► World of Tanks: FV215b and FV215b (183) Gameplay – Love is in the air!

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Source: DezGamez

and FV215b 183 Gameplay Live Commentary. Ace Tanker!
►Welcome Home!

It has been a while since our latest live gameplay episode, a lot of and test server action got in the way.. But here we are with FV215b brothers.. Check out one really in FV215b where we got Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker out of nowhere + derping around with 183.


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. GG!
    Doing some streamingz as well atm:
    Come say hi!

  2. gg. Will check out the stream.

  3. Adams Jorens Statevičs

    woop woop! 😀 way to go. Watching your stream now!

  4. Finally a stream… my wish came true… good bye sleep,better watch ship.
    I can die in pece.

  5. Getting the 183 this weekend! Soooo excited! :DDD

  6. Dezgamez that waffenträger didnt mean ass that was german and it meant
    something like antisocial gold noob lol

  7. I thought we had lost you! :)

  8. Another awesome video 🙂 ! I cant wait to watch It! Btw cool stream 😉 I
    like it!

  9. wow 6k dmg, get rekt son! can’t wait to get a 215b myself, just picked up a
    conq so hopefully i’ll have it unlocked before wg remove it.

    if the 215b is a pro boxer with it’s fast and accurate punches, the 183 is
    the brother that started taking steroids and forgot about cardio. it’s
    sluggish and so jacked it can’t even fully rotate the turret, but OH GOD
    when it does hit you’re in serious pain. 

  10. Words do not come close to describing my hate for the FV215b… I’m most
    definitely playing it wrong, but the huge change in play style just screws
    it over for me. The Conqueror was a much more flexible, and FUN tank to
    play, hopefully the Chieftain will play out similar! ;D

  11. Awesome video, I love those tanks so much. They are such fun to play,
    especially the FV215b, have you heard anything about when or if they are
    still going to be removed?

  12. well ur going to be a sad panda when 215b is replaced

  13. Great stream Dez! Really was a blast.

  14. Wow, I just got two Ace Tankers in the same day (today, about a hour or two
    apart) in my Conqueror. Can’t wait to get the 215b.

  15. Michael Mcdermott

    sweet damage and well played, you should stay away from wot more often ;D

  16. Dat T57’s hiding place… XD

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