game.

  5. Bert’s versus rheinmetalls

  6. Can you do 25 m4 shermans vs 5 tiger 2s? I think it would be interesting to
    see if the shermans can take it

  7. I think a few cool ideas could be:

    15 T-127’s vs 15 Pz II J’s – 1st round = AP only – 2nd round = Gold ammo
    only – 3rd round = BATTLE!!!!

    15 AMX 13 57f GF (Tier 7 French premium light tank) vs 15 Bulldogs

    15 T1 Cunninghams vs 15 Leichtraktors

    1 Maus vs 15 ELC AMX

    15 T-49 vs 15 T54 ltwt

    15 Bat Chat 25t vs 15 TVP T 50/51

    15 Bat Chat 155 58 vs 15 Conqueror Gun Carriage

    I have loads more ideas so let me know if you want them :P

  8. No ELC? C’mon Dez.
    1. Demolition Derby with a side of Slaughter House
    2. Knife Fight Massacre
    3. Frustrating if you’re on the 50M, Revenge of the Ants.

  9. I want to see 15 113’s VS 15 T110E5’s

  10. 15 t-55A vs 15 t-54

  11. Next one is7 vs is4

  12. 15 T95 VS. 15 Light Tanks

  13. I have to admit! This is not balanced!

  14. 15 Leo 1s with stock crew vs 15 autoloading walker bulldogs. Just to see
    some leo ammo racks going BOOM! :)

  15. awesome

  16. E50 M vs M48A1 patton

  17. In the same vein, you could do Leopards vs Luchses or VK28s vs ELCs and
    Chaffees :D

  18. 15 elc amx vs 15 togs

  19. dezgames would you show 15 shermans vs 15 M4. or 15 B1 vs 15 m3 lee. or ARL
    44 vs T29

  20. do 15 cromwell vs 15 cromwell B

  21. well why would you go in for a ramming charge with a light? ?

  22. Panther 8,8 vs panther II?

  23. Really epic cinematics…it was “fair” fight…

  24. Make 15 Wiesel with 30mm autocannon vs 15 M1A2 o(≧∇≦o) o(≧∇≦o) o(≧∇≦o)

  25. 15 spg vs 15 mauses going random directions

  26. 15 AMX 50Bs vs 15 T57 Heavies Please =))))

  27. Borsigs vs ISUs (15 cm and BL-10)

  28. jgpz e100 ve fv215b (183)

  29. 15 T-62As vs 15 Obj. 140s

  30. 15 artys vs 15 lights the lights are not alowed to shoot only ram

  31. lol Awesome!

  32. lol Awesome!

  33. Do T95 vs Wt auf 100

  34. 15 derp cromwells vs 15 derp cromwells

  35. Jagdpanzer E100 vs FV215b (183) EPIC!

  36. Suggestions:-IS vs KV-3-IS vs IS-2-Tiger vs Tiger P-E100 vs Maus (round 2
    angling allowed)-T57 vs AMX 50b (kinda unfair, 57’s win)-Indien Panzer vs
    Panther II-IS-7 vs IS-4-ST-I vs E-75 (round 2 angling allowed)-VK 45.02B vs
    E-75 (round 2 angling allowed)-T-54 vs Object 430 II-Firefly vs M4A3E8-T-95
    vs Tortoise-M4 (105mm) vs Panzer IV (105mm)-Tiger II vs VK 45.02A-Tiger vs
    Tiger P-GwPanther vs M12-Ferdinand vs Jagdpanther II-WT auf E100 (12,8) vs
    WT auf E100 (15)-Walker Bulldog vs T71-Leopard 1 vs AMX 30b-IS-7 vs Object
    There are more, but these are some ideas I came up with. I love this
    series, keep it up!

  37. 15 fv215b 183 vs 15 jeageru

  38. 15 Tigers vs. 15 IS tanks

  39. Good to know that you too can kill an E50M with your AMX 13 75… if it
    doesn’t shoot back.

    T95s vs Waffles next!

  40. Sir Osis of Liver

    I get as kick out of this series. Great work Dez.
    Now something serious. 15 Ducks versus 15 Lees. :-)

  41. +DezGamez 15 ha go’s vs 15 m3 Stuart’s

  42. what even? XD

  43. there are cheaters… who don’t ram before shoot. :/

  44. 15 t49s vs 15 su152s

  45. 1 hellcat vs. 29 pz. 2s or something

  46. Hey to a face off race of the fastest light vs light tank,Med vs Med, etc

  47. E3 vs E4 American TD

  48. you should do a rematch but have the e50s only have 2 rounds.

