► World of Tanks: FV304 Artillery vs LeFH18B2 Artillery – Face Off #12

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of Tanks vs Artillery. World of Tanks LeFH18B2 vs FV304. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.

– 2:40 Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U [NCS Official Video]
– 7:45 Laszlo – Fall To Light [NCS Release]


Long-waited artillery vs artillery Face Off episode is over here! In today’s episode I am going to show you up to 14 FV304s vs 14 LeFH18B2.




  1. Captain Amazing1337

    that was pretty cool, seeing the difference in trajectories on Ensk. Bert
    had almost double the firing arc

  2. Arty OP pls nerf.

  3. The FV304 players were noobs

  4. Immanuel Abesia

    plsss do this Dezgamez

  5. Immanuel Abesia

    T29 VS Tiger 1 plssss!!!!!!

  6. And T57 Heavy vs AMX 50b

  7. Object 268 vs Object 263

  8. Jpanther 2 vs Ferdinand!!

  9. nice one

  10. t95 vs foch

  11. FV304 kept losing the YOLO rounds because they kept dying from ramming.
    Seriously did none of those players know how to play? And the lefH had good
    players. I mean overthrill could have beat the alone XD.

  12. KnifeSkrilleXPL

    When is going to be the next stream? (after grilles vs JP E-100)

  13. OMG HOW DA FUCK HE NOTIFIES PPL OF THATi never heard he gathers ppl

  14. Was the most epic Face Off ever.

  15. leopard 1 vs Maus!!! speed vs armor

  16. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    it was very interesting to see the diference in the shell arc in the air,
    between the bert and the lefh shots.

  17. T92 vs B-C 155 58!

  18. harry haluester

    Cromwell vs T-34-85 pleasee

  19. jingles outro?

  20. you to try sycronising fire , much more epic in slow mo

  21. +DezGamez Need to do a “stay in cap and shoot” match of T92 and Conqueror

  22. now lets wait until the nerf hammer strikes :D

  23. The MoffMeister

    This information must be false, bert can never lose to arty!

  24. lef is op!!! plz nerf!!

  25. Cromwell B vs Rudy or Cromwell vs T-34-85 would be quite cool. DPM vs
    hard-hitting guns

  26. The game is called Battleships your welcome

  27. luffy chapeaupaille

    Pz. 58 Mutz VS AMX CDC ;)

  28. Gerrit Valkering

    bert vs lefh yolo: just because you CAN do 60 kph, doesnt mean you should

  29. Love the Lef…..

  30. Tog vs KV-2 plz

  31. @Dez How about a T110E4 vs E100. Similar gun, just better working gun on
    the E4, but less HP. But then again vs AP 100 might bounce a few shells etc

  32. Maus Vs. Type5 Heavy

  33. Stefan Nieborowski


  34. Well on the ensk map, it is just the question on the players who is the
    best counter arty? and why did noone of them move around in the cap sircle?

  35. Pz.b2 vs russian valentine

  36. jageru vs grille 15??

  37. t 92 VS gw e100

  38. jagitger vs tortoise !!!!

  39. Arty needs a buff……drops mic and slowly, no quickly runs away

  40. alekto vs m8a1 or alekto vs hetzer

  41. VK.45.02 Auf B vs ST1

  42. 15 T110E5 vs 15 IS7

  43. This just shows how broken the leFH is. The FV304 is OP, yet the leFH is 1
    tier below it and it completely dominated every round.

  44. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    hey, what about T92 vs Obj261?

  45. Darth PaulGames

    Conqueror Gun Carriage VS T92.

  46. Prenerfed Bert would’ve had a better chance.

  47. JgPantherII vs Ferdinand

  48. my guess is that the FV players were a bit weaker than the leFH’s. I have
    played FV a lot and what i’ve seen is simply noob play by the FV team.

