► World of Tanks: Game of His Life… Intense Carry – T-54 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. . Best Battle.

What I have for you today one really intense and amazing battle, played by “NutGamerPLS”. He said that this was the game of his life and I can understand why. So many intense and close moments, really interesting to watch. So, sit back and…



  1. blah blah blah … gold spamming noob… autoaim plus gold noob rounds
    doesn’t make you a good player…

  2. When it comes to minimap, size matters… :)

  3. You have to be stupid not to use it? Nope. You have to be a goldspammer
    noskill faggot to use it. Calling people who are not goldspammert stupid
    makes me lose all respect for you. Also sacrificing half his health to help
    a t7 noob in a t9 battle is everything, but a good choice. There was
    nothing special about this battle. A good battle, some skillful moments,
    some big mistakes. There are lots of T54 replays that are a thousand times
    better than this.

  4. I would be ashamed of sending this replay xD Yes eh did lots of damage …
    but he fails to understand how certain ammo works 😀 And so much luck … I
    had better games and didnt uplaod them just because I had to rely on luck
    to win. Anyways … shooting head at the worst possible angle 3 shots ina
    row … withouth failing to understadn that he isnt going to penetrate.

  5. Tim “runfox” B

    Great game, thanks for that replay DEZ, I have had some epic games but not
    as big as that. Russian mediums, they can cary games in so many replays.
    And everytime I see a T-95 get surrounded and killed, as I have done
    myself, I tell myself, I just dont care how good the tier 10 1103 is , I
    just cant bear the pain of the t-95 doom turtle grind,,,

  6. Why hasn’t that T95 backed towards the rock??!

  7. Wotko s Vokurkou

    And it is even more stupid with Obj. 416 which gets the same gun (maybe
    some dpm/gun handle diff) as T-54 on tier 8 😀

    Also with that superP, that was not replay bug, that is how the
    spotting/rendering works in WoT….

  8. Doodie Ploplets

    1/3rd of his ammo load out is premium. That is far more than most vehicles
    should need or use. Just don’t find the reasoning behind ‘he’s not spamming
    heat’… its a classic ‘spam’ game from an ‘unbalanced’ tank. Still hasn’t
    been balanced after such a long duration… quote quote beg pardon dez, but
    this video is a rare turd amongst gems.

  9. For all those HEAT spam crying bitches from here:
    HEAT spam is when you shot HEAT only, even at paper tanks.
    That guy shot AP when he had HEAT shells left at the end in that T95, and i
    see that he was very selective with his ammo so you can’t say he was
    spamming HEAT.
    Anyway, HEAT is in the game and is OP, so DEAL WITH IT!…

    …or go cry in a corner…

  10. I know that notification tone! Tiny Towers!

  11. Tactical Sniper

    too bad he might have had his kolobanov’s medal but the comet’s still
    alive… so hard man darn

  12. …and still loses money lol WG trolls!

  13. Camperoftehintrowebz

    Is-6 – good armor all around, except for what holds the damn gun itself
    that gun mantlet is fucking paper

  14. Alexander Stoyanov

    Epic luck in the epic Heat 54 spammer. Yet like dez said thats what you
    need for epic games: epic luck and epic work

  15. Your thought process at 10:00 is correct, but keep in mind that you should
    only do this against normal targets with *VERY LOW* hp, because HE rarely
    bounces, or against lightly armored-open cabined vehicles such as
    artillery, or the turreted German TD line. Keep in mind you also have to
    shoot these vehicles in the lightly armored part (*turret or gun mantle for
    arty and German turreted TD’s* for there to be any effect. Otherwise you
    will do 100 damage like this guy did in his t-54.) There are too many
    people I see who use HE on a heavily armored vehicle for a “chance to roll
    high” only to, of course, do like 50 damage. Great video, just make sure
    you make that clear I don’t want more people in the community spamming HE
    because it does more damage.

  16. Wow…. simply…. wow! FANTASTIC GAME DUDE!!
    If that happened to me I’d find a way to gold-plate the video!!

  17. Harrison Rawlinson

    Dez phone went off, I thought it was mine but i don’t get messages, lol

  18. William Minidis

    The beginning was skill, and only 4 heat shells bout 18 AP but the end was
    super lucky.

  19. Can you make the map 1step larger on replays please?

  20. Don’t those crappy AP rounds cost like 1,000+ credits a pop? Really worth

  21. love u dez i want to send u my emc replay 1 vs 7 win will u conider
    watching it?

  22. Lol this guy was shit

  23. face reveal at 100k

  24. Yeah, yellow scrubs… See and learn for once!

  25. do you have a tiger 1

  26. NetGamer SK (Gam3rSK)

    Nutgamer HERE.I like how many guys are here that are eventually better than
    me,right ? You have never shoot gold,you have never made mistake,even if
    you are carrying entire team and being 1vs4 all of you just chill out,right
    ? First of all.OK.I did a lot of mistakes : I dont know armor structure of
    every tank,especially arty and if i was aiming higher there would be big
    chance that im going to miss that shot so i decided to just aim for hull.I
    wasnt heat spaming,you have probably never met heat spaming t54 without any
    ap round.If i wanted to pen vkb i needed gold,if i needed to pen t95 i need
    gold,ok for is6 it wasnt needed but i was in pressure and he was under good
    angle to me,so if i wont load gold i would bounce a lot and there wasnt any
    time to do it.When i was above t95 i could hit his cupolas but again i was
    under pressure and i didnt realise that.There was a lot of used heats but i
    want to see you shooting op 200 pen shots into full hp t95 at the end of
    the game.Why are people so stupid ? OR am i ? yeah exactly,im that only one
    blue guy here,but all of you are unicums,right ? I know that im far from
    being a pro player and i did a lot of mistakes.But you never do ? i want to
    see everyone backseatgamer here how would he played in such a situation
    under pressure etc.You know its easy to just type hatefull comment about
    how stupid im,how many golds did i shoot or how i cant aim at weakspots.But
    how many of you have had game like this ? I have played 11k battles to get
    battle like this and yeah im proud of that.Why not ? Because you are going
    to hate me ? Do it,I dont care.I have got nice game and i decided to send
    it to dez.Why not ? It was epic,it was…it wasnt perfectly played but hell
    yeah look on any epic game and most of them have some luck factor.Mine was
    that bounce at the end of t95.Yesterday i have got 3rd mark of excellence
    on my t54.But yeah im stupid noob who cant play this game,thats why im
    better than 95% or to be exact – 98% right now ppl on public in that
    tank.To all backseatgamers : all of you have just strong words,but none
    acts.Thats why you complain about gold ammo,because thats only one thing
    about you can complain.

    PS : im not acting like im better all of you,i still learn this game and i
    do it every battle.Im just fucking allergic to internet heroes and
    backseatgamers who do everything and everytime something better than anyone
    else does.I have said,it was fucking lucky,it was stressfull,it was epic
    for me.I have made mistakes,i know it.

    PS2 : im open to objective critism but these comments are miles away from
    objective critism.

    To dez : thx for you quick reaction to my e-mail,i really appreciate it and
    wish you all the best to your youtube channel private life too :P

  27. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    15 cHEAT shells used in the replay : ”and he actually doesn’t spam Heat
    with his T54 in this replay” make up ur mind Dez XD

  28. lol T95 gave up at end

  29. NightCore Productions

    #faceoff IS6 vs IS3

  30. first 2 mins like : OH you have actually have armor, *(loading heat)* AH
    who the hell care’s ?
    that’s something broke nabout this game

  31. Such a mistake when he was trying to shoot t95 from higher ground into
    lower plate, he shouldve shot the cupolas..

  32. Friggin great work there! Props to NutGamerPLS

  33. Fck those damn adds in the middle of all the vids.. Im this | | close to
    unsubscribing.. Want some money from those anoying adds? PUT THEM IN THE
    BEGINNING! Waaayyy less anoying..

  34. on console I carried a tier 8 with my elc amx I killed 10 tanks and did
    6000 damage

  35. Brandin Ricardo

    This guy used a lot of heat


    i hate arty ??

  37. that default minimap size is so sad no wonder 80% of people dontknow how to
    use it.

  38. nice video btw dez

  39. 3 jealous people who disliked. It was/is the game of his life.

  40. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    No Ace Tanker?? WTF

  41. says “he could get this result without heat spamming.” *first shell fired
    is heat* lol

  42. “To get these epic games you need to be very lucky” Yes you can have luck
    or you could have a Pz. II J…

  43. I cannot wait for the Medium tank nerf sandbox server confirms it

  44. Daantje Scheffer

    I died laughing the way you said ”T95 actually f*cking bounced” xD

  45. Eduard Marcinek

    He make epic mistake in beginning when the is6 and t44 shoot him. If he
    dont show them his side they will have no chance to pen him. Nothing
    special here but gg for him.

  46. ╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
    . .

    / ╰u╯

  47. why the need for the HE lesson Dez, it was pretty clear it was the right
    move in that scenario. The better thing he did was move behind the bush to
    avoid being spotted

  48. Dez, why you did not taked my RNG Moment of Lighio(Im Lighio btw) I have
    sent u the Mail but no answer

  49. that guy is a lucky *******

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