► World of Tanks: FV215b 183 – How to Play FV215b 183, Correctly – FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

FV215b 183 Gameplay. World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Are you ready to find out play with “FV215b 183” aka with “The ” correctly? Well, you are in the right place, because in this episode I am going to show you everything you have to do to be able to play this beast correctly! 😛



  1. funny -u managed to keep shots in same map

  2. Thanks for putting three “FV215b 183” in the video tittle. Without that I
    would never guess what tank you are playing xD

  3. Thanks for the hillarious video Dez.
    For some, just a reminder this is a game. It is supposed to be fun. How can
    you get so worked up over a GAME?

  4. Best ever man…loved the never even have to aim in it just magic!!!1 I
    love my 183 to death but the accuracy is cap now( sad face). great
    commentary too. thanks

  5. just lol :)

  6. It is Comforting DezGamez, that you play like me (47%)…..Now that’s
    sarcasm…..[place smiley face here].

  7. Finally not running around firing AP Dez, good shit!

  8. Niklas Wennermark (tland)

    Teams like this is why i stopped play WoT. Got 40 K games under my belt and
    2000 WN 8 rating. but all the fun has gone.
    Now playing WoWS instead, but, unfortunately “trolls” found their way into
    that game as well..

  9. Thanks for the “informative” video on how to play the 183, Dez. Some good
    comedy, gameplay, and “ammo strategy” involved! XD

  10. kiwiwidead Widead

    OP tank for no brain player… please, nerf him :(

  11. I had fun watching this but my fear was that some would take it seriously.

    I see from some of the comments that my fears were well founded =0)

  12. That sarcasme was pretty good, if you just would have added the cost of
    those games like it was just some pennies spent that would have been
    totally awesome :)

  13. 70 k xp to go until I get this beast. I’m going to use ap because I don’t
    want to lose money XD

  14. Instructions unclear…how can buy FV215b 183?

  15. Thanks to everyone who understood that this episode was filled with
    sarcasm… 😛
    Love you!

  16. I like how you derped the Lowe, and then right after that the “Assistance
    to Allies” ribbon popped up. You were obviously helping your team by
    slapping the Lowe a bit.

  17. ahahhaha that ammo loadout XD

  18. 7:30 did u just say “popusi ga” hahaha :)

  19. so much FV215b 183 in the title :O

  20. I’m sure this has been answered SO many times, but what’s the music at the
    end of the video?

  21. in the beginning that shot at the is-8 had a 0% chance to hit cus your shot
    wouldnt of have reached him before he was behind the hill :I

  22. Dez special perk is sarcasm 🙂 Pops in and out of battles like a
    ninja,,funny review Dez :),,,ty

  23. 30K! 30K! You did it Dez! 183 mm HESH SHELLS FOR EVERYONE!

  24. yeah-science-Bitch

    hey what’s the music at the end?

  25. Critical damage, probably killed a whole family inside that tank xD 

  26. How to play fv215b 183 shoot lowes in the back of the turret XD

  27. WRONG! That IS-8 was protected by the ghost of Stalin, get it right.

  28. More sarcasm!

  29. Oh Mother Germany

    hey dez, i often see players with good stats and they only shoot gold. even
    when you are in a light tank… why do they do that?

  30. You seem to be in good mood today! :)

  31. Haizz he shot very terrible

  32. Uh oh, dez gettin’ spicy with the sarcasm today. Mmmm i like ’em spicy. LOL

  33. +DezGamez whahaha someone please call 911, i can’t breathe i can’t breathe
    omg!! that comments DEZ wtf! keep doing this stuff and people will die for
    sure!!! GG mate!!!

  34. I think you should keep 1 or 2 AP shells,just if you’re fighting tanks
    which don’t have much health but a shit ton of armor. All HESH is not a
    good idea.

    • +Mark Rogachevsky That is literally and exactly the reason you’d have
      HESH/HE loaded. AP can bounce, but HE can still damage tanks.

  35. Hahahaha great tutorial!

  36. As a fellow Death Star driver I have to say that this guy SUCKS ass.
    Fucking HESH noob. Seriously, nothing but luck and constant damage.