  49. How about AMX 50 B vs T57 Heavy face-off?

  50. Epic. Well cut.

  51. do obj430 vs t62 or 140

  52. Louis Binwag III


  53. The FV 304 players were bad

  54. Next time, Please Jagdpanzer E-100 vs Grille 15 Artillery – Face Off

  55. Only time Lefh become fun is Jingles says it name.

  56. Tiene mucho que ver la habilidad al jugar de cada uno de los concursantes

  57. lefefeffffeeffefrr

  58. T-150 vs KV-2 both with the 107 ZIS

  59. Ditch the gay music

  60. elc vs t49

  61. T-34-85 vs Type 59?

  62. Auflk Panthers, needing to Ram a Maus to death

  63. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B!

  64. Toasted_Bagels22

    tier ten artys? how about conq GC vs t92 XD

  65. Hilman Sudirman

    that why WG should nerf this abomination. because actually LeFH is
    completely unbalanced as fuck. They should nerf it to the ground just like

  66. the Left has armor so it’s going to win hands down. I learned that the hard
    way when I tried to shoot one with my VK 28 01 and failed to penetrate my
    HE round.

  67. T57 Heavy VS AMX 50 B

  68. how the f***k did fv 304 lose

  69. Alexander Christian

    Tiger I vs Tiger (P)
    Hetzer vs Marder 38t

  70. Dude , you are super but , ( there is a but here ) I am wot/wows free since
    nov last year and … I’d love to see more AW action on your chanel , again
    , dont get me wrong , I love your chanel ( with wot and …. ) you and Fosh
    are the best in that game comunity , but , pls some more AW if you can 🙂
    ps. sorry for bad eng !

  71. dominator spyder

    By the way at the end you put ” Bert fs leff ” instead of “Bert vs leff”.

  72. imthemistermaster

    So basically the lefeefefeeffeffefefefeefefefefefefefefefefefefefedeh is
    even more op than Bert?

  73. dominator spyder

    great video dezgamez keep up the good work. 15 T-57 heavies vs 15 AMX 50

  74. Leonardo Tejeda

    That arty is too OP

  75. Josue Mondragon

    T49 vs RU251

  76. x x (evilplumboy)

    do it with t10 arty

  77. Nice camera work at 6:20
    FV304s were reckless in their yolo action and drove straight into LefH’s
    guns. They could have played bit more carefully, I think.

  78. prediction for grille 15 vs jpz e100 id guess grille will win every round
    with its huge rof advantage providing HE isnt used

  79. leafblower totally balanced not op at all

  80. Hi, I am quiet new, does lefb….. Fire anything other than HE?

  81. piece of shit game lol tanks exploding before the shells even hitting nice
    meme wg nice game design

  82. M3 Lee vs Grant they seem pretty similar or the FT-AC vs the UC-pdr

  83. 15 Pz I C Vs 15 BT-7 in yolo round will probably be epic to see

  84. None of these matchups really played to Bert’s advantages. :/

    Still a good video.

  85. That Statue of serb on ensk hes like ‘Yes! My minions scumbags, destroy ze

  86. mark dayanghirang

    T20 vs T-43

  87. Really, who give’s a fuck! Fuck all the scumbags.

  88. Chaffee vs Luchs, 13-75 vs Luchs, Chaffee vs 13-90, Chaffee vs Bulldog,
    13-57. light tanks! light tanks!!!

  89. amx 13/90 vs walker bulldog

  90. RU vs German Bulldog

  91. the need to tog one..

  92. you know… VK v E-75 STILL A THING BOI

  93. Those Bert players just sucked

  94. Jean Carlos Guerra


  95. Really cool to see the difference in the gun arcs.

  96. I really don’t understand the point of this…. It was so clearly going to
    end with the Bert coming worse off. Like where’s the fun? :S just killing
    British stuff again, or just killing Berts?

  97. Really would like to see this redone as Bishop vs LefH18B2. The Bishop has
    the same gun as the FV304, but with a higher rate of fire, more armor by
    far, and more hitpoints. Likely a good match for the LeF.