  49. Next one AMX40 vs Pz1c

  50. Arvin Dave Velasco

    hahaha.. epic as always :))

  51. IS-4s vs IS-7s

  52. Jageru vs Waffle Tractor

  53. 121 vs stb-1
    good luck finding those :)

  54. meds vs light why not T44 vs ltwt

  55. 15 amx 13 90s vs 15 t49s

  56. Keep this up!

  57. Awesome

  58. I feel like it would be more entertaining if these were actual battles and
    not just shooting at each other from across the field. This is good because
    we haven’t had anything like it before and I like it a lot but I am just
    putting in some input. Anyway, have a good Easter Dez and fellow Beasts!

  59. This was not a fair fight at all, it should be an even match.

  60. 15 Tiger 1’s vs 15 IS2

  61. E-50M vs. AT-2 ramming contest?

  62. Fv 183 vs jp e 100 plz

  63. Absolutely awesome as always!

  64. Could you try making artillery v artillery? (you could pick the different
    artillerys with what you think would be even)

  65. Dez that second round was like sharks going after their prey… Straight
    out of a horror movie!

  66. 15 E50M vs 15 AMX50B Ramming only

  67. 60 x 15 = 900 so that was 900 tons of german steel :D

  68. 15 o hos vs 15 kv4s?

  69. T62A vs Object 140
    Also, a suggestion on the title of this series: Game of the Gods

  70. 15 Maus vs 15 T110E5

  71. 15 Ferdinands vs 15 WT Borsigs

  72. JuiceboxVanHouten

    How about 15 FV215b 183’s Vs. 15 FV4005’s?

  73. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    15 Tigers vs 15 T29s. Pls like so this can happen.

  74. 15 M3 Lee’s vs 15 Grant’s!

  75. why e 50 m ‘ s dont shoot ar end???

  76. can you stop putting adds in the middle of your videos.plz

  77. What were the scores?

  78. well if the lights used their heads and ramed the e50ms from the side or
    the back not full spead onto them …

  79. JeanPierreRheinault

    15 Amx40 vs 15 B1

  80. E 50 M’s maneuverability is really bad. There were a couple of times where
    I could have carried the game, but due to the maneuverability of the tank,
    I couldn’t get out of the dangerous situations quick enough.

  81. starting at 6:00, E50Ms are just like killer whales in the sea chasing
    their prey

  82. This is like agar.io with tanks, lol :D

  83. it reminds me Mount and Blade somehow. when your army chasing some bandit
    at the end of the battle :D

  84. M4 vs Pz IV?

  85. 15 T49 vs 15 VK28.01 who is the scout king of derp?

  86. imagine if malinovka standard would play out like 2nd round… Damn!

  87. it is unfair but it’s very entertaining to watch
    I love it when tanks overpowered other tanks

  88. Please 15 T95s VS 15 T30s. Ou yea Please!

  89. 15 Pz. I C’s with the 40-shot MG vs. 15 WT auf E-100’s that are not allowed
    to shoot :P

  90. 15 centurion 7/1 vs 15 AMX 30

  91. 15 type 64 VS 15 cromwells….

  92. i have an interesting match idea….. 15 BC 25 t VS 15 TVP T 50/51… how
    about that dez??

  93. Any challenges coming up soon? Those are becoming one of my favourite
    series you have.

  94. pretty obvious who would win…

  95. this… this is rape!!! how could u!!! u even had a chaffee in there…

  96. MediocreMossburger

    round 1 made me think of like orcs (e50’s) vs dwarves (lights) or something

  97. This is stupid. No point what so ever. Of corse the e50ms are gonna fucking

  98. 1 maus vs 15 spi c tier seven lights

  99. Well… Was it supposed to be fair?

  100. Tortoise vs T95 its gonna be legendary

  101. 15 Obj140 VS 15 t62A

  102. My Idea:
    15 Type 5 Heavy’s vs. 15 Maus Tanks

  103. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Maus vs Type 5 Heavy!

  104. Please show tanks hp…

  105. I would like to see something like a light tank battle. Something like any
    tier 4 light or any tier 4/5 light, something like that. It’d be hilarious
    to see a bunch off Luchs, Leopards, ELCs, Chaffees, etc running around and
    then “higher” tiers like bulldogs or derp scouts

  106. 15 fv304 vs 15 fv304
    Allowed to shoot only on the move.

  107. next time, is3 vs tiger 2?

  108. Baptiste Bachelard

    15 T92 vs 15 WTFE100

  109. 15 Tortoises vs 15 T95’s

  110. Emiel van der Neut

    Do E100’s vs Type 5 heavys, or Type vs Maus. If that can be arranged

  111. Dynamite Mcnugget

    15 T29 vs 15 Tigers

  112. 15 elc vs 15 elc

  113. 15 amx cdc vs 15 t49

  114. 15 obj.268 vs 15 obj.263

  115. Good job man. At 9:00 You used the same clip for the second time ;)

  116. this one was kinda predictable who would win. still really amusing to watch

  117. worst video of these series…

  118. t29s vs tiger1s

  119. 15 t49s vs 10 waffentrager e100

  120. 15 maus vs 15 shotgun t92’s firing only AP

  121. 15 E3 vs 15 E4

  122. bogdan ioan Ignat

    the worst 15 vs 15

  123. do a 1 vs 15 match

  124. Could we see next time the hit points too ???

  125. See if 15 LT’s can ram one Mouse to death. That would be funny to watch.


  127. This was hilarious! Thanks for posting.

  128. 15 T37s vs 15 FV304s?

  129. Zaid Alsaadawi (GHØST)

    We need something fun to watch like deathstars vs jgpze100 or t92 artillery
    vs conqueror Gc or tier 1 tanks vs tier 10 artillery ? anyway this was a
    good video specially round 2 good job ✌?️

  130. this has been the funniest. like a bunch of cockroaches scurrying about lol

  131. 14 e50ms have to protect a t95 all the way across the map against 15 light

  132. e50 vs T54 or T54 mod next time

  133. 15 is7 vrs 15 is4

  134. Berts (FV304) vs ELCs

  135. 15 maus vs 15 e100, also obj140 and t62a


  137. 15 SU-100 vs 15 JagdPanzer IV’s :D

  138. Try to o this with 15 JgpzE100 vs 15 obj268


  140. Broby_WotProductions

    Good shit

  141. double thank to garthvader86? ^^

  142. replay somewhat buggy? pretty obvious at 8:35, and they say the game isnt
    broken, regardless the video was awesome

  143. sven Vander Bracht

    FV304 vs M44

  144. Dez I have a challenge for you for your challenge series:
    1) Drive a light tank
    2) Reach an enemy base in the first minute of the battle
    3) Survive the battle
    4) Finish in top 3 by exp in your team
    You can make it and I think once you would make it, the game would be
    pretty awesome to watch.. ;)

  145. Here’s my suggestion, 5 TOG iis versus 15 tier 4 light tanks

  146. I can imagine all those lights playing in full sniper mode..

  147. 30 ELC AMX’s against each other, it’d be pretty cool to see

  148. could u do 15 deaths stars vs 15 jagpanzer e100s

  149. let’s do 15 ru’s vs 15 t49

  150. ramming speed!!!!

  151. Martynas Paulavičius

    FV 304 VS M44 That would be fun :D

  152. ru 251 v amx 13 90 or t71 vs bulldog?

  153. 15 pz 4 h vs 15 m4 sherman

  154. 15 E-100 VS 15 Maus

  155. 15 tigers vs 15 T-34

    Tigers with short 88

  156. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    I still love the intro <3 best one so far! Keep it up Dez ;)

  157. Type 5 heavy vs Maus

  158. How about E50M vs IS7 ramming battle on that newish low tier map with the
    hills facing eachother

  159. do 15 A-20 vs 15 M5 Stuarts!

  160. @DezGamez how about tortoise’s vs t95’s??

  161. Bartłomiej Stadnik

    15x Leo 1 vs 15x amx 30 b

  162. E100 vs Maus

  163. 15 IS vs 15 Tiger

  164. 1 maus vs 15 artillery

  165. Me when I get one shotted by Arty

    ┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) IT’S UNFAIR!
    ┻━┻ ︵ \(‘0’)// ︵ ┻━┻ THOSE FILTHY CLICKERSSSSS
    ಠ_ಠ dude…
    ಠ_ಠ It’s
    ಠ__ಠ a
    ಠ___ಠ game

  166. have one where its just tier 10 artillery from different nations! :)

  167. T34 vs panzer 4h

  168. 15 heavys(angled) vs 15 tds?

  169. Pretty unfair imo.

  170. Noice brahz!

  171. eeee-55500000

  172. first and i like it

  173. yeey:D

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