► World of Tanks: FUNNY MOMENTS – 1vs5 Epic Fight

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Source: DezGamez

Funny Moments Ó 1 vs 5 with .
►Welcome Home!
Lag, our worst enemy… Or it lag? You never know… Enjoy today’s dose of funny moments!

Your call! 🙂

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Oldskools modpack:


  1. PLAY THE IOWA, tier something American battleship that I wanna see it!!!

  2. I remember that clip. It was close to the begging of my HAte filled rage
    at t59s.
    But it was a great fight.

  3. Haha i remember that video. It wad your last video that you uploaded on
    your account i watched it so many times. I watched your videos and then i
    hoped if you would come back

  4. WG will never officially acknowledge it but the reason they nerfed/removed
    type59 is because of Dez :D

  5. Wow, super fun stuff!!!

  6. Pyrrus of Macedonia

    lmao dat music tho

  7. Man I remember that…and right after that you took that year and a half
    off for school? I also remember you saying that you had burned out on this
    game at the time.

  8. Well, i didnt know you 3 years ago, but i definitely remember the good old
    look of wot from this time! 😀 its so cool to see how it looked and changed
    to this time!

  9. That scout MM back in the day in the Type 59 clip. Or MM in general.
    Everybody complaining bout MM these days should whatch this clip.

  10. Nice video dez, but where is the lag?

  11. I remember that replay. I watched it many times while you were away xD

  12. World of donkeys

  13. ohhh I remember this one with type 59

  14. and where is the LAG?

  15. ichigo vingt-neuf

    how did you manage to see an hold replay in wot ??

  16. ichigo vingt-neuf

    remember, this is the last one clip you made before you go in your gaming
    holidays 😉
    I’ve seen that a lot to see if you have post something in the commentary
    who explain your abscence.

  17. what was the music in that second clip, i liked it

  18. That was epic!!

  19. What was this video about…it wasnt lag?? Nice Carrying?

  20. Damn that Type 59 clip, wasn’t that the last video you put up for a while?

  21. That Type seems nimbler than the ones today, also, I love those HP markers
    with white dmg, best one ever, do any of you know how to make custom one
    for xvm or can anyone make one that looks the same?

  22. mojimax multigamer

    also damn son type 59..just too good

  23. mojimax multigamer

    Hey dez when will ur next live stream take place?

  24. mojimax multigamer


  25. RNGesus
    He is strong with you haha

  26. Oh boy… Fun times..
    Who remembers Type 59’s clip?

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