  98. Battle of the Scumfucks. No one ever really wins playing arty.

    Also more proof the Lafafafaffaffa is under tiered. at minimum it should be
    a tier 6 with no change in stats.

  99. Tiger 2 vs. IS 3

  100. Evidence to support a tier change for the LEFH… it really is ridiculously
    overpowered when it is top tier and this helps prove it.

  101. T92 vs Conqueror GC.

  102. Bert is better, but that berts were total noobs…

  103. Dawid Rodziewicz

    DezGamez if u need JP E100 i will be happy to help jest send message to

  104. and it look LeFh had more better players and players was very bad because
    with light arty try ram heavy arty

  105. Does that replay software feature a zoom function at all?

  106. i don’t know why FVs on Ensk don’t try cournt…

  107. ST-I vs T10 ;-)

  108. ST-I vs T10

  109. Jagd Kommandant

    T29 vs T32

  110. Nice vid Dez! keep up the good work man.
    Can you do a face off of 15 IS7 vs 15 113? or 15 AMX 50 b vs 15 T57 Heavy?

  111. minecraftnoob451

    The lefh wins because of long range sniping can be done in it,10 sec
    reload15 sec for fv304,the fv has 280 hp. Well u can’t say it’s better then
    the FV304 it’s still in tier 6

  112. T92’s vs CGC’s… premium rounds. Max splash 🙂

    Because I want to see the world burn!

  113. Christiaan Luehof

    bat chat vs t92

  114. Kazuki Nakashima

    The Bert players seem to be very bad at driving their Berts. They didn’t
    aim well, or autoaim on yolo mode. Bad plays were why Bert lost the Yolo

  115. T92 vs Conqueror GC..2of the biggest splash radius in game.

  116. Even if BERT lost it is the best Troll arty 🙂 ;)

  117. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    I would like to see Black Prince vs T29. They are relatively well-matched.
    People swear by the T29, but I don’t seem to have much of a problem due to
    high rate of fire of the BP combined with sidescraping. Ps: If you need a
    BP, I would totally be down to help :D

  118. captainexplosivz

    This is Somme remix! *badumtss* :)

  119. Richard Beldner

    Pls Tier 10 Artie will be nice ans also funny.

  120. Jep the Bert NEEDED that nerv. It was way op… It can track someone for
    ever. But the Premium? 8-9 sec relaod seems fine. As a tier 5 maschine that
    isnt to fast. Because in Tier 5 you have all those crews with all the

  121. 3:40 music?!?!?! I need to have it!

  122. At 6:30, Look at the difference in firing arc!

  123. T49 VS KV-2

  124. So, LeFH is vastly superior, despite being lower tier… And i remember i
    got it when it was tier 4 :D

  125. Ru251 va t54 ltv or T54 vs patton or amx 30

  126. Ferdinands vs Jadgtiger 8.8

  127. Bert the Avenger still the best arty in the game. My opinion. :)

  128. I want one grille 15 vs. 15 grilles

  129. M3 Lee vs M3 Grant.

  130. Object 263 vs Object 268?

  131. Dez, You’re always come up with some cool chit man!!!

    Great stuff!!

  132. Battleship sunk!

  133. Do more of the battle ship game, maybe with higher teirs? Prem shells and
    non prem shells to. (Prem usually have higher spash) and try one with ap

  134. This is so glorious!

  135. social3ngin33rin

    lol firing arc of bert is so much more apparent in this video. It’s almost
    100ft taller

  136. Luis Fernando Arispe


  137. jaydev mandviwala

    I leik teh pert were the arty shot the oter arti

  138. Tiger p v tiger I

  139. I think IS3 vs IS6 or IS vs premium IS2 is interesting.

  140. IAm VeryConfused

    The berts should have won

  141. Róbert Sándor

    May the RNG be with you young padawan xD

  142. senioritaporpredor

    ???? tier 7 light brawl ????

