► World of Tanks: FV201 (A45) Review – New Tier 7 British Premium Heavy Tank – FV201 (A45) Gameplay

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World of Tanks 201 (A45) Gameplay Live Commentary. World of Tanks Gameplay Series. World of Tanks New Tier 7 Premium Tank. World of Tanks Tank Review Series, FV201 Heavy Tank Review.

Huge shout-out to “05HogsRule” for gifting this tank to me!

In today’s episode I am going tto take my first look at newest tier 7 premium tank – “FV201 (A45)”. Newest member to join with FV’s family.. So far I pretty much enjoy every single FV, but how is this going to be?

Let’s find out!



  1. Why Russians got this tank as a monthly event reward while Europeans have
    to buy it with cash ?

  2. Im on stock type 61 now

  3. Like really… SP I C HEAT thru the spaced on tracks? WG should fix this,
    HEATs seem to be really broken now… going thru spaced armor/tracks with
    no problem….

  4. Beast tank, great DPM, pen is good enough against T7, awesome gold ammo for
    T9s. Worth the price.

  5. Wow after my 1867 games on this account I still don’t have a heavy
    Great vid tho keep up the good work Dez

  6. DezGamez, your ultimate goal is to get OBJ 260.

  7. lol the HE spamming IS-3 called Dez a noob

  8. There is a HUGE weak spot on the front of the turret, that sloped armour
    above the mantlet. It’s pretty much auto-pen for anything that hits it.

  9. progamer gold on t34 very usefull to burn credits

  10. SHIP, Well done, Good segment. Glad you liked it!
    I found this tank similar in the skills needed to be successful, like the
    In the hands of a good driver, at the tier assigned, it can bring a
    difference to the field. You did that with this toy. Something for others
    to recognize to continue working on the good vs bad decisions in particular
    situations on the field.
    I know this vehicle had a limited time offer to grab it, and well, since it
    is Premium, good money maker and another option for crew-skills.
    Chassis armor is not Russian strong, but the gun depression gives you the
    significant advantage for peeking over terrain.
    I hope those that also got this don’t get so frustrated; its not a
    slug-fest vehicle…
    remember, its all about fire and maneuver.

  11. Hahahaha, the IS-3 write “Noob” to you…

  12. STB-1 looks real interesting, looking forward to you playing it man :)

  13. What UI is that?

  14. Dez, when you going to announce the winners for AW giveaway

  15. Fun tank, not great, but really fun one. great vid Dez, sadly, i couldnt
    end the missions to get it for free on NA server. I’ve seen that this tank
    does better snap shots on the move, than at a stop-click. or you keep
    moving, or you wait for it to aim.

  16. The is-3 in chat in the final game XD @17:38

  17. I gave up FV201 b/c on NA server the MM put FV to tier 9 battle and cannot
    win a single game… well at least to me, so I gave up on that tank, not
    worth to try or hurt my win rate.

  18. id love to see some tier 10 heavy action

    nice vid btw keep up the good work

  19. How can you say the tank is “pretty good haul down” when in the first game
    we clearly can see every tank penetrating you. while you are haul down?

  20. Well played Dez

  21. That was funny. That is 3 called you a noob. LOL

  22. nicerino duderino!!! ;-)

  23. The chat-box in the last battle was priceless:
    IS-3: Help! (IS-3 dies)
    IS-3: fv noob!
    IS-3: omg…
    Why was he asking for help from a “noob”.

  24. That IS-3 was like ” omg FV noob”. Dez comes top on his team, who is the
    noob now bitch! 😀 haha

  25. they pen that tank pretty easily for a heavy…

  26. much wow, such tank

  27. stb1 good or bad what is with ya dez i thought you knew better the stb1 is
    a legend amidst meds imo but am not angry you the man dez

  28. 3000 credits for a repair pack? Dez did you know that when they are -50%
    you can buy like 500 at once? I did that and therefor my repairpacks only
    cost me like 1500 credits!

  29. BK94 - Chaîne Gaming

    the tank review is too late 🙂 it’s great if this video get ou at the start
    of the gamescom , for somebody you want to buy him

  30. Jan-Willem Jansen

    tank reveiw 😀 deeeeeezzzz you’re drunk :P

  31. Mincraft Performance 101

    first comment

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