► World of Tanks FV4202: 11,400 Damage in 6 Minutes – FV4202 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. World of Tanks Battle Episode!
►Welcome Home!
Have you seen that BEAST game in tier 10 FV4202 ever before? I haven’t…
Just crazy how “KHAPPi” going to carry this game with 11,400 damage done in 6 minutes?

How is this even possible?
Take a look!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Michael Mcdermott

    So OP :)

  2. marquitoescort2011

    btw. monster replay.

  3. marquitoescort2011

    i bought this tank last weak, and im loving it so much. The only thing is i
    left my crew on the centurion 7/1 cause i wanted to keep that tank, and i
    struggled a bit at the beginning when the crew was still weak. But now im
    building the first perks and allready its a beast. Still going for that
    sixt sense though… I hope that whatever is going to replace this, will do
    the job even better.

  4. very well played . great game

  5. dezgames what equipment do you run on your fv215b (heavy)?, epic gameplay,
    very underrated tank ,

  6. Glad to see people with a solid computer setup and perfect internet get
    lucky against a team making shitty decisions. Perfect RNG and spawn perhaps
    favored this average play as well. Not impressed at all. No “spectacular
    gameplay or shots made”, period. Played the map as expected.

  7. rng is on his side

  8. You can get the reload down to 6.98 seconds with premium consumables

  9. I love this tier 10 :3 my only tier 10 xD

  10. TropicalChocolate Maker

    HA! The chat in the beginning was pretty entertaining!

  11. Comhghall Geraghty

    hey Dez I know you like t110e5 but its my first tier 10 and im so
    disappointed! for a heavy its not enough armour or alpha damage and too
    slow to be a medium commander hatch is massive whatever way I play it I
    have bad game. id rather any tier 9 heavy or medium in tier 10 game than
    e5. an e75 would tear it apart. im considering selling it already. how can
    anyone like this garbage tank? its so underpowered. rant over :)

    • +Comhghall Geraghty Don’t sell it, it’s a great tank but takes a different
      play style to a frontline heavy or a medium. It’s in between. It has a good
      gun with good depression and enough speed to relocate if the battle
      requires. If you keep the armour facing forward and wiggle the turret you
      can bully mediums if required. It’s often used in clan wars especially on
      maps where it’s gun depression can be used.

    • +Comhghall Geraghty Almost everyone is disappointed with their first 10,
      but after a while you will begin to see the good qualities of the tank.

    • Comhghall Geraghty

      Ok thanks for the tips I’ll keep at it hopefully I get better before I go

    • marquitoescort2011

      +Comhghall Geraghty dude dont do it. I have 10 tier 10s and e5 is one of
      the best if not the best. keep it at medium distance where they cant hit ur
      cuppola. its good alpha and amazing dpm and accuracy will tear other tanks
      apart. Its has amazing armor if u can protect your cuppola as said before.
      l2p with it. every tanks require some time of getting used to theyr game

  12. Excellent player and the other team was out to lunch for whatever reason.

  13. big gg

  14. SovietTenkDestroyer

    If this game was played on the NA server. This game would’t exist.

  15. Christian Hostetler

    imagine the game he would have had with an stb 1 in 9.5!

  16. Always good seeing someone give this tank a good name for a change. Still a
    shame that WG thinks that it should be removed and replaced. I don’t see
    why when the Russians get 3(4 if you have the obj 907)different meduim X’s
    to pick from.

  17. nuclearsharkattack

    Amazing game, great vid — well done, Ship!

  18. well i have 6.88 on leopard 1. So…..dpm isnt that magic

  19. Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Epic informations for the Mäuschen maybe ? ;)

  20. Epic channel subscribed & Greetings from Thailand :)

  21. perfect spawn point for this tank
    fv 4202 is the best med tank in this game any way

  22. GalaWOTs Galavits

    holy **** he owned those guys, i am gonna go play my FV4202 rigth now :D

  23. you can see why war gaming is removing it for being to weak

  24. Love that replay :D

  25. Bo Danville (BountyHunter Wot)

    7 seconds on a tier 10 med nice. Good replay but would love to see Dez some
    average joes replays as an average player myself its good to see the
    yellows and the oranges do well. Unicums and Smurfs like yourself can do
    epic games on a regular basis so its not surprising to see a player of this
    caliber do this.

  26. better reload than Leo 1 ? dafuq

    • +gskema The Leo 1 is almost 100% better than the FV4202. At the very least
      the FV gets slightly better reload. You want the FV to be total crap? 😛

    • +Jesse Wang FV4202 actually has some useful armor. Consider what you will
      say, because the FV4202 is worse than the leo only on the camo, and top
      speed part. Everything else the FV is pretty much better, or same.

  27. He was ready to fire every single time his gun was loaded… unica at their

  28. True beast mode!

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