  143. 15x T92 vs 15x Conqueror GC or 15x T92 vs G. W. E 100

  144. Wondering how it would be shooting with all that arty on a maus.

  145. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This particular test is not representative because it needs a good
    cincronization. IF someone shoots first the test looses it sense.

  146. Simon Van De Vijver

    next face off: amx 40 vs M3 lee

  147. The berts are playing terrible

  148. Man that was a fun vid!

  149. Type 57 heavy vs batchat

  150. Niklas Lindberg

    How about M4 sherman vs T-34 or Pz IV? Could be epic, could be

  151. Gw e 100 vs t62 tier ten atilerry

  152. PZ S35 vs. Somua S35 maybe ?

  153. I’d like to see 15 soviet tier 2 artys vs 2 american tier 10 artys :d

  154. AMX 30B VS Leopard 1

  155. Fabio Ganassini

    jpanzer e 100 –>grille 150 (HE )

  156. 15 m3 Lee’s vs 15 m3 grants

  157. Aroused Squirrel

    What about tracers? Not really hidden positions

  158. just goes to re-affirm that LeFH was so OP they had to withdraw it even as
    a gold “tank” otherwise we would all be using it

  159. Gareth Fairclough

    Given how the Berts didn’t spread out, while the frogs spread out a lot,
    I’m really not surprised xD

  160. No more clicker pls plsssssssssssssss

  161. Gareth Fairclough

    29 FV304 vs 1 Maus!
    *prepares for hate*

  162. Dick butt Nick butt

    FFS type 5 heavy vs maus

  163. Ru 251 vs LTTB pls

  164. firsttimeshot opAF

    do rum borsig vs t49 both with derp guns

  165. T62a vs obj140

  166. t92 arty, kills the 3 closes arties to the last center and damages the rest
    with one shit

  167. Tier 10 Germany arty vs USA tier 10 arty.

  168. Lol this was too funny XD. Also nice music! What’s the song name from the
    city fight?

  169. Grats on 75K subs Dez

  170. Christian Mendoza

    Pz3/4 vs Chi nu

  171. Christian Mendoza

    Plz do the M4 vs T34


    LTTB vs M41 bulldog or Fv215b vs T57 heavy or Ramborsig vs ISU-152

  173. Cromwell vs T-34-85 or Churchill vs KV-1

  174. T92 vs conquerGC

  175. The Dark Knight

    Don’t show this to jingles it will make him cry

  176. try lefh18b2 vs bishop, bert is to nerf..
    and when we see another rngesus?

  177. 8:07 lefh destroyed his ally xD

  178. 112 vs is 6. Or. t 62 vs obj 140

  179. 12 of the worst Bert players!

  180. Philip Hartmann

    before I even start the video, I can tell you that the LeFH will win.
    Faster reload, better firing arc and faster Aiming time

  181. T92 vs conqueror gun carriage!

  182. lefefefefefeffehhhh OP confirmed…

  183. Djole Milanovic

    i dont know who is more retarded,fv304 s or lefh s

  184. AMX 13 75 vs T71?

  185. I would say Berts shouldn’t ram LeFHs. They are on a heavy tank chassis,
    after all. I look forward to the Tier 10s; the splash damage should be
    awesome in the line up.

  186. T92 vs Conq GC

  187. FV183 vs Grille 15. :D

  188. this was helpful Bert has a better fireing arc then the lef

  189. Geometry Dash TankEm

    Do another nation vs nation, USSR Vs. German or USA.

  190. Yeah. Not even a contest. The Lefefefefefefefefes are better in every way
    except for straight-line speed, which is not that useful in a random game
    in all honesty, and a higher gun arc. Which could be better or worse,
    depending on your target.

