► World of Tanks FV215b 183: Goodbye Credits :( – FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

183 Gameplay. FV215b 183 Gameplay.
►Welcome Home!
Yesterday I did not upload any videos because nothing worked out.. Tried to record for almost 3 hours, but.. No..
So today, time to let out some of that steam with FV215b 183, the one and only Deathstar!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. I like your mods. What all do you use? Esp your 6th sense and your sniper

  2. Michael Mcdermott

    Fun game play and a great laugh as well, what more do you need :D

  3. AMX 50B or T57 heavy pls

  4. I would like to see the 50 120. I just got mine…

  5. +jambo636 you make a cameo appearance in the garage at the end of the vid

  6. maybe some Patton and BC fun? :)

  7. do you even autoload bro?

  8. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    Dez For President!

  9. yea arty loves the 183, even to the point it is not reasonable anymore..
    The fact establishes an argument that the vents should be replaced with
    the spall liner.

  10. Greetings from the NA forums 

  11. Do you arty bro?

  12. That T57 that called you cheater, etc is an idiot and he died because he
    did a wrong move, that was just butthurt. But in the other hand dmg
    announcer should be (and I think that IS) forbidden, because is a cheat,
    you are obtaining info that you shouldn’t have. When you looked for a shot
    at that unspotted Ferdinand, you would never have done that without that
    mod, since you thought that was the BC 25t.

  13. Play world of tanks for free and dont use 95% of the map couse arty is a
    stupid mechanic and stupid players love it couse developers are lazy !!!

  14. Awesome video…I like your content because you don’t just put videos where
    you win or survive:) 

  15. This is also why it’s smarter to carry a 50/50 mix of HESH and AP.

  16. Ah the Deathstar. The only tank in game that has caused me to scream in
    uncontrolled rage at my monitor like I was like I was being set on fire.

    Also I just sent you an amazing replay! I know your going to be proud. I
    went BALLSDEEP!

  17. Always enjoy your in game commentary!

  18. Dude, why can’t na server have bros like you making YouTube content??
    Hysterical video btw.

  19. nicely done…money well spent. keep them coming!

  20. Very Nice Vid..Thank’s.

  21. Maybe a cheeky bit of WZ132 or that German tier 8 light?

  22. To all the people in the comments, I say, you guys are massive hypocritical
    wank stain twats. If you’re going to play this thing DON’T FUCKING COMPLAIN

  23. I did yesterday for 4 times in a row over 5500 dmg and no ace tanker, and
    one time 6000 and you take ace whit only 5 k?

  24. If I got raped by arty like that, there would be a monitor-sized hole in my

  25. Dez…. its a TD… not a heavy… been driving me nutz..

  26. Never heard someone so calm when they get double arty killed, congrats.

    • +Ryan Morran
      Not calm…shock and much biting of tongues. There was 2 minutes of total
      silence when Dez’s full health Yamato got 1 shotted by 1 torpedo hit lol.
      (Followed by much banging of head on desktop).

  27. Gotta have some fun, right?

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