► World of Tanks: From The Past – Patch 8.5 – Object 268 was Epic! [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

268 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Old Replays.

This is a pilot episode for my newest series in World of Tanks. the moment it is called From The Past, maybe I am going to change it if you have any names for it!

This is more than 3 years old, from patch 8.5, and is played by “Craeze” in his Object 268, which back in the days was epic!

Let me know how you if you would like to see more!



  1. Your English is good!

  2. nowadays sadly WarGaming only removes maps,releases premium tanks and
    really doing nothing but going richer…Major issues with the game persist
    despite complaints from major streamers,CC’s and regular joe’s WG WP

  3. Blast From the Past

  4. You really have to show some of the games with the old match maker or the
    tier 10 arty parties.

  5. Ohh yeah, show us some replays in the old Panzer 4 back in the days when
    the thing had the Schmalturm and the 75mm L70, was for a long time my most
    played tank ever!


  7. This is a really cool series idea can’t wait for the next one :)

  8. maybe

  9. I think this tank was the reason I started playing the line…still havent

  10. past and the furious….

  11. Great vid, do the Foch 155 !

  12. back to the future ?

  13. I miss those sounds like…
    ‘we’ve hit them hard’ , ‘we nailed them bad’, ‘we’ve lit them good’, ‘….
    finished them off’, ‘we’ve just dinged’em’

    Bring them back WG.

  14. I fking miss this map :(

  15. I think that OP camping platform is why the map was removed. Unfair for the
    other team as that spot could basically overwatch the whole map and you’d
    often see whole teams just camp there and win.

  16. Dez you should do tank reviews!

  17. i think its a great seriers…give us some old old replays!

  18. what is your first language?

  19. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    we need the Heshgasm… the power of it was OP O.o

  20. Dez you should put up a KV replay for the next episode.

  21. Maybe the name can be: Some Old Tanks 🙂 so?

  22. Dez, will you make more Heroes & Generals videos? I loved those :P

  23. Hey Dez do Dragon Ridge map and Komarin 😀 also are you willing to accept
    our replays for this series?

  24. Nice idea for a new series Dez, but what I am wondering is how you played
    those replays? Can you explain that to me?!

  25. How about a pre-8.6 arty replay? One with the usual 5+ arty pr side :P

  26. Good old times, when artillery mattered.

  27. An IS-4 as tier 9 for the next episode ?

  28. Back in the days… I started playing this game when the games version was

  29. Please do a game with the map Nortwest and Hidden Village. I miss those
    maps so much :'(

  30. there’s some great suggestions for the title of this series so i wont even
    try for that. but may i suggest showcasing tanks that no longer exist that
    took advantage of the lact of physics or some other form of exploitation…
    the mt 25 comes to mind.. cheers and wp Dez.

  31. KV vs tier 10s. Fun times

  32. t-50-2 hype

  33. i finally uninstalled the game, the stress from the game is getting to
    me…its not goot dez

  34. I demand some WT auf E 100 and KV-1S action(the old one)

  35. Every replay is from the past ;-)

  36. crap, those old graphics look better than my computer on 9.15

  37. what map is this?


    What country are you from I can’t figure out the accent?

  39. ahh this map, the best c:

  40. Tears in my eyes, I see maps again I’m realy missing. Thx Dez.

  41. I am soooo fucking glad they removed that shitty camping map…

  42. the old school times

  43. Jaylin The LaxBro

    What’s his first language?

  44. Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you’re shit

  45. Great idea in my opinion, the good old times ?

  46. Skeletons from the Closet? :)

  47. blast from the past

  48. nice idea, blast from the past. specially from map that WG have been

  49. Got any replays of when the Type 59 first came out before it was nerfed to

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