► World of Tanks FV215B 183: 11,000 Damage Assaulting “DeathStar” – FV215B 183 Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

183 Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Battle Episode.

Music: The Best of Royalty Free Epic Music Compilation

In today’s “Epic Battle Episode” you are going to see text-book Assault Mode battle on , played by “rado135”. Really good and calculated pushing with teammates resulting almost 11,000 damage done. “Rado135” also got a little profit out from this game while running without premium account.

Btw guys, send me your funny and epic moments to start of “Epic Battle” episodes like today!


Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1945250#report

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Am i the only one that thinks dez got a bit of a “rapey” laugh? Example ->

  2. I hope i will be like a pro like you..:)…you are so pro..

  3. which mechanism is better on fv? vertical stabilizer or that which helps
    you to aim 10% faster?

  4. TheMaul72 DiggaHole (Molletje72)

    Nice video, keep em coming, Dez question: wich mod pack are you using??

  5. Hey guy ! I follow you, and your job is perfect (you play like a god :”) )
    i have question for you (if you want) : how play the jg pz e100 ? In front,
    hide far, tank or ghost ?
    Thank you :)

  6. Using AP with this means that instead of being a hit or miss with shell pen
    your going for certain damage and most of the time leaving the targets on
    one shot HP levels.

  7. OMG hate that tank 3 games last night round a corner and guess who yep 1
    shot T32-Tiger2-and the lowest IS (why i got dragged into T10 game with IS
    neh) but lol ;)

  8. Well this game is EPIC EPIC… EPIC damage, EPIC shooting, EPIC moves, EPIC
    target picking, totaly EPIC! And even more EPIC because it was mostly AP
    shells… Oh sorry, did I gorget to say this game was EPIC? ;)

  9. Want the T30 so much!

  10. My Hellcat doesn’t like the new layout

  11. inners for dat sub giveway ???……………………

  12. Ha that was a lot of lucky snap shots on a tank that really should never be
    able to land snap shots.

  13. could have an easy Fadin´s medal 🙂 nice game tho

  14. I can’t believe you uploaded that T30 clip :O thanks a lot for 10 seconds
    of fame Dez :)

  15. I was 160th viewer,after watching the vid and refreshing I’m 265th viewer 0:
    +-100 vieuws every +-10 minutes right after upload
    Bro you have a nice accouuuuunt o:

  16. That intro… No RNG for you for a week young man

  17. Hey Nutz
    I love your videos. I have a question for you, the mod you have in the top
    right corner (blocked damage and xxx?) where can I find it?

  18. Im a jagdpz e100 driver so it would be kind of hypocritical for me to say i
    hate the deathstar in the game. although even before i got a jagdpz e100 i
    had never any issue with this thing. i always thought of it as an
    interesting machine because if it fires and misses its dead vs a medium or
    heavy at close range because you have no hull armour whereas the armour of
    the jagdpz e100 will allow you to survive considerably longer if you gets
    flanked so they are kind of opposites in a lot of ways.

  19. Boommm
    he should wait and use the last shell to kill the E4.

  20. love your videos

  21. Nice

  22. Here comes the boom!

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