► World of Tanks: FV4005 Stage II – Amazing Shots! – Field Artillery

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Source: DezGamez

Stage II Gameplay . Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Last week I featured FV2154b 183, so I though let’s freature it’s brother (or sister) FV4005 Stage II today.
You are going to see some pretty amazing game changing shots by LtDrebin in this battle with this tier 10 .


Player: LtDrebin
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3032008#stats


  1. ah, the Deathstar mk II

  2. Stupid obj, he should stay in cap. GG to the FV.

  3. TheAllegiantTraitor

    You forgot to mention, that object called him Kurwa zjebana (fcking whore),
    when he stole the amx kill from him ?

  4. Dez when comes your next biketime?

  5. thats a lot of damaaaach hahahahahahahah


  7. Of course, luck, RNG and Kurwa

  8. very nice game

  9. Hi, its me LtDrebin, thx for showing this Replay, i actually was sweating
    like a wh*re in church while i was playing, especially when that ninja
    JgPzE100 showed up 😀
    Keep on the good work!

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    World of Danks

  11. Gerrit Igle Jansma

    not sure but i think this guy was using an aimbot mod when locking on the
    centurion 7/1 behind the rocks

  12. lt. Drebin, I hope that’s a reference to naked gun.

  13. I never saw that thing.

  14. “LTdrebin”?? Come on!! It’s Lieutenant Drebin!! RIP Leslie :(

  15. I those kind of videos I become a stereotypical African American cinema
    goinger: “No Leopard! Don’t go there! Stop! No! FV will — ahhh, fuck. I
    told you Leopard! I told you!”

  16. Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

    He received defender not invader

  17. How weird is this, I was playing with this guy today..I was laughing
    because his name reminds me my favourite naked gun movies…

  18. Anthony LaFontaine

    really enjoy your videos and your enthusiasm of the game keep it alive

  19. Anthony LaFontaine

    I’m currently grinding for this td at the moment I hear it’s terrible but I
    see guys making good choices and getting great success. it just seems to be
    an unforgiving playstyle with that jp you can Yolo Hella style this one not
    so much.

  20. OMG that shot on the Grille 15!! :O :O :O LOLL
    Excellent excellent excellent play by LTDrebin and the 704 *applause*
    *applause*! So beautiful.

  21. Dez, his name is Lieutenant Drebin! A Leslie Nielsen chracter. I laughed my
    ass off on his films!

  22. “L” “T” Drebin. Dez needs to be exposed to the amazingness of The Nakid

  23. As someone who hates slow tanks, is FV215b 183 worth grinding?

  24. Beautiful ending. GG

  25. i have 2 ideas for faceoff, IS-2 vs IS and fv 215b 183 vs fv 4005 stage 2

  26. i like jagdtiger and E 100 Jagdpanzer

  27. Nice autoaim mod ;)

  28. I like this td delete button, one of the game I deleted IS3 platoon, they
    were so mad at chat cursing me.

  29. KV-2 2.0

  30. Loving the vids dez. You make the best WoT videos. It would be nice to get
    a promo off quickybaby so you could get some of his subs.

  31. Nice teamwork

  32. Yes it is sir Foch

  33. the angle doesn’t matter for HE

  34. Really good game.
    I liked it a lot!

  35. Lt = lieutenant

  36. from witch country are you dez

  37. Es_Stinkt_Puh Felix

    noise vid dood!

  38. Dez, you should platoon with SirFoch on Saturday or Sunday. It would be
    Epic! Saturday 1400-2400

    -Sunday 1400-2000 EEST I think…

  39. I bet he really regretted taking those 2 blind shots earlier in the game.
    Seems like with only 12 rounds you should only shoot what you see unless
    extreme circumstance…

  40. Thank you for this replay. It has been one of the best I’ve ever seen.
    Defenitely one very interesting match over here.

  41. People who still know about the naked gun movies are epic. A movie series
    that is somewhat forgotten by the young generation. #Long live Leslie

  42. Uhh Dez he got an invader?? lol I think you meant defender or am I hearing

  43. Kyoot Snek (God of Memes)

    I think SirCircon started the Shitbarn stuff

  44. That’s Lieutenant Frank Drebin to you. POLICE SQUAD!

  45. That was tense. great play at the end as well. that was some next level
    thinking from the Shitbarn!

  46. odd. great teamwork for a random at the end. well played

  47. i think your “friend” here, in this reply, is a cheater … how to hell did
    he activated autoaim when he clearly wasen’t aiming that centurion 7/1 ??
    –> check 3:45

  48. such team many wow…

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