► World of Tanks: From France, With Autoloaders! – AMX 50 120 & AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks AMX 50 120 Gameplay Review. AMX 50B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Feeling a bit bad, but I had to upload today, because you didn’t see any videos from me yesterday.
Enjoy some with french tanks, AMX 50 120 and AMX 50B!

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  1. Tough games, but why do you hate rocks so much 😉 all good.

  2. THANKS AGAIN SHIP!! I received my prize last evening, WarGaming DID give me
    the Gold! So my GREATEST thanks to you and to WG!

    I was a bit worried there, as is my life, I bought the Blyskawica while on
    sale (really good deal on NA, $38 got me the ship, slot, 2500 gold, 7 days
    premium, and 50x Zulu, Equal Speed, and India Bravo) – because it was only
    going to be in the shop for a total of 9 days, which ended over a week ago,
    and then I WIN ONE! LOL!

    Well at least now I have the gold I REALLY need for both premium time, and
    4k gold will get me 100k convert! THANK YOU!

    Also, LOVE your videos, seriously! As someone below me said; You are EASILY
    my favorite WOT YouTube Channel! I LOVE your World of Warships videos too –
    just you don’t seem to be doing them as often as before, so while you ARE
    among my favorite WOWS content creators, you don’t cover that game quite as
    much as you used to.

    Not complaining at all, but I WOULD enjoy a bit more WOWS coverage is all!
    Anyway GREAT WORK! And so long as people keep spreading word of your
    channel, I do NOT doubt that you will hit 100k by new year 2016!

  3. Oh forgot to say it’s a pity when your sixth sense icon lights up you don’t
    get a sound that says bananas!!

  4. Thanks for your uploads fella,I really enjoy them.

  5. Why hasn’t Dez got more subs?…..he’s wayyy better than Jingles…hmm

  6. you could RAM that T110E5 at the end ;-)

  7. Could you upload some gameplay with not so popular tanks?

  8. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    How can I call you when I meet you in the battle?

  9. Awesome video Dez, keep up the good work!

  10. @dezgamez do you think the french autos are worse than the american autos?

  11. Keep it up and get better soon! :)

  12. Dez is sick! Intravenous coffee drip engaged!!

  13. Saltiest player in the world look at chat when Dez gets to his spot.

  14. Keep it up bro!

  15. DEZ = MVP

  16. Dez where are you from?

  17. French tanks, never fired and only drive in reverse.

  18. Great games Dez hope u feel better man. Any chance u can show us some
    Gameplay of M103 as i am grinding through that tank at the moment wouldnt
    mind some tips or hints on how to play it better.

  19. I would love to get these high tier french heavies but I absolutely hate
    the ARL 44 and the AMX M4 looks like the biggest piece of crap amongst
    tier7 heavies

  20. That salty IS 7 in the game

  21. Dez, are you streaming nowadays or planning in redoing it? I actually loved
    them (the streams)! & the coffe too as much as you!

  22. Dez u are my favourite WoT youtuber,just stay Awesome,and take Care !??

  23. That “Dan te jebo” under 6th sence on Serbian language means Day Fucks you
    😀 haha

  24. Keep up the great work Dez loving your vids

  25. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Hi Dez! :D

  26. nice!:D

  27. Aluah Akbar

  28. First!

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