► World of Tanks: Fun “Carry” Times! – With Circonflexes and PHJ

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Centurion Action X Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 50 120 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Enjoy just some of the moments from yesterday’s stream with Circon!


  1. nice game

  2. More please.

  3. Glad to see you tooning with Circon and Jedi and hope to see more of you
    guys having fun tooning

  4. Circons nerd rage. lol


  6. What a great combination I like it.

  7. Awesome

  8. Keep doin what your doin Dez, all your vids are good! +1

  9. 9:15 *Next noob team* – says arty that has Dez, Circonflex and Jedi on his
    team :P

  10. finally you decided to go your path together. Pls keep onplaying together

  11. Best. Video. Ever.
    3 of my favourite tonks YouTubers, love it Dez

  12. Fun episode, more please :)


  14. You didn’t record games where you and Corc got balanced by arty?

  15. I see the game’s on stream, it was awesome. Keep it up Dez

  16. Brian Schoenmakers

    make more of these videos with our super dutch player. You rock, greetings
    from Holland

  17. yes, of course, we would like to see more bring it on!! 🙂 🙂
    btw…great guys in your platoon :)

  18. The intro was REALLY quiet, am I the only one?

  19. More Circon :)

  20. Show us the way, StN………especially when you ram kill the bitch. :)

  21. Circonflexes RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE :D

  22. looks like you guys got a long very well :D

  23. more please

  24. that moment when you see two death stars approaching you from the side

  25. I love that spot where Circon was on Westfield. It’s a Boss Spot.

  26. i tried so hard, got Sofa.
    but in the end it doesnt even mattress

  27. team up moar! circ, PhJ, Foch. .. Oh my in game name is golem501 ;)

  28. Dez, do this again! :D

  29. Nice! gud toons! love all 3 of you!

  30. dez games can you plz turn up your game or your mike volume

  31. 3x fv 183 Is not very balanced what?

  32. Good show.

  33. Definitly do it again with this guy…mabye with Sir Foch aswell. Funny as
    hell and awesome player too

  34. happy to see you play as a platoon Dez, although I do prefer listening as
    you comment on your own rides in real time.
    I particularly liked the one where; after being taken out, 1 shot by arty,
    in 3 separate games, you just said “fuck it” and left the room. Not the
    happiest moment for you but it made me feel I was not alone in my
    frustration with those clickers!
    Thanks for the excellent work

  35. Yikes! Nerf Dez, Circon, and Jedi! lol

  36. mojimax multigamer

    GL with YT it seems u will hopefully shoot up☺

  37. Honestly Dez Gamez, you tubers make for poor streamers when they are
    platooned. This usually happens because the you tuber is so used to playing
    and commentating about games alone that they kind of lose the ability to
    communicate as a team. Watch your own replay again and notice that for the
    most part you guys just played like individuals. There were only 2 times
    that you really played like a team. As a viewer, it is like trying to watch
    3 separate games going on at the same time but with broken audio as each
    person tries to comment about what their own viewers are watching while the
    other 2/3rds of the public can’t even see what is going on.

    I learn more by watching you game in pubs the way I game. Now if you guys
    actually played more like a team and coordinated better on attacks like the
    military then I would like your platoon videos more. But since its just
    like trying to watch 3 individuals play with broken audio I would rather
    not. When you play by yourself or I only have to listen to you, then I get
    the full value of your thoughts and how they relate to how you play the
    game. It makes me a better player because you are very good at commenting
    while you are playing, which many you tubers are not. This means that I get
    more of your thoughts about what you are doing and why in the moment and
    not after the fact, which is invaluable as you are one of the only you
    tubers who provides this to an elevated and fun level.

  38. mojimax multigamer

    awesome man, u gonna join the circon crew then with foch. how about his
    clan, very good

  39. Plz try to make the gameplay a bit louder

  40. Yes
    I remember circon saying he would do this eventually

  41. Wow the intro was really quite. It used to be louder.

  42. I hope you become a regular guest on Circon’s stream!

  43. best team ever!

  44. great video Dez Game’s

  45. first

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