► World of Tanks: Generals – 4th Division – What a Battle!

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Source: DezGamez

Generals Gameplay. World of Tanks Generals Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Generals USSR Deck – 4th Divison.


Back with some more World of Tanks Generals.. Patch 0.62 is live with a lot of changes and with a snowy board! 😀 Let’s check this out and let’s play one pretty super epic hyper with 4th Division!



  1. Nik Raisuddin Rizki

    why didn’t they allow us to choose what card to discard?

  2. A-32 in thumbnail? I haven’t seen one in over 2 years.

  3. Added a second reply to say just realised this is WOT generals but I will
    watch it anyway lol

  4. I always love coming home from a 12 hour shift and settling down with my
    tea to find you have uploaded a WOT replay. Your content is quite simply
    the most entertaining by far. Best wishes to you and your loved ones over
    the holiday period and looking forward to more stuff in 2016. Seasons
    greetings Slacko.

  5. DEZ, since its XMAS tommorow am i invited to your house for a party or
    what!? :D

  6. Interesting video.

  7. Dez – I, for one, am enjoying these videos a LOT! Sure, it is linear and 2
    dimensional in presentation, but the in-depth strategy involved is WAY OVER
    a lot of people’s heads. You DO indicate in your channel description that
    you are big time into cards – and THIS is deck building at its finest. Too
    bad the hyper-adrenaline junkies decided to make this video one they felt
    the need to comment on. LOL

  8. Gatewareu Gatewareu

    Merry Christmas

  9. I guess I’m going to have to study up on the point of this game,
    card-based, like DD or Machu=picho, stuff. It seems like some of the
    strategic board style in the historical SSI games, but with cards.

  10. digital card game? no thanks.

  11. Honestly just isn’t very interesting to me. Whatever floats your boat
    though Dez. Also. Maybe a T34 review after the changes to it after the
    patch? pls? I got a cookie for you. :D

  12. What a close fight Dez 🙂 Good job!!! Sweet victory achieved!!! *Two thumbs

  13. what you mean dez, is ‘ IN DA POCKET” ;D

  14. Chemistry´s the best!

    What happened to your war thunder videos?

  15. I’m going to have to give this a try, finally got WoT up and running but
    this looks like a fun time waster. Do you find it holds up over time?

  16. Nice WG advertisement for a digital card game.!

  17. dont draw so many cards its a waste, instead put more defensive cards in
    your deck

  18. ‫أحمد طالب أحمد‬‎


  19. I sent them a request to play Generals well over a year ago. Im still
    waiting! LOL! I guess they don’t want many people playing their game.

  20. Wow,2 minutes ago uploaded and still not first.Good video anyway.

  21. second

  22. first

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