► World of Tanks: Fearless ISU-152, Highest Damage & EXP – Giveaway Day 2 – Past #10

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Best Of All Time.

Today you are going to see the highest damage and experience game ever uploaded to Wotreplays.com. This BL-10 gun, on tier tank destroyer is simply devastating and ruthless, check it out!

And good luck to everyone once again, because today I am actually going to give away 2 prizes! What are those prizes and what you have to do, to be able to win? Check out the video!

Played by: Marcin_Czougista
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/313075#stats



  1. Fiery Salient
    Boogeyman44 EU

  2. Favorite Map: Lakeville
    Username: jrnaalund
    Server: EU

  3. favorite map malinovka
    username: Goly19, EU server

  4. My favourite map is Steppes since it feels like one of the most dynamic
    ones to me.
    User: ITALUX
    Server: EU

    If I win the SU100Y feel free to give it to someone else, as I already have
    it. Again, congrats on achieving your sub goal!

  5. my favourite map is el haluf because i like camping like a boss B)
    USERNAME: ErmoupoliHermel EU

  6. Hi Dez, keep up the good work! 🙂
    Favorite map: Sand River cuz good snipes and high dmg games with Rhm 😀
    WoT Username: appfigueira Server: EU

  7. My Favorite Map was and is always Dragon Ridge, I wish it would come back.
    I had so much fun playing arty on that map. User Name: davidgts Server:NA

  8. Favorite map: Himmelsdorf cause it is a town map and there is no that much
    open areas so you can hide anywhere Username: steven110011 server: EU

  9. my favorite map is mines.
    today I nominate my brother (username: scullsglory Server: EU) because it
    should be a christmas present (in case we win)

  10. Favorite map: Sand river
    Username: _Ch1cken
    Server: EU

  11. Favourite map: mines
    Server: EU
    Name: benh2001

  12. Favorite Map: Paris
    Name: koekieguy
    Server: EU

  13. Favorite map: Ensk
    Why? because it has city and open areas and provides opportunities.
    Username: kamikaze1004
    Server: SEA

  14. My favorite map is Prokorovka because I enjoy raining death from above onto
    the enemy tanks.
    Username: sirkakababu
    Server: EU

  15. Favorite map: Mines because is the best if you win the hill is easy win
    Nickname: PABRAMAR
    Server: EU

  16. Favorite map: Derpinberg
    Username: Keio000, EU server

  17. fav map prokhorovka
    user tenchi84
    sever eu

  18. Favorite maps is overlord because the beach is 100 % to victory.
    Lussauttaja_Geijo, Eu Server.

  19. hello dez my fav map is himmelsdorf name:newkid993 EU

  20. my favourite map is malinovka, very good for scouting, love it. Username:
    Improved_skill / server: EU

  21. my favorite map was seaport but now highway because epic camp spots
    username: Lakwaxd server EU

  22. favorite map: himmelsdorf, because i love the t32 which is quite nice at
    the hill.
    username: patsta
    server: EU

  23. My favourite map in WoT is Campinovka,just kidding it s Ensk raso2000 NA

  24. favourite map prochorovka because it’s well balanced map for every tank
    nickname michu2012 EU server

  25. Anonymous Is Watching You

    Hi Dez,


    My favorite map in WoT is: Himmelsdorf because i always get over 4000
    damage and i like to sidescrape and bounce everything thats where i get my
    HeavyTank mission 15 with 6k damage blocked…

  26. My favourite map is Malinovka because is good scouting map.
    Username: Lord_of_Games_1st
    Server: EU

  27. My favourite map is Sand River in assault mode because it feels evenly
    balanced and has great opportunities for any type of play. Gutheric, EU

  28. LT_Borg lakeville I like the challenge ?

  29. my favourite map is mines
    username: buxichamps
    server: EU

  30. congratulations on 100k keep up the good work! my favourite map is
    prokhorovka because the epic active and passive scouting, martinkrisztian
    from the EU server

  31. best map west field I think it’s the most balances at the moment. username
    hallsout. sea server

  32. malinovka or prokhorovka, because scouting is awesome and love to play
    lights 🙂 username raipen_rankkitynnyri, eu server

  33. Favourite Map: Ruinberg, because I got my first Kolobanovs’s there, it
    happened yesterday actually, in Pz. II J ?
    Username: jochendenhaese2002
    Server: EU

  34. Favourite map:Paris

  35. fav map: prokhorovka
    username: kecman32
    server: EU

  36. Map: Siegfried line, like fighting there with heavies
    username: marko5kovic
    server: eu

  37. himolsdorf because really good for heavy tanks ganny12 Na server

  38. Fav map: ruinberg
    Hello yutub!!!

  39. Favourite map : redshire
    Why ? : great arty and sniping
    Username: manstein555
    Server : eu

  40. Map: Ruinberg … best map for all classes of tanks
    User: KapachoBG , EU Server

  41. Himmelsdorf because i get to use my armour
    ChetD (asia sever)

  42. Favorite map is Mines, its compact and great fun to play at any tier,
    username: BigFootPRD server: EU

  43. Nice gameplay favorite Tank T34

  44. Favourite map: Malinovka, because i every time get many assistant damage
    and personal damage
    Username: White__Eagle
    Server: EU

  45. My favorite map is Provence ! Starting from the north position i loved to
    go far left and into the dip. Remember that? Username: TangoBgmg7 Server :

  46. Love the BL10 in the ISU-152.
    Favorite map: Prokhorovka. Great chances to scout and snipe (if team doesnt
    sit at the back and camp…).
    Nostromo_WY, EU server

  47. favorite Map mines
    username lol_35760
    eu server

  48. map: airfield. it’s very fun to playing with my autoloader mediums and
    light tanks.
    username: nero995
    server : SEA

  49. My favorite map is probably Ensk. I don’t know why I like it so much but I
    just manage to get damn good games in it with any type of tank 😀 username:
    Seweri, server: EU

  50. Dez, what happens if we play on consle do we have a chance to win prizes?

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