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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 4202 (P) Tank Review. World of Tanks FV4202 (P) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV4202 (P) Live Gameplay. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

Missions FV: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/-browser/46/mission--fv4202p/

Let’s take our first look at the new upcoming tier 8 premium tank “FV4202 (P)”. This is going to be a special reward tank after you complete missions.

So how good/bad is this tank?



  1. it’s not worth it I had the fv4202 tier 10 I want my chieftain tank I was
    promised two years ago

  2. I am on the Na server and I was given the fv4202p because I used to own
    it.i didn’t have to do any missions to get it.

  3. I got it for free. it said because I owned it as a tier 10 they just gave
    it to me. I feel it’s like Obama trying to take my freedom away by giving
    me free health care.

  4. I think they should bump up the DPM and the top speed.

  5. Why everyone says it is bad that tank is slow? For me slow tanks are good
    because it takes me time to go yolo in beginning of match and either get
    killed in first minutes or atleast lose most of my HPs! ;)

  6. Ahahahaha… Maus is faster…

  7. Honest review. +1
    I will never buy this tank. Ty Dez

  8. The /sloping/ is real!!!! TROLL MODE ACTIVATED ; P

  9. I actually have that tank. For all practical purposes it has no armor. I
    have no idea what type of voodoo magic you used to bounce those shots. It
    is has insanely anti-British gun handling, gun accuracy, and gun aim time.
    It really feels like a Centurion 1 if a Centurion 1 was significantly worse
    in literally every possible way. Even my 4 skill crew from my Swagturion AX
    cant make it a good tank. If it affects anyone’s opinion about my opinions,
    I tend to average around 2100 wn8 and 55ish percent win rate. (so I’m
    neither a scrub nor the best player in the game)

    The tank could be playable if they increase the max speed by 5 kph and give
    it a 2.3 second aim time (hopefully with better soft stats). It would still
    have significantly worse accuracy and turret armor than the Centurion 1,
    but it would at least be fun to play.

  10. i was lucky and got it for free and much like dez gamez even though its
    stats are pretty much shit ive been having epic games with it.

  11. So it’s like a sniper, like the chi-nu Kai?

  12. Its slow of because balance :)))))))

    cant be too fast compared to Russian tanks right?

  13. Dez, honestly, I think you are more entertaining than jingles and
    quickybaby, you are on par with circon and Foch and you three together are
    the best, keep up the good work!

  14. looks painful to watch :(

  15. Love your work Dez. You’re my go to reviewer. 4202P looks less awful than I
    feared. I guess I’ll try the missions.

  16. They should have kept the mobility and armor of the Tier 10 and just lower
    alpha and pen. And it would be just fine.

  17. 99140 dmg at 6:32 :P

  18. lololol Dez noo u make this tank look so good xD if it went 50km ? buff it
    war gamming lmao

  19. what it’s called the sixth sense of dezgamez in the mod pack promod?

  20. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    man id rather drive my lowe….and the lowe sucks (but i love lowe)

  21. Cant watch the vidio right now, i just came to say, i love the crap out of
    this piece of crap. its not a great tank. But i love it!. I’ve been getting
    great results in it.

    PS: God bless NA server for Gifting me this.

  22. Whirl ah Tonks

  23. so its a medium tank that plays as a heavy? how? why?

  24. I know your feeling DezGamez. Although not as extreme as you, I had 2500
    average damage after 20 games, 2200 after 40 games. I would not recommend
    this tank to anyone, and I know that it’s a a bad tank, but I just have
    extremely good stats in mine. For comparison, my average damage in most
    tier 8 tanks is 1500-1600.

  25. Is it a rule for wargaming to only make bad British premium tanks?

  26. 2 hits received and almost dead. Totally balanced, well done WG, well done.

  27. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    that’s a very strange tank. besides the speed, all stats look different 😀
    just like DPM


  29. I think the bounce is because of the UFP angle.

  30. Right so people on the north american server got it for free and on the
    european server we have to grind it…? Why?

    And this is going to sound rather weird but does anyone else ever get the
    feeling wargaming has a specific dislike for the British sometimes? :L

  31. Hypocrite in a bush

    this tank was, imo, the best looking tank in the game. i heard people
    complaining about it at tier x but it seemed playable. know i have to buy
    it, and its even weaker than before. no thanks

  32. Have to have this just cos its british. we already have the worst tier 7
    with the challanger and the worst tier 5 & 6 with the Churchills and the
    worst tier 10 with the idiot box failstar so having the worst tier 8 fitz
    in well. ;)

  33. Great video as always DEZ keep it up :)

  34. 6th like. 69th viewer. Played a couple of matches in this and
    it’s……underwhelming at best. My poor FV4202….what have they done to

  35. 600 + credirs for 177 dmg by shot .. yes, not always, but this happens to
    me with my centurion I …also good games are f**king expensive
    sometimes… i think that shells should cost about 350 credits max…

  36. Yet another reason to add to the reasons why to never touch WIT again list.

  37. XX-Zulu-Foxtrot-XX

    Woke up and it was in my garage… Can’t complain about that!

  38. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    this thing needs a buff, but I’ll be grinding it anyway. won’t say no to a
    free tier 8 premium, no matter how bad

  39. Tbh, if it goes on sale then I’ll buy it cos I’m a scrub and it’s a British

  40. maybe if they will buff this, more speed and more profit and this will be
    very good

  41. jeez what happened it was good before now…now its just shit

  42. I think it’s better to call this tank FV 4202 (Poo)

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