► World of Tanks: From Russia, With Everything… T-10 & IS-7 in Action!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Series.

Tank from Russia comes with everything – Speed, armor, firepower… In today’s live episode I am going to play with tier 9 and fast soviet heavy tank – and IS-7.

Let’s try to get some victories on board!



  1. +DezGamez GET REKT 420 LIKES

  2. Love seeing that battle result screen!!! Those girls!!!! Hehehehehe

  3. anotherrandomtexan25

    I bet that e5 driver is going to go to the forums and complain about the
    lack if armor…

  4. 113 or 121 ?

  5. Get better man and nice of you to show losses as well. Not many do that.

  6. #bringbacktheolddezintro

  7. Hey Dez! Love your Youtube channel. How can I get your female Victory mod?
    See you on the battle field!!!

  8. saying a prayer that you feel better, great episode as usual

  9. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    T10 and Armor? 😀 uhm no

  10. good vid

  11. Your voice is amazing, have you ever done radio or voiceovers?? I am
    retired and am traveling allot, if I ever get to Estonia, could we meet so
    I could buy you Coffee and cinnamon buns…or a beer??

  12. Can we see some Rhm B- Wt gameplay?


  14. That e5 was total noob

  15. what was the mod that showed stats in the notifications?

  16. Cheers groover, get well soon, I sent you a good light tank replay … what
    is up with that. 😉
    Sgt_Fuzzy_Bootz, 8K assist and personal damage, 1510xp

    Love your vids, Carry on and comment 😉

    Thoughts on:
    20% premium ammo limits.
    The disadvantage smaller crews have with skills and perks. My E50 crew can
    get vision perks long before the same light tank like the SP1C. E50
    commander and loader can start Situation Awareness and Recon long before
    the SP1C Commander can.
    So the smaller the crew the bigger the skills and perk disadvantage, light
    tanks feel the pain the most.

  17. Thanks for the video Dez really appreciate the work you put in to keep us
    entertained :)

  18. Dez r u from Estonia ?? :]

  19. Great vid as usual

  20. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Good old IS-7. Glad you didn’t forgot it!

  21. I thought the is7 is underpowered because I was doing good against them but
    when I drove it is loved it
    only problem is the weak ammorack

  22. Woohoo. I just got the IS7 and wanted to see a video on it, are you psycic
    or something Dez?

  23. get better mate

  24. Can you do SLOW soviet power? IS-4?

  25. WTF? Noob E5

  26. Today i do 8k dmg and 6k dmg blocked with is7 and i did the ht15 :))

  27. Get well soon. Take one complete T110E5 a day until you’re feeling better.

  28. Great job Dez, I dont know why you dont have as many subs as Jingles or
    Quicky, you are at least as entertaining as them, more so in fact. I
    especially loved your arty video, too flipping funny!

  29. Hu Dez, wish feel better.
    Two nice films, its nice you up not just with winning but any way there is
    a good way to loose and know you did everything to try.
    T10 is really aewsome tier nine and can be really highroll if you combine
    the mobility and his accurate gun.
    Nice play indeed with IS7, this kind of nice teamates that take advantage
    and play aggrsive.

  30. No arty ??? Goddammit ! How can you play a fun game in WOT this days ???

  31. Take care of yourself Dez. Drink some Lemon tea with honey and eat some
    eggs and toast. I would rather you just take a day off but if making a
    video makes you feel better then alright.

  32. how is it that i can take down is-7 with my tiger 2 and not t-10?
    if i find a replay i will post.

  33. Dez, what mods do you use? The XVM one, and the one that displays your
    performance statistics in the notifications (12:14)?

  34. heres the reason why that 110 didnt move:
    tier 10 , still an idiot.

  35. Only tenk to play is Soviet tenk.Soviet tenks are stronkest tenks!

  36. I did a little over 3,000 damage in my M4A3E2 today.I love that tank.

  37. I like the new opening!!!

  38. If IT was not the premium shells that spoiled the game……. how funny IT
    would Be to play IS-7…….

  39. how many marks of excellence do u have on your is7?

  40. Great video, Dez

  41. Still beating the crap out of that keyboard!

  42. What a 110E5 Player in the second Match….mjam mjam
    He forgot that he has to go Hull-down and not Hull-up….haha
    The Enemy Team is only ok, as long as u are not in it.

  43. Hope you feel better, and shake this thing off!

  44. that E5 bot so lame!

  45. enjoyed this a lot do another video on the strv love that tank

  46. Get well soon

  47. nice video. keyboard sound is back though :)

  48. Holy shit that 6th sense eye icon is awful.

  49. Том и Джерри 1

    what the tank’s coutry is strongest ?????

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