  37. Christian Hostetler

    good little bit of satire, I think this tank needs to be removed like the
    waffle, too imbalanced due to the armor on the chassis. My solution for the
    sake of game balance is to move the 215b 120 to the tortoise line to
    support the fast firing high DPM type gameplay and replace the heavy line
    with the Chieftan, and to leave the only big derp to the 4005, a tank with
    a very underwhelming platform to compromise the MASSIVE alpha. As it stands
    the 183 is simply too safe and overperforms in the hands of average

  38. I sure have missed the 183 videos. Beast mode all the way Dez!

  39. Whilst the discerning viewer should get this, based on the average
    intelligence of a WOT player I fully expect to see “Why doesn’t my 183 hit
    every time?” comments and the like after this.

  40. +DezGamez xD I laughed more than i should have xD nice review Dez :D

  41. that lowe shot tho xD, yeah it was his fault of course lol

  42. Thx for this video, it shows exactly what is wrong in this game. There is
    absolutely no point in introducing more and mare tanks with ridiculous op
    guns able to (almost) oneshot every tank in the game. It’s completely
    destroying gameplay because everyone will camp like shit so he don’t get
    oneshoted by those guns and arti.
    Even with E100 second highest hp in the game with super heavy spall line I
    got almost oneshoted from Conqueror GC…

  43. This is hilarious xD 6/5

  44. Welcome to World of Thanks
    It seems like an awsome tank, but do you really need to spam gold to get
    those shots?

  45. =]]]]]] Dez. u really should bring at least an AP shell. just in case. . :v

  46. loool. I love your videos Dez! Regards From Uruguay

  47. LOL Did I just detect a little sarcasm? :)

  48. Kroxigorman or Dom

    I’ve been meaning to ask for a while but never got round to it. Why don’t
    people fire the AP shells very often in this?? With the massive penetration
    and alpha damage, surely they’re a good option

    • +Kroxigorman or Dom With HESH, it’s pretty much like driving the KV-2 in a
      tier 6 battle. HESH is unlikely to penetrate tier 10 tanks, and the ammo is
      REALLY REALLY REALLY expensive.

    • +Kroxigorman or Dom
      They are, but with AP, 183 is like bad Jpz. E-100

  49. jp e100 bounces your fv usually? i bet you never played the jp e100 it’s
    not weak like you said that 299 can pen your tank like butter even from the
    angled sides do you know what i do when see one of those fv 183? i use auto
    aim because it’s gonna pen anyway (if it’s stable) so why would i waste my
    time in the sniper mode?ironically i use auto aim only when i do quick

  50. Killing stuff with a single shot … http://puu.sh/jp1dn/625116a6ea.webm

  51. How to play FV215b 183:
    Step 1) Spam Gold
    Step 2) Lose shit tons of credits because you are spamming gold in a Tier
    10 tank.
    Step 3) Act like spamming Gold makes you a God
    Step 4) Whine & say everyone is a Hacker for being able to kill your Godly
    Step 5) Whine some more for no reason.
    Steps 6-20) Whine even more for no reason.
    Steps 20-920) Call team noobs because you died.
    On second thought this is how you play all tanks right?

    • +Hellfire918 I ground my 183 half hesh and half ap cause of no money. then
      they nerfed the hesh cause of all the whiners in meds. thy have it their
      way. 5 sec reload 400 damage pen every shot and whine when thye geet
      hammered by a td. take your own advise man. besides he was being funny as
      hell. costs 8k credits for a shot and when they bounce a hesh shell it just

    • +Hellfire918 You’re a massive cunt though… No need to add steps to that.

    • +Mr. shpee if u think its so easy why dont u go and grind one for yourself
      and show us your avg dmg after 100 battles ?

    • +tajj7 How to not get a Joke:
      Step 1) Comment back to the person making the joke telling him why his joke
      is wrong.
      Step 2-1000000000000000) Repeat step one & add whining.

    • He was being sarcastic…

  52. then say this game isnt pay to win….

  53. This tank must be removed from the game

  54. ww2legoproductions


  55. fucking op tank driver noob

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