► [World of Tanks] FV215b is Love, FV215b is Life! | FV215b, Tier 10 Heavy Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review and Gameplay Live Commentary.
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Hello there!

FV215b going to be taken away from us, by force… so let’s enjoy it while we can. But on serious note, I really am enjoying every moment I am playing with this bad boy.

So you sit back and enjoy it as well! 🙂

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Gotta love FV215b… Right? :P

  2. Thank you for some “Chill” delivery to my night. :)

  3. Lucky at the beginning, you could die I think. 

  4. What’s the replacement gonna be?

  5. But noobs are complaining so they are taking it away… fucking idiotic! :)

  6. Are you kidding me, stat pad more kid 

  7. That second game came so close to ending in getting shot by leo pt. He
    could have oneshotted you and he sure has nice pen and acc. But great
    games, sad to see the FV go before I can try it out :/

  8. Cant have any powerful non russian tanks right?
    russian devs… not baised at all right?

  9. are they only changing the t10 ? or others in the heavy line ?

  10. Nice commentary. Yes that FV is going to be a premium tank. And the stats
    are going to be so horribly bad, no one is going to buy it so ir might as
    well be considered removed from the game. WG is not going to be giving it
    out for free either like they did with the T34. 

  11. i would preferably like a date for when the tier 10 medium and heavy tanks
    will be removed, so far i have not found any yet but i cannot wait till i
    get the Centurion X when the 4202 get put to tier 8

  12. tab the scoreboard tells you your mission Dez

  13. +10 style points for the Bat Chat kill! GG, currently grinding the Black
    Prince as some year I’d like to get the FV, but its painful

  14. Why can’t they do what they have done with the Russian meds and add 2
    options for the end of the British heavies. So you can pick whether you
    want to research the FV215B or the Chieftan. I don’t understand :/

  15. Dez what do you think of the Td view range nerfs in patch 9.6 and would u
    not agree wargaming have messed up maps and made them harder to play. Also
    why they removing the FV? with each new patch starting to lose interest in
    the game.

  16. Dez, I need help figuring out how to play the FV4202. I can’t tell what
    kind of tank it plays as and I have yet to get an ace tanker mastery badge
    in it. Do you even play it or is it a tank you don’t play?

  17. That second game was awesome, thanks for the tips! Epic shot indeed. Props
    to the PTA player for his acknowledgement.

  18. Haha that house is my favorite spot as well! I don’t think the owner wants
    to offer me coffee though…

  19. keep up the good work bro love your videos 

  20. Also my favorite t10. 3700 average damage on it and kinda sad to see it go.
    Hopefully the replacement wont suck!

  21. Comhghall Geraghty

    you didn’t get spotting damage on is8 because he came within spotting range
    of the tanks shooting him after he fired. if more than one tank is spotting
    an enemy no assistance damage for anyone

  22. This tank is so much more maneuverable than any other tier 10 Heavy. I only
    played it on the Test Server but it is better than the T110E5 for me. I
    also prefer the rear mounted turret in many situations. The gun is
    undeniably superior as well, with better ROF.

  23. You did get assistance damage on that IS-8 +DezGamez it’s the green sniper
    thingy. You did not get the spot so it was probably spotted before by
    someone else before it came down to the houses. I have no idea though what
    spotted it. The first time it lights up it is outside your proxy range
    (barely). The only thing that may have a line of sight is the T57 Heavy.

  24. Thank you for this replay mate. To bad the heavy is going to be out…I am
    just grinding for it, but now I will stop and wait for the replace tank to
    be released . Hopefully it will not be a fluke like the new tire 10 TD…
    Keep it up and see you at the next video.
    PS: maybe you can do a rewiew on the Chinese mediums as well…

  25. Maybe u should have tried to pen the is-4 turret … The turret weakspot is
    comparable to is-3’s.

  26. maybe someone spotted the is-8 just before he entered your 50m proxi
    spotting circle.

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