► World of Tanks: “F**k You, Hero!” – E-50 Ausf. M and Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today I am going to give you some live gameplay action! Let’s ram some tanks with “E-50 Ausf. M” and let’s activate “Hero Mode” with “Bat.-Chatillon 25t”.



  1. omfg and the arty sed f** u omfg kf him and his mum fucking morons arty

  2. i did the first 2 days of playing my centurion AX but soon realized i was
    not going to put enough hours in . i only got 35k damage done in 2 days .
    and why is it that us on EU server have to work for it and other servers
    get it free

  3. Best……4502B……….EVER!!!!! E50M OP confirmed!

  4. Is that VK doing the HE challenge?

  5. Shoot the turret front on a VK45 B. Easier than hiting the cupola.

  6. I hated that HT that you call “”The best tier 9 HT””!!! I think i have just
    40%WR and 25% survivle in it! Its not a bad tank, but i was soooo unlucky
    with it! I get maaaaany one shots by arty in that tank! Oh, and set on fire
    is like every battle!

  7. At 4:25 you sound like Dr. Zoidberg :P

  8. hey Dez can you make a video on Leopard 2 the Tier 7 ?

  9. all those big ass bitches that wouldn’t rush the corner against the obj 704
    uninstall plz >:P

  10. “Hold my beer guys” LOL Thanks for the laughs and the great vids Dez! +1

  11. so many centurion ax

  12. Family member died Monday. It’s been a hard week so far. But I at least
    have something to make me smile so thanks for that Dez.

  13. world of tanks generals please dezgamez

  14. I do just fine with my manual fire extinguishers. Nothing worse than being
    gangbanged at the end of a game and being set on fire with no health and
    your auto extinguisher just gives someone else the kill.

  15. As always one of youtuber of WOT. Nice video 🙂 Maybe I will meet you in
    the EU server one day :)

  16. favorite youtuber ! keep up the great work and awesome content !

  17. “You just got raaamed, across the ass my friend.” “Oooooooh”

  18. That set 2 fires mission took me about 2 months lol.

  19. I’m faster with a manual fire extinguisher than a auto one.

  20. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Any tips for Bc.25t future player? I am half way through to unlock it and I
    really enjoy Lorr.40t :D

  21. Is there a place to figure out what the fastest reload is you can get on a
    tank using equipment and skills?

  22. WORLD OF WARSHIPS its been ages 🙁 please do one its been for eva man

  23. e50-m is baos
    though i stopped playing wot since i play AW now….

  24. best commentary in W.o.T, great work Hero.

  25. Thumbs up. 🙂 And smile

  26. i hate the centurion action x it gets ammo racked constantly its getting
    the fuck out of my garage as soon as this event is over it is such a ball
    ache to play it gets ammo racked more than the leo pta to give you an idea
    of how annoying it is youd think all the modules had 1 health its so bad

  27. im too cheap for auto fire extingusher

  28. LOL Dez you should have rammed that AMX 30 B 😀 at least it turned out good
    for you

  29. Keep up the incredible work Dez keep the bros proud.

  30. Dez Do u like Estonian Flags or are u just from EST?!

  31. Dez I have to study! Don’t do this to me haha

  32. 104 views in 8 mins. wow that is Beastly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go dez go

  33. keep up the great work Dez, love you

  34. Hey there random passer-by, how was your day today?

  35. FIRST

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