► World of Tanks: FV215b 183 – 11,500 Damage in 5 Minutes!

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World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Say hello from me!

Today I had other plans with my episode, but as soon as I saw this replay in my mailbox, I knew that this is going to be my video for you today.
Have you ever seen 11,500 damage done in 5 minutes? This is simply put ridiculous.. 😀 You have to check this out!

Played by: Scratchy83
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3170091#details



  1. 4 Full HP oneshots by that monster FV215b 183
    IGN: OvidiusNaso
    Server: ASIA Server

  2. 4 full HP one shots
    name: parkway_drive
    EU server

  3. 4 shoots to 4 full hp kills
    User: Preita
    Server: EU

  4. 4 full HP oneshots 🙂
    Plasq, EU server

  5. he deleted/ one shotted 4 tanks
    username: luckystr1ke7
    server: EU

  6. 4 shots, 4 full HP one shots,
    Username: J0hanb5
    Server: EU
    Thanks for all the epic games Dez

  7. A4 full HP shots
    Username: shadowtempest
    Server: EU

  8. that would be 4 shots and 4 full hp kills. great vid as always dude keep up
    the good work. swanseauk eu

  9. I saw a total of 4 Full HP oneshots by our in-game Death Star, I mean
    FV215b(183)! XD
    IGN: The_Cunning_Linguist
    Server: ASIA Server

  10. 4 enemy tanks: T30, T34, T-10, T34.
    username; Dubledore. Server: EU. ?

  11. darkelitedu21
    ps: perfect channel ?

  12. Frost Ice Gaming Ro

    4 full hp shots
    you are awsome man

  13. Daumas Philippe (philerski)

    4 full hp oneshots ? can you believe this?
    username : sametfifi
    server : EU

  14. 4 full hp shots Pro_killer_2000 EU

  15. 4 little tanks
    Slyn92 /EU

  16. 4 full hp oneshots
    name: haeuptling
    server: EU

  17. please gimme sum sum
    BuddyBambule (EU)

  18. 4 shots 4 kill in a 4 tank full hp
    Sea server

  19. 4 Full HP Oneshots 😀
    EU Server
    username : Yugo_Boss

  20. 4 full HP one-shots by Godzilla 🙂
    username: *LayZee*
    server: EU

  21. 4 one shots
    Eu server

  22. I think it were 4 oneshots 😀
    FV 215b 183 is life 😀
    Username: masternoob089
    Server: EU

  23. 4 Full hp shots
    Hi man! Love you ( <3 ahah) and your vids, keep up the good work!
    Username: NelgsXz
    Server: Na

  24. 4 full HP. Kill.
    Username sanci07 server Eu

  25. What a beast 😀

    ifue EU

  26. 4 shoots 4 Tank full hp destroyed…
    username Amit_Verma
    server. Asia

  27. 4 full HP kills and merry christmas 🙂
    Username: TheCamperGirl
    Server: EU

  28. verry Nice videos from You.. And IT was 4 full HP one shot battosay eu
    server ty

  29. 4 shots 4 kills full HP
    SEA sever

  30. 4 full HP one shots name: Stuben_Hocker server:EU

  31. Bálint Máté Kovács

    4 click 4 kill.
    Username: Bejeme
    Server: EU

  32. i call this machine, the Death Star, prepare the gun.
    SuperusNumerus, EU

  33. 4 full hp one-shots= 4 deleted tanks
    Name: Leihcim7
    Server: EU

  34. 4 full HP one shots XxAliAxX_2016 EU

  35. 4 full hp kills

  36. 4 full Hp shots name: tost_1, server: EU

  37. He was able to kill 4 full HP tanks. Thank you DEZ!
    Username: 5liceOfLife
    Server: EU

  38. 4 full hp shots

  39. he got 4 oneshots
    username: EagleEey99
    server: EU

  40. i think he made 4 oneshots to enemy tanks, and in a row at the beginning

    Username: Zefirus91
    EU Server

  41. 4 full hp oneshoots
    nick : jediknightx
    server : Eu

  42. Server: EU, Nickname: Kamillo678 To anyone complaining about grinding
    british TD line for deathstar, just get a SU-100Y, it’s stupidly fun :D

  43. 4 full HP one shots
    user: Mango1971
    server: EU- 6600

  44. Damian Yearnshire (reeski)

    4 mighty BOOMS of death
    Name: Reeski
    Server: EU
    Gratz on the 100k btw and merry Christmas!

  45. 4 oneshots
    server EU

  46. 4 full HP one shots
    user: SiboSnakeEyes
    server: EU

  47. 4 full hp tanks, 4 one shots and 8 kills! Dude he’s amazing! WoT username:
    santtu-tankki server: EU

  48. Nice videos, keep the good work; mosu332 – EU

  49. 4 Dez 🙂 user war_pigu999 server EU

  50. 4 full hp oneshots
    name: steenbok9290
    server: EU

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