► World of Tanks: FV4202 & E-50M – Saviour of The Gamez! – FV4202 & E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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World of Tanks FV4202 Gameplay. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Due to the popular demand, I am going with FV4202 and quite happy that I decided to do that. 😀
So today you are going to see 2 really awesome gameplays with tier 10 medium tanks FV4202 and E-50.M.

I am also making some Patch 10.0 Update episodes, take a look at them.

List of important changes with the first stage of testing in Patch 10.0:
– New version of + two new maps
– PvE tutorial for new players
– Viewing system revamp
– Centurion Action X added as a replacement for the FV4202*
– FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII tank
– More tanks reworked for HD
– Changes in the US tech trees for some low-Tier vehicles
– Added a for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*
– Added Škoda T 40 and M4 Revalorisé for testing

Enjoy the video!


  1. amx 13 90 :)))

  2. action packed video is best kind of video :)

  3. Love how clearly you can see that JgPz E100 round at 8:13. A little
    chilling when you think about that…

  4. Hello. The way you tried to signal the arty to move on the first map was

  5. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    what mod is that garage from? pls someone tell me!!! the garage looks
    awesome well its an ope feild! pls tell me the mod

  6. Leopard 1 maybe?

  7. Awesome video Dez as always and i have a quick question how many tanks do
    you have in yoir garage??

  8. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ funny when you called your other loader made me and my brother laugh 😀
    you whistled to him as if hes a dog or somthing lol :D

  9. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    ha an object 140 t62a dont stand a chance in a 1v1 fight against an e50m
    despite having more dpm!
    the e50ms lower plate is 120mm thick sloped that “weakspot” is better then
    the t62as hull and object 140s hull.
    the russian meds only got good dpm and turret armor going for them.
    e50m has speed, all round strong armor, highest pen, high accuracy. and
    good gun depression of 8 degrees to the side

  10. Why WG go to the trouble of creating a new tank Centurion Action X, when
    they could just leave the FV4202 and buff its speed to 50? Would be much

  11. I loved the E5 thinking the JpzE-100 killed him, talking about penning his
    side no aim xD
    Great games, lots of fun!
    Need more “pfff” moments like that shot on the Waffle. Too funny! Remember
    a game in your IS-6 on Ensk, where you also go “pfff” :D

  12. Arvin Dave Velasco

    great game Dez… really liked when you called a new loader on your fv4202
    hahaha. by the way again great game

  13. Alowishus Davander

    Hey Dez, love the vid’s.
    Would love to see a 110 vid/review. No one ever talks/shows a video about
    that OP tank.

  14. Dan te jeboooooo :D

  15. I’ve been gone for awhile, what is your status on the STB-1? If you’ve
    already bought it, maybe some gameplay using that one? Just got the engine
    for my STA-1 and half way to getting the radio…then I’ll start saving up
    exp for the tier 9. STA-1 seems to be a keeper, I’m liking it way more
    than the Chi-Ri.

  16. so excited for the action 10 ! finally got my 4202 just in time !

  17. E50M is OP. The beauty and the beast tank, because it is beastly and

  18. Love it Dez, keep it up mate

  19. E-25 game play?

  20. Ahhh, hello Dez. Great to see some tier X medium tank action! Thanks for
    the new vid aswell!

  21. Xin Chao LMFAO :D

  22. i really appreciate youre time you put out for us.

  23. i am starting to really enjoy your videos. so thanks for giving me
    something to smile about. your videos really have that personal touch to

  24. Wheare is Armored Warefare!? What tanks want we to see?

  25. Good vid dez! can you play the T57 Heavy next time?

  26. I love 50 M!! and i love the british tanks!

  27. Maybe next tank could be AMX 50 100 I would love to see how a pro would
    play it. Great vid as well :D

  28. Great video as usual dez! but now i have a question: what program are you
    using for recording and what are you using for editing programs? hope you
    can answer these questions and as always, stay awesome!

  29. Drive the WZ-131 with 85mm gun! :D

  30. live for 35k sub ? :D

  31. lol Vietnamese =]]
    nice m8

  32. good bye fv4202! ???

  33. love it

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