  191. Hetzer vs Cruiser 2. Both with their derp guns. :D

  192. T92 vs. CGC, that would be awesome!!!!

  193. Dez you could add a round where it’s ramming only, think it would be
    interesting for some battles.

  194. dez….your gunah reach 100k subs easy before the year closes :D

  195. All the berts should’ve gone behind the buildings in the ship game. The
    berts have a much higher shell arc, so they could be firing at the lefh’s
    without them being able to fire back.

  196. Led_ironcz Ovčačík

    Maus VS Type 5 heavy pls

  197. _Ofenkartoffel_

    T34 vs Type-T34.
    I am sure communism is going to win. =)

  198. Ulysses Macalalad

    Type 5 Heavy VS Maus

  199. SU 100Y vs Dicker max!!!!!!

  200. somerandomcodplayer

    just trying to give tv304 a win… it sucks against lefh

  201. just a thought . but dont you think thats the best place for arty …
    playing with themselves lol

  202. Anything British in this game is always worse than that of any other
    nation, at any tier.

  203. Jüri Jüri! :D

  204. Got to love that wee frenchy any day I use mine atleast once somebody will
    call me a cheat that Dpm at tier 5 is great ,track em and there screwed
    loving the vids?

  205. Eddie McAllister

    All German tds tier wise vs all Soviet tds tier wise.

  206. Super Pershing vs King Tiger

  207. Those fv players were not good

  208. allgamer world of tanks & more

    the fv304 at 8:30 tho XD
    the LEFH18B2’s had no mercy XD

  209. ThePeople'sPanzer

    the Bert drivers just weren’t thinking. The Frenchman has armour so don’t
    go for 1:1 trades. You’ll get 1 shot and they’ll just get splash damage. Go
    around them!

  210. Amx 40 vs Valentine? :D

  211. Oh no the lefefefefefe

  212. Bert FTW!

  213. You make the competition the wrong way, try “who kill stuffs (heavies,
    meds, TD) faster”

  214. T92 VS GC 😀 I think 1 GC will splash everyone :P

  215. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I need to get Lefh and Pz.B2 xD

  216. 1 T92 vs 15 MS 1 recreaction!

  217. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    The leFH is my most played ‘tank’, 2.5k battles…
    13 Radley-Walters, 84 Top gunes, 133 high calibre’s. And….
    1 Kolobanovs…AND…a RAIDER MEDAL! lol!

  218. what i find very unfortunate is that people now think the lefh is better.
    What makes bert that devistating is that i can easily shoot at engine deks
    but in a face off bert cant use that feature

  219. pls KV 2 vs T 150

  220. William Minidis

    Leffefefefefef is the most pay to win thing in wot.

  221. it just proves how op the lefh is

  222. FV win to me

  223. savethedandelions

    lol. love that cinematography with the lenin statue around the 6:28 mark.

  224. sorry but elite tank vs normal tank ???

  225. Spoiler: some Berts DID get spotted in Ensk…

  226. well another big example of the bias against british vehicles by the
    commie-nazi cum whores of wargaming.

  227. Miguel Valentim

    Most of these Bert drivers were noobs and didnt know what they were doing,
    so that also helps the outcome… e.g. 9.06 give that ramming bert a

  228. This is the only one i could have participated in so far XD

  229. these fv players were so noobs

  230. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    6:29 statue is like “Here I present you the artillery barrage!”

  231. Armored Warfare - Rudelf_HEATler

    AMX 50 B vs T57 Heavy pls

  232. Made my day. You the Nutz.

  233. I’m from Sweden and call LeFH18B2 for “Leif”

  234. za germans (meds) vs stronk russian (meds)
    tier 1-2-3-4—–10

  235. omg i have wanted somebody to compare these beast for so long 😀 i
    personally have and love the lef- its a bit powerful :P

  236. Fuck Arty

  237. Shit vs crap .World of tanks , the only game that promotes bad gameplay.

  238. batchat vs AMX 13 90


    Loving the DnB

  240. Do REAL artillery vs. FV304s, not OVERPOWERED artillery vs. FV304s. A ?
    for this video. I like your other videos though.

