► World of Tanks: FV215b – My #1 Favorite Tank – Why?

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks FV215b Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV215b Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today is a good , because I am going to with my number 1 favorite tank in this game – FV215b. Going to show you why I love it much!



  1. May be it’s the best heavy tank of tier X but it’s a huge pain in the ass
    to get there :(

  2. i like this tank both the right side of the turret is auto-pen whit heat so
    fv needs a buff of armor.

  3. Make a video on fv215b (183) vs fv 4005 stage II pls!

  4. Romeo VictorPlayer2

    I like my T-54. I have gotten the obj. 140, but it wasn’t the same as the
    54, so I repurchased it. With a good gun, good mobility, and kinda good
    armor, you can’t go wrong in this tank.

  5. Love the sound of your keyboard

  6. My only tier 10 at the moment is the E5. I love it a lot, but a lot of
    folks think it’s OP so they’re desperate to kill it XD.

    I will admit that I kinda envy the gun stats of the FV; I was considering
    going for it because it was pretty even with the E5, but in the end I went
    for the American because it looked cooler in my opinion. E5 is still
    undeniably awesome though, as does the Centurion AX seem to be.

    Currently my favorite tank to play is either the KV-2 or the Scorpion.

  7. velly nise
    hard to pick the “best” tank… would t67 be a shit choice? i have good
    games in that little shitbox consistently

  8. my favorite tank is the t30

  9. Favourite Tank… I have three, IS-3, Leopard 1 and Skoda T25.

  10. Dez, what about 113? U like it? Personally it is my number 1 :)

  11. my vavrot is fv215b

  12. Hey Dez, i currently have a stock KV85, how do i make it not a misery to
    play? and what tactics should i use for it?

  13. Glad to see you like the FV215b and would like to see more vids with it. Is
    the only tier 10 I have and got to say is awesome. I really love it when
    meds feel lucky and try to flank but instead they end up with a nice
    surprise :). I really like the cannon and the rate of fire and just like
    onebigfatguy said, it punishes you for every mistake and the ammo count
    should get a buff.

  14. E75-beast of a tank

  15. my favorite tank is either the skoda T50 or the E5… i can’t choose

  16. Cromwell B

  17. I like your taste in tanks. I felt the same way about the FV4004 Conway ^-^

  18. When do you release the ToG video?

  19. I love FV215b, Conqueror, Tortoise, Conway because I love the L1A1 gun !!!!

  20. this tank is so easy to kill it doesnt seem good. and it never kills me

  21. Dezgamez, what mod do you use for the health total for both teams? (in the

  22. I thought his favorite tank was the m3 lee what a surprise

  23. #DezGamez My favorite Tank is my Cromwell B !

  24. I’m with you its my favourite tank as well

  25. Alexander Stoyanov

    Dez, for the yolo wagon (Object 263) you could have just loaded gold and
    shot him anywhere in the gun shield, its almost sure pen

  26. my #1 favourite youtuber – why?

  27. I love overmatching the side armour of this tank when someone sidescrapes
    wrong :D

  28. 4K damage 3 kills…. mastery badge 3rd class xD wtf haha

  29. modpack bro?

  30. ‚put preventive maintaince skill on your tanks crew,…should be much

  31. What was the epic music when the mt25 was flipping(in the last episode)?

  32. KV-4 dez, KV-4, bouncing all shells, ALL

  33. Why FV 215b ?? i just don’t understand it. It can’t side scrape. Low alpha.
    And engine often set on fire. Why would every video maker of WoT choose
    this PoS (IMO) as their favorite tank ?. I play on SEA and tier X public is
    basicly CW because gold ammo spammed by everyone.

    And BTW my favorite tank is E-100. 15 CM with FULL HEAT loadout

  34. elc favorite forever ^^

  35. It must be nice playing on EU and having a chance to runinto Dez, Jingles,
    Quickybaby, or Aging Jedi at any given time. On the NA server, we don’t
    really have that chance. It would to be like “Oh, hey Dez, how’s stuffs?”
    When happening across you in-game.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know I can just come to your channel and show support
    but somethinga bout not expecting to see you in a game would just make it
    that much better!

  36. E-75 is my favourite, stronk armour for the win

  37. @DezGamez your FV215b crew is epic, kappa. That 3’rd BIA skill is useless
    on all crew members until they hit 100%. Just retrain the crew and leave
    Repairs at last to have even more epicness with that beast.

  38. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    good armour and good gun

  39. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    Fav. is IS 3

  40. So whats your favourite tank guys?

    for me its definitely the Ru 251 because the gun is amazing, with my crew I
    have more then 2,8k dpm and with the amazing HE (SH) rounds which you can
    fire pretty often that goes up to 3670 dpm. also its so fast when you get
    up to speed.
    I have played close to 1,1k battles in it and I steel feel like I can
    improve a lot in this tank. The skill ceiling in it is so high that it is
    still fun to play.

  41. Youre wasting your ammo really hard in the second game

  42. My fave t10 too dez,cant use that op e5 lol.

  43. Ammo count needs to be buffed to 50 with this gun…my fav also but ammo is
    main problem.

  44. It’s a great tank. That would have done HT-15 for the T-55A (you need
    12,000 damage combined). That is what I am trying to do. Almost did it
    yesterday in my E5… 4.5k dealt, 7k bounced. On 85% health. Facing E3
    (last enemy tank alive). All I need to do is receive 1 hit, bounce 1 shot
    or kill the E3 and I am blocked by an IS-7 who drives in front of me. I
    reverse. He reverses. I go forwards, He goes forward to block me on the E3.
    E3 dies to someone else. End game stats: what did the IS-7 do? Last on xp.
    Spotted nothing, tracked nothing, did no damage. Basically all he did is
    screw up my chance to get HT-15!!!!

  45. my favorite tank is t10

  46. Gun must be nerfed, I think my E5 gun is op too but this…

  47. Hey Dez with your “Past” tank series can you feature our favourite tier 6
    heavy, the OLD KV1S :D

  48. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Hey dez, Sorry But the FV has crap side armor (I used apcr in the Ltr. I
    penned its side Btw that spot was near the turret.)

  49. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    My fav. is the E100: Angle your armor, your enemy will see 300mm of angled
    armor. Then 750 alpha dmg. And has sideskirts. Its OP when a unicum plays
    this. (Whats the best ramming tank btw?)

  50. Arkadiusz Chwolek

    My favorite tank is for now t34-85 Rudy..

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