► World of Tanks: Fastest 6K+ Damage with T49 – T49 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Today you are actually going to see 2 battles in one episode, because this first one super fast. Over 6,000 damage done with T49, in under 5 minutes… Pretty crazy!

► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/:
– ES_Majesty 1 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 2 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 3 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 4 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 5 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Back To Black 1 – Victor Ohlsson
– ES_Back To Black 2 – Victor Ohlsson



  1. marius ungurusan

    crovojnik is croo+ woi+ nik it means croatian sildier

  2. Im not cookie monster

    I really like the music layout in this video, good job, keep it up man :)

  3. second player nick is CRO VOJNIK 7 or CRO SOLDIER 7

    he is from croatia like me… ?

    great videos by the way

  4. what is the intro beat/song ?

  5. I love how he put: ‘carried’ in the chat. But he didn’t carry at all

  6. pronounce the j as y … CRO VOYNIK

  7. furkanmert ŞENTÖREGİL

    hi dez . how ı can send my replay? can u give your gmail to me?

  8. I got one shot with full hp by that tank , hate it ?

  9. Hey dez, guess what?!

  10. dez big up you’re a champ. cheers! keep it up

  11. Cro-vo-nyik

  12. hey you stole music from leafy!!!!

  13. Dez, you love T49, I love you.

  14. patryk01 Kścziuczek01

    Nice :)

  15. under 2679 club!

  16. “RU kidding me?,, -DezGamez 2016

  17. You say penetrating shot.. Isnt he using HE ammo? To my knowledge HE
    explode on impact and do not do penetration.. AP and APCR can penetrate
    armor, HEAT penetrate and explode, HE just explode on impact.. Or am i Way
    off on this?

  18. Dat moment when u hear T49 unzipping his pants behind you.

  19. Мy favorite tank t49.Epic troll.I have 5 skills and female crew.Sometimes
    is hard to play,but sometimes is awesome.When the RNG god’s say no,nothing
    can stop them.Last week i manage to get the second mark of excellence.

  20. Still to many ads….

  21. the tunnel vision in the second one…..

  22. Thx for vid, you make my weekend light up 🙂 :D

  23. The same games I had in my T49…..never

  24. What is the song You used????

  25. Crazy Cro Gamer :

    You really butchered the name but nevermind I’m happy bcs someone from my
    country was in your video

  26. T49 is good but extremely hard to play (trust me I have it) but very

  27. If I were to record a game using my game cap card for my xbox one in a wot
    game. Would you watch it?

  28. Hey Dez, finally my fav tank here again 😀 And for second replay, nick is
    Crovojnik7, which is from Croatia, that’s what “Cro” stands for, and vojnik
    – translate – solder…so there you have it, two words into one nick, hope
    i helped, stay good…

  29. ahahahhaha

  30. It means Croatian Soldier, but he wrote his name on croatian language, Cro
    vojnik (vojnik=soldier) Finally someone from my country i can’t belive!

  31. t 49 op

  32. Vytenis Kajackas

    I had 24% wr today :(

  33. For the next face off want to see Type 5 heavy against E100 or Maus pls 🙂
    thx Dez ! You’re great !

  34. That was aawwwwwwwwwwwwwsooomeee :3

  35. Crovojnik means cro =Croatia. vojnik = soldier

  36. who uses a camo net and binos on a t49

  37. PlaceFor Retards

    finally some replay by balcanian

  38. What is the music between the
    transitions? :P

  39. beast light tank

  40. 54 minutes in…. Why am I late :(?

  41. This replay makes me want to take my T49 for some ride :D

  42. Kristoffer Johansson

    That T30 kill sound, lol!

  43. Sup Dez are you reacting to this? Probably not.

  44. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    5:50 It’s pronounced “Krovoynik”

  45. ForgottenFighter

    Dez, love your content. Gameplay and editing are always great. I feel
    however your commentary could improve a lot, as I find myself leaving
    videos early because of the lack of interesting/informative things you have
    to say as you seem to simply regurgitate what happens onscreen.

  46. It’s Cro (like Croatia) vojnik (soldier) 7, I mean, I am from Serbia but I
    know Croatian language lol :P

  47. T49 my fave

  48. it is Cro VoYnik when you read, means Croatian Soldier

  49. t49 may be epic tank. but it is not stronk tenk like kv-2

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