► World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay: Holy Batman MM! – 183 Never Gets Old – Tankfest 2015?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b 3 Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review.

Today I decided to bring out good old FV215b 3… Let’s see how much damage I can do with AP rounds in SUPER HEAVY tier battle… never seen that many destroyers in one battle, crazy! 😀

►Tankfest 2015: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/presents-tankfest-2015/
Thinking about going to the Tankfest as well this year. What you think about it? Are you going?

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Hi Dez, hope you can make it to Tank Fest it’s a great day out, hope to see
    you there. Termination game play would be good to see

  2. If you do decide to come and need a lift down let your community know there
    will be someone who can collect you from the airport and take you down

  3. love that tank…don’t have it at the moment…I have AT15…but my brother
    have one so sometimes I play on his acc with it :)

  4. There will be loads of WoT players at Tankfest! You owe it to your
    faithful followers, (disciples even), to see you in person and tell you
    face to face how much we appreciate and enjoy your videos. OK enough with
    the grovelling already! Be there or be square.

  5. lucky bugger living in Europe Luv to go to Tankfest !! Go man just Go

  6. AMX 40 Gameplay Dez 😉 good video as usual

  7. Would be awesome to meet you at Tankfest!

  8. Much respect for not begging for the medal. I hate when that happens.

  9. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Ehhh last game you did over 3k dmg and you got 3 kills!

  10. Play domination please.

  11. Great video mate! I really wish I could also bonce two shots in the row in
    my 140!

  12. yeah let’s see some domination Dez, there are a lot of player out there who
    really have no idea how to play this mode. In my opinion if you’ve ever
    played domination mode in games like COD4 etc then you’re set but I think
    that most haven’t…..

    • +Sir_Forsaken I never played COD4 – but if you have a brain – Domination
      Mode isn’t that hard to get… :/
      Unfortunately… some ppl don’t seem to understand or care…

    • wow yeah I know, I thought it pretty easy to understand…. unfortunately a
      lot of the players on the Asian server play it like a random battle and
      Jingles reported that it’s pretty much the same on the EU server. Again,
      unfortunately it seems there are a lot of WOT players who don’t have a

    • We’ll it’s more cap the flag than domination…

  13. Obj 261 and 50B! :)

  14. Levente Molnar (Pyrolev)

    Bovington Tankfest is something every tank fan should go to at least once.
    So yeah, if you can make it happen, do it! If you post a video of it, I
    will watch it, if you don’t, I’ll look forward to cool stories. Go for you,
    and go for us.

  15. I dislike gold ammo as much as the next guy but playing the 183 without it
    is actually…painful to watch. The whole reason to play it at all is for
    the HESH damage, otherwise the JPZ100 is better in almost every way except
    for lack of turret D:

  16. I would actually wanna see a type 59 replay not from like 2 years ago when
    it was OP 

  17. Hey Dez nice videos as always! 🙂
    A few episodes back I asked you why you had so much gold, about 30K. You
    didn’t really answer the question then… Now you have almost double, 57K.
    Why so much? Is it because you have discovered that MM gives you easier and
    better games when your balance is over 30K? Would you care to talk about
    this subject?

  18. Really proud of you Dez. 1 step at a time and you and I can kick your HESH
    addiction. I would love to go to tank-fest but once again this year I don’t
    have the money to make it…:(. But Jingles will be there so who knows…We
    might just get to see what you really look like XD.

  19. Brunno Busato Aride

    fv4202 when/how to be agressive gameplay?

  20. i want to see some KV-4 games. Preferably where you are low tier. I
    struggle in those. Thanks.

  21. +DezGamez come to Tankfest! I’m driving 800km to go there with my brother!

  22. By the way, thx for the 121 video

  23. Sure, some domination games

  24. Do you even arty bro?

  25. Panb Pinday Pibn

    some arty action 😉 pls

  26. Panb Pinday Pibn

    Dez how did you not get TD-15 in that last game? im confused

  27. DEFINITELY should come to Tankfest, I go every year (as i live about 15
    mins away) got a sofa if needed, lol

  28. Wanna see some bat.chat. Action! :)

  29. Max benito smeele

    Take e100 please dez

  30. Muhibbullah Obidhoniy

    finally get to see ur face?

  31. hows the fv404??? , not sure if i spelled correctly:( worth getting?
    because icbf playin no turret lines

  32. T30 and T28 concept gameplay? Please dez. <3

  33. i dont see fv215 heavy in your garage anymore

  34. 183 firing AP is a verry bad JP E100 ! Bad aimtime, bad accuracy, bad
    reload, bad armor, low ammo count ! Every shot counts. Only AP is a verry
    bad ideea !

  35. Where are you from dez?

  36. This a no fv183 if you fire no hesh! :P

  37. Firing AP? You sir are doing it wrong !

  38. You should come to Tankfest, i’m going, and it would be awesome to meet
    nearly all my favourite Youtuber’s all in one go! :D

  39. Nice

  40. More tier 10’s pleace! ;)

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