► World of Tanks: FV215b – 1 vs 6, Crazy 10 Kills Game! – FV215b Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay / Review. World of Tanks British Heavy Tank. World of Tanks FV215b Epic Battle, Epic Battle Series.

Check out one of craziest games I have ever seen in my Nr. 1 favorite tank FV215b!


: http://wotreplays.com/site/2200517#


  1. Really epic carry and win.

  2. Dan te jebo, epic :)

  3. I miss the epic outro of the video!

  4. What a monster match! Well played to the FV215B!

  5. marhun should decrease his graphics settings, as 25-30 fps isnt very

  6. can i have an epic game like that please!???

  7. How do you react to the replacement of the fv 215b by the chieftain?

  8. people tend to think that the russians fielded the biggest baddest tanks,
    but ive stood infront of a conqueror tank in real life at Duxford air and
    tank museum and that thing is absolutely enormous, at first i thought it
    may be russian or an american M103 but nope it was British, the armor on it
    was very thick and the gun is just immense, the thing was so big and heavy
    it was a nightmare to move by road and rail, world of tanks doesnt seem to
    do it justice in terms of when and if it can bounce shots but hell i still
    love it ;p

  9. That was really close at the end.

  10. LieutenantLefty 41

    dez has funniest name for arty cover he always makes me smile with “arty

  11. How is streaming going, I never get to see you play live often enough

  12. DAYUMM! Epic is a word that is used all to often these days, but that match
    was EPIC!

  13. I love when people go hyper-agressive in their FV215b. You can just tear up
    it’s weakspots from any angle. The sides are trash, and at angles you can
    shoot straight through the tracks to do damage. You can’t sidescrape
    because of the angled squares by the turret sides that you can always
    shoot. Lower plate is always weak. And the turret can be penned frontally
    with good pen guns or you can aim at the cupola on top.

    It’s really only a good heavy when people don’t know where to shoot it. In
    my opinion, it’s a pretty bad heavy. Sure, great DPM but bad armor for a
    heavy. I think that the E5 is currently the best option by far, as it has
    great armor and DPM that is nearly just as good.

  14. Damn you Deez i need to study, dont make watch your videos :(

  15. no dislikes

  16. Im surprised you dont have more subs

  17. where do you come from? cool accent :)

  18. I like how you say, you have no idea how much kills he’s gonna get * read
    title * ‘yes I do’
    or how this battle is gonna end * read title again* ‘yes I do know that
    aswell’ :-)

  19. I would’ve gone to the cap anyway, did you see how much time he had left?
    what if he got there and arty wasn’t there? game over, smart play. Wasn’t
    worth the risk even if he had more health.

  20. Tier 12 arty, whahahahha. Gonna recognize that when i see that bastard

  21. Really looking forward to this vehicle i do like the Conqueror yet i am
    frustrated at its frontal upper plate. Perhaps i should try to be more hull
    down. Wp Marhun!

  22. JustThijsGaming - Elke week een nieuwe video

    6th like, But keep up the good work! 😀 I really like your wargame video’s!
    And mayby i have an good RNG for your RNGesus episode!

  23. Second! And +DezGamez where be the twitch D:

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