► World of Tanks: Goals, Giveaways and “Cheating” – M46 Patton KR Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M46 Patton KR . World of Tank M46 Patton KR Review/Preview. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series. World of Tanks Giveaway.

Time jump into action in ! My first gameplay going to be together with “M46 Patton KR”, the newest tier 8 premium medium tank in the .
Going to talk about 2015, goals for 2016 and going to answer to some of your questions!

► Main Giveaway: https://promosimple.com/ps/8cb6

► Type 59’s giveaway:
Prize Pool:
– 1 Type-59 + Garage slot.
– 1 Type-62 + Garage slot.
– 3 Cromwell B + Garage slot


  1. dude… where can we send our videos?

  2. Woooooooot 2016 :D

  3. Congratulations on your year numbers. Keep producing great tank game plays.

  4. Love the channel! And for what it’s worth, your English is excellent. Keep
    it up, I look forward to every episode.

  5. Dez, your 39,500 Beasts need 39,500 beauties! :D

  6. Dez Hello , I am a big fan acceptance of our friendship, wot -on ?

  7. keep up the good work

  8. lol the 6th is my birthday

  9. This was a rather calm battle to watch… I loved how you showed us us your
    first 2016 battle. My first in 2016 stunk. I played in t95 and team was to
    good so I never got there in time to get desert, ?

  10. Take it as a compliment, your so good they thought you were cheating ;)

  11. Great vids man, but no spanish please ;)

  12. I would root for more AW videos and less WOT. Just can’t stand that game

  13. Finally my feelings are hurting again. Thank you, Dez! <3

  14. well damn that tank looks sexy, if I may say so :D

  15. You speak better english than a lot of people who were born and raised in
    the US and ONLY speak “english”. I can understand you just fine which some
    here I can’.t

  16. Julien Brouilhounat

    I don’t know if your english improved, but your spanish did ^^ muchas
    gracias my amigos !!! Next time give a french welcome XD
    anyway thanks for 2015 content and welcome 2016

  17. so ur gonna do 10 backflips if u reach ur goal? let there be more than
    enough new subs. :D

  18. Dez! Congrats on such an EPIC year man! I know I am responsible for at
    least a million of those views myself. Haha but don’t worry man, I’m gonna
    keep watching and your Engrish is perfect! Whatchu talkinbout? Love all
    your videos!

  19. Eh B0ss, I have teh canc0r

    Honestly Dez, you deserve way more than 25k new subs you’re tht good of a
    youtuber. But every bit helps so good job on the growth! The hard work put
    into getting those subs was all you so congrats and keep up the good work!

  20. i would like to see him grow big and dez try to play war thunder its got a
    close theme to WOT so>> can you at least give it a try?

  21. i think we can get him to 100k in about 2 months if we all shared

  22. Start practicing for those backflips :D

  23. Hey Dez keep on love ur videos. I hope you will have epic 2016.:)

  24. 75,000 Subscribers for 2016?!!!!!
    NO WAYYY…If you do that, I promise I will take a bath EVERY Saturday from
    now on! LOL.
    Actually, I am proud and glad for you…the stats, the stated goal
    surprised even you. That’s good to know.
    Looks like the KR is gonna work out in BEAST Mode nicely!

  25. George Vanonymous

    Dez i want a tank plz

  26. Love the channel. When can we see ur face man? 🙂 I mean, we all know how
    “top dogs” look like….and you, my friend, after seeing the numbers, are a
    “Top Dog” now :D

  27. Just letting you know your English is perfectly fine in fact its amazing so
    there’s no need to worry.

  28. Much as I believe you deserve 75k subs’ Dez, I think it’s a very high mark
    to set mate. A lot of those new 25k subs’ arrived due to Jingles
    highlighting your channel last year and people turning up for a
    ‘looksee’…finding your content good and funny, and staying around.
    Can’t see another influx like that one again this year, but hopefully I’m
    wrong and lots more people turn up to see just what great content they’ve
    been missing out on all this time!
    Just my opinion but if all else fails..you’ll still have me! 🙂

    All the best for this new year mate and thanks for the last one.

  29. Hahahaha! your English is nice, infact it is your English pronunciation
    that made me interested in your videos..Keep it up man, we will reach the
    target…let roll for 2016. Good Luck.

  30. Gonna be with you all the way to 1 million and then more. Great video,
    looking forward to your videos your gonna upload this year.

  31. Lott of us heard about your channel from Jingles. I like your videos,you
    are doing great job

  32. Dang, Dez I love watching you play. Especially in the M26,M46 and the
    Fatton. Being disabled I have to sit here day after day. So, it’s great to
    have you making videos for all of us to watch and learn from. I know you
    will make the 75K Subscribers with no sweat. Thanks so much, aka flea1951
    ……the old man!

  33. GL in 2016, you beast! and i believe clicking the subscriber button is much
    easier than making videos, but if you say so… :)

  34. you should do a weekly comp where 5 players get to toon with you

  35. Dez are you planning to record at 60fps ?

  36. You speak clearer and better enunciated English than most English people

  37. Congratulations on a good year. I sure 2016 will be even better. I often
    rewatch the videos when you get a propper beast rage on. nothing funnier
    than listning to someone else shouting at the computer as if it can hear
    them. Makes me realise im not crazy for doing it myself ;)

  38. My YouTube account name is not the same as my WoT account… is thad a

  39. and we cane do hit 75.000 subs

  40. Hey Dezz nice video. Knowing you (?) you will definitly hit your 2016
    bytheway. Your dmg in the battle was like 2200. you hitted a lot of blind
    love your channel!! and keep on doing the great work!!!!!

  41. 5:50 , you bet your ass you will do a live stream of yourself attempting
    the 10 back flips if the sub goal is reached

  42. i have a problem with the massag box cane you help me pls?

  43. hope you make the 75000 subs but don`t end up in hospital after you did the
    10 backflips :)

  44. Hey DezGamez – congratulations on your 2015 goals! Your videos are awesome
    and your English is fine; your accent helps make the vids even better! I
    like your channel every bit as much as Jingles and QuickyBaby. Thanks and
    good luck!

  45. Hopefully your current winners actually get their prizes unlike me who is
    still waiting on the last prize you gave out.

  46. Happy new year DG!

  47. I actualy hate dmg numbers but i like dmg blocked numers im totaly playing
    the game just to block bounce enemy shells its so cool :P

  48. Your English is fine, you speak better then many native English speakers I

  49. I was the one who said you will make 75k this year! *DEZ FACE REVEAL 2016*!

  50. Quickyfarty Gaming

    We can do it mate :P

  51. Hey Dez! How was your new year?!

  52. Don’t change your English, its a nice with some accent ?

  53. “2000 reputation” been playing a lot of AW :p

  54. Damn cheater going for flanking shots on that Super Pershing, I’