  241. Bert easily could have won if they didn’t keep ramming low health LEFHs.
    They keep suisiding. Anyways, arty isn’t meant to fight each other. A true
    face off would be cooler to see how long it took 10 berts to kill 2 Maus
    tanks and 10 LEFHs to kill 2 maus tanks

  242. T92 VS CGC VS OBJ261

  243. I se over thrill in there lol

  244. your vid quality is on par or even better than quickybaby in my opinion you
    deserve more subs alot of youtubers these days that a good like you dont
    get the attention they deserve

  245. 1 Pz2j vs 29 APCR PZ-1cs

  246. This was fun to do. I’m sad I crashed out and didn’t get in the later
    games. The battleships game looked epic.

  247. IS3 VS IS6

  248. Th fvs just sucked

  249. There is no reason to compare two SPG’s, especially when the other one has
    better armor AND better rate of fire.

  250. T110E3 vs JGPZ E-100

  251. To be fair , Those leFH18B2 didnt really move much ~ those FV304 is like
    walking into a death trap

  252. lol at 8:15 me vs 5 lefefefefe to much french for my britain tank

  253. Gotta love your coice of music! Thanks for awesome epic action packed vid
    😀 +DezGamez

  254. T28 vs ISU


    T28 vs T28 Proto

  255. T-34-85 vs. Type 58 pls

  256. imbetterthanyouis

    yeah thats about as one sided as a gangrape !

  257. KV4 vs IS3

  258. did anyone notice that in slow motion the tanks blow up before the shell
    hits them

  259. I am Lord Gaben!

    aaa I love the Lefhafafa

  260. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    The yolo fight is the reason we wanted to see it ^_^

  261. Christopher Guzman

    Please do M4A3E8s vs M4A3E2s!!!!

  262. Hoàng Hà Nguyên Vĩnh

    Now thats what i call a proper barrage , not some freaking 1 strike
    tactical nuke we usually shit about haha

  263. UgliestWatermelon

    song at 8.00?

  264. Bert shall avenge itself

  265. Can you do T49 with 90mm vs M41 90mm?

  266. <3 Your videos maaan I have been subbed for a long time and congratulations
    for 75k subs!!!!!!!! nearly 100k! Make sure to do an unboxing video for
    your silver play button :D

  267. plz nerf?

  268. Dez, great video! Pls use more drum and bass songs in your videos, really
    love ’em. :3

  269. Clarence Constantino

    The lefefefefefe vs the mighty bert the avenger!

  270. So unfair… you should have done it with bishops other than berts…

  271. That moment when you try to watch a Dez video using auto generated english
    captions xD

  272. money wins

  273. 15 T95 vs 15 maus/e100

  274. 15 t28’s vs 15 t28 prot’s :O

  275. T-62A vs Obj.140 please :)

  276. T92s Vs Maus

  277. Drunk Wolf Productions

    One Tog II in cap and 10 artys different tiers shooting blind at him. it
    would be fun to watch :)

  278. Hey Dez, can you do a T110E5 vs FV215(b)?

  279. Raphael Henrich

    Sorry, but the only thing this video proved is something that already was
    obvious…LeFH18B2 is OP as all hell as far as arty goes…

  280. Enjoy your weekend, with this troll artillery Face Off episode…
    And 75k guys, thank you SO much! :)

  281. Erich Middlestadt

    Song at 3:00?

  282. Hi DezGamez! I’m a huge fan and I’ve actually made a Youtube Banner for
    you! Here is the link to it if you’ve not seen it: http://imgur.com/UIne1O7
    😀 Hope you like it!

  283. Premium tanks balanced confirmed ;)

  284. Tiger 1 vs. IS (fully upgraded)

  285. pls 110 vs T32

  286. Odd Martin Erga

    any chance you are going to tankfest this year?

  287. Michael Charrua

    I really enjoy the faceoffs!


    t92 vs conc gc!

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