► World of Tanks: Farming Simulator 2016 – Summer Edition

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to show you World of Tanks newest DLC – “Farming Simulator 2016”, played by “kropa20”.

This crazy how badly one team can communicate in one battle.



  1. SEA server is the most suited habitat for enemy team the jtiger face,the
    number of yolo tomato player is high there

  2. lowe or is6 or t34 ??

  3. Bloody sensational battle…..

  4. The best TW i’ve ever seen, BUT the minus is that the jagdtiger should give
    the “waffle” and top gun also, but I understand, jagdtiger had to before
    they were killed, #wotawsomeness

  5. It was a good war.

  6. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    yeah, uploed more farming similator vids!

  7. the enemy team is totally stupid to get those 2 TDs
    what a no brain team! run to get damaged without do any damages

  8. so…WT does 1/3rd the damage….but gets more than half of a jadtigers XP.

    3000 damage….1000 xp
    9000 damage….only 800 more xp.

    one would think it would be 3000 xp…

    guess they start to taper off the rewards to keep us grinding…

  9. Dang it i just realized i missed the x5 bonus….

  10. I think i was that a-44 :D

  11. wish i had more enemys like that every match :(

  12. Fuzzcopter I like tigers


  13. That’s very great replay .well done. dz you’re cool man thumb up:)

  14. Mokhtar Mohamed

    cmon dez! u made me sad :-‘( thats why this time u said “High Caliber” and
    not “High Caleeeber” :-D

  15. 6:50 is3 hit the waffenträger’s gun :D

  16. did that JT have the ferdi short 128mm cause those damage rolls? doesn’t
    that long 128 hits for 560 didnt see a single roll that averaged.

  17. You said that kap_651 was a gentleman because he let kropa20 get his 6th
    kill for his top gun. But I notice that kropa20 wasn’t such a gentleman as
    he could have allowed kap_651 to also get his top gun.

  18. I clicked on this video thinking it was gonna be a parody of the trailer
    for Farming Simulator: 2016 but instead of cinematic scenes of tractors
    plowing fields, it would tanks plowing fields.

  19. Hey I have played WOT for a couple of months now and I kinda f*ck up
    everything.I start off with one tank and after a few battles I sell it if I
    don’t like it but I do that all the time and it sucks I cannot start with a
    tank and stick with it for the grind but if the grind is shit and hard the
    that is big problem but the Question is should I scratch all that and sell
    all tanks and start with a completely new Tech tree and which Tech tree
    would you recommend ( for an average player)

  20. Clarence Constantino

    so if that jagdtiger was farming damage all game…
    shouldn’t he be called…

    A jagdtraktor?

  21. Bojan Arambasic

    crucial contribution, wasted :P

  22. Just unreal!

  23. I need a new computer but I don’t earn any money yet or have any since I am
    training to be in the army I left the police force to be in the army

  24. I need a new computer but I don’t earn any money yet or have any since I am
    training to be in the army I left the police force to be in the army

  25. Best Channel on Youtube!

  26. speaking of helping team mates, pls check out my lovely game, this is how
    people should play, he let me get the top gun, respect to players like this
    🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTiPwX7Yc48

  27. I love your channel

  28. sell all your premium tanks:d, thats was epic:d

  29. 2 shots 1 kill xD

  30. Must be mynipulated mm…pl bots,no arty..

  31. Bartek Kosowski

    what a tank?

  32. warping sons of bitches …. you can not hit them cause server is sending
    the out and then pulling them back with a G force of 16G. :(

  33. nice dez!! closing in on 100k subs 🙂 congrats!

  34. I had the same exact game except I was a tier 7 in a tier 9 game and it was
    a 2v10 and didn’t get on wtf

  35. Thanks for the vid, as always. Amazing lack of coordination on the part of
    the enemy team.


    Dude, what is your native language? Your English is great, but my not being
    able to identify your accent is driving me nuts. You sound like a Dutch
    speaker, certainly not a speaker of any slavic language, I’m dying to know.

  36. Beautiful gameplay and teamwork!

  37. Brandon Puntalba

    Awesome vid Dez

  38. f “Tier Z” vD

    @1:51 German tanks aren’t known for their accuracy. The Jagdtiger hardly
    differs. If you want accuracy, I suggest the Russian tech tree. The KV2 and
    ISU-152 are among the most accurate tanks in the game. The T49 in the
    American tech tree is also highly accurate and most players use it to
    shotgun at various distances despite it being an artillery.

  39. First shot was ghost shell? :D

  40. Why can’t this happen to me? I always get a Wolfpack around me when I’m
    next to last. Oy vey!

  41. So Dez. What you got played for July 4th? :D

  42. the jg tiger should have let the wf suf jg pz IV get the kill on person in
    cap so they would have both got top guns

  43. Dez i have a 2060 base xp game in my t-34-3 should i send it to you?

  44. 0:00 Spinning in your chair?

  45. He could’ve gotten a Crucial…

  46. well i WAS going to send you a 1650 base muts game…. lol yauktigre show

  47. Matthew Polansky

    woke up
    saw the x5 xp
    activated xp booster
    lost 5 games in a row
    lost the xp booster
    won the next game while doing 0 damage
    got 1000 xp

    I’m dead.

  48. watching the first half of the game…
    yep, that’s how I got ace tanker in my Ferdinand.
    hold a flank, let them come, free food
    did 5k dmg
    but I still lost that game.

  49. Get rid of that Jagdtiger, replace it with a KV-2, 100% hit and pen chance.

  50. Sadly, not the worse pub I’ve seen

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