► World of Tanks: FCM 50T – 14 KILLS… WOW!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks FCM 50T Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FCM 50T Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Yet another epic battle episode, this time featuring one of the luckiest replays that I have seen… 14 kill, 5,5k damage done, in tier 8… Do I need to say anything else? 😀



  1. first of all, i love you videos, secondly, according to the art of war, you
    can only secure yourself from defeat but it is your enemy that opens up to
    your victory, this replay is a great display of that! i have a suggestion,
    M4 vs PZ4, durp vs durp standard gun vs standar gun and durp vs standard
    gun, of course i love my pz4 with derp, but the m4 wasn’t that bad either.

  2. Raseinei or whatever it is medal is on the right side if I was taught
    correctly at pre school

  3. Great video Dez, keep making great content

  4. That gux doesn’t like firing HE, does he?

  5. “if you ask me”, not “if you ask from me”. friendly advice. continue epic
    work, Dez, you da man!

  6. seems that AMX was distracting the remaining enemy arty at the end so the
    FCM could get the kills. What a little champ & he deserve honorbru mention.

  7. That Super Pershing pen was in its machine port (a little place where there
    is no spaced armour and a little gun is ) btw look at that weak spot in
    your teammate SP… helps a lot.

  8. who needs a team right?

  9. ouch…epic

  10. the way dez pronounces chaffee makes me throw up

  11. OMG, somebody from SEA actually got a chance to show off on your vids
    dez…… well just an info he’s an aussie player

  12. Thanks for the commentary, it was a 1 in a million game, i admit i got
    super lucky

  13. SP’s mashingun’s port is weak poin, Dez

  14. What Are the odds QB and dez both uploaded 14 kill games in one day? How…

  15. what would you say cdc oder mod 1

  16. also helps to have a team of potatoes

  17. Well, he cant realy complain about his low-rolls…

  18. Shot on SuperPershing was with an APCR round in the machine port

  19. you know that cdc and fcm can pen super p in his low plate???? i know
    becouse i have cdc

  20. Chris_The_Autotech

    Really well played, epically lucky!!! Wow, your right Dez, Zenhatter really
    did play exceptionally well, his positioning was on point and his target
    selection was beautiful. But that epic positioning man, wow, wish I could
    have a game like this!! Was so weird to see his team get crushed into such
    a small last stand kinda moment and Zenhatter shot his way out of there
    like a true champ, and the arty omg the arty! Lmao, this game certainly
    belongs in the halls of greatness, solo many epic moments! Wow

  21. nvm he isI want to know him now 😛 My friend well used to 😛 *DK* is in
    pyroBtw my account is Alspug2 :P

  22. Blacky6969 Matija

    Super Pershing was penetrated in the machine gun on the upper plate

  23. is this done on SEA?I thought PYRO was a clan on Asia server/ SEA

  24. Go PYRO go!!!

  25. Lol I played 3 games in a row with this guy and lost them all and then I
    see this hahaha.

  26. Oneshots, oneshots everywhere

  27. That pighunt in the end XD

  28. SEA

  29. SEA

  30. 14kills and 5555 dmg….lucky dude :D

  31. Damn son!

  32. Epic battle! Just correct the description of the video,cause this one is
    from Grille’s video!

  33. He pen that SuperPershing in the little hole for the machinegun, that is
    actually a weak point.

  34. A replay that came from the SEA server. :v

  35. standard mm for t8 tank is t10 match with at least 7 t10 on each side

  36. chaffee just went full retard mode

  37. First I don’t have knowledge about other servers but I’d like to bring up
    the matter of slow and low numbered servers in the NA. Full of newbies and
    one sided platoon teams. Not bitter just concerned have you seen this on
    the EU?

  38. and i thouth that quickybaby can’t pronounce “raseiniai medal” XD
    (lithuanian city names or the whole language where noone can pronounce a
    word from it)

  39. Jesus…This really was A thing of Luck indeed. A good amount of skill and
    the right calls being made help as well but this was still LUCKY as hell!

  40. I love you Dez

  41. Can you show of you graphics in a video??

  42. EPIC

  43. This video deserve a LIKE from me !

  44. He penned the super pershing in the my port

  45. I hit like before I get to watch the video

  46. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Would love to have such a game in mine… always get only about 2.6k dmg…

  47. Good video. But this guy has already post his video to other channel. So i
    have seen already. But you have more discruption in it. So i love your
    video more

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