► World of Tanks Generals – Gameplay, First Impressions

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Generals Closed Beta First Gameplay and Impressions. Live Gameplay Commentary.
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WoT: Generals Closed Beta is finally here… or is it a Beta Test? I mean, I have seen more broken released games than this! After 4h of playing, I didn’t notice any serious bug so far.

Your thoughts?

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Closed PETA is live! My cup of tea… Your thoughts?

  2. Overall this is something i wouldn’t have expected to see, i mean it seems
    like it might be fun but then again i’m the kind of person who likes magic
    the gathering, ect. Oh well, at least we won’t have to be worried about
    arty. XD

  3. Wow its just awsome xD
    Great video too.Hope you upload more of those 😀
    I signed for the Beta test but i dont have a response yet :/
    I really want to try it!

  4. WHAT DID YOU DO SHIP? Stop getting me into new games! 😀
    After you uploaded H&G gameplay, I have been playing that and now you do
    this to me! :D

  5. I tried this browser game, but in first 2 minutes I got one shotted by an
    arty from WoT. How the hell?? :/

  6. this looks really nice, ty for introducing this stuff.

  7. Kinda looks like hearthstone,what I like is the movement part its awsome

  8. I love your videos!

  9. You broke the NDA…

  10. I hope you’re ready to get perma banned on all wot games you fucktard. I’m
    sending this in to WGA

  11. Hmm… Seems interesting 😀 lolol

  12. Good to see PETA have endorsed this game! ;)

  13. It’s like playing the card game fish

  14. stupid game

  15. I like most card games, but I resist playing them because I suck at them.
    For ones you make a deck in I usually keep one deck with my strongest

  16. shill promoting another pathetic pay to win scam game. no thanks.

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