► World of Tanks: Full HAM Mode, Top Gunz! – Object 140 & M48A1 Patton Epic Action

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object Gameplay. World of Tanks M48A1 PattonGameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today you are going to see 2 really epic live games that I had this morning. I did not know which tanks should I take out today and I decided to pick tier 10 mediums. And oh boy, I was not wrong!
Jump in and take a look what epic action you are going to see with Object 140 and M48A1 Patton!

I am also some Patch 10.0 episodes, take a look at them.

List of important changes with the first stage of testing in Patch 10.0:
– New version of Rampage + two new maps
– PvE tutorial for new players
– Viewing system revamp
– Centurion added as a replacement for the FV4202*
– FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII Premium tank
– More tanks reworked for HD
– Changes in the US tech trees for some low-Tier vehicles
– Added a mission for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*
– Added Škoda T 40 and M4 Revalorisé for testing

Enjoy the !


  1. camped that hill hard.

  2. When is the next RNGesus? just wondering.

  3. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    Nice games but a kv-2 in a tier 10 match why do people do this?

  4. Do you have an e-100? You seem to like your meds and -E5 more than heavies.
    Are there any tanks in your garage that haven’t been shown? Just
    suggestions, keep it up

  5. sweet work :)

  6. do the triptiz for world of warship pplzzz

  7. Excellent games Dez!

  8. Nice Vid Dez, keep em coming

  9. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft

    Who like ham?

  10. just bought a Bat-Chat 25t. aced it in my 6th battle whit almost 6k dmg
    done :). do u have any tips for it? and what equipment do you recommend for

  11. I’m so sick of seeing the obj 140 all the time. before everybody freaks
    out, i dont mean this directly to dez, just something i see. great vid bdw

  12. Very nice situational awareness defending the base. Bit of a heart breaker

  13. Another High Quality upload with great commentary. Thank you

  14. Love me, Dez!

  15. 1:02 nice shot m8

  16. “Stay awesome and – sexy…” lol – you just spitball the ending commentary,
    don’t you Dez!!

  17. (To the AMX…)

  18. I loove seeing Patton games, not a lot of people see the potential of the
    tank. Awesome games Dez!

  19. patton is the only way…

  20. you have very cool accent where you from??

  21. Hi Dez really love your vids! Ps: Why is your reload on Obj 140 so slow? My
    reload is 5:45…

  22. that bounce on arty really cracked me up =)))

  23. goo jab sir!???

  24. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    third :P

  25. very good game

  26. First!
    Enjoy the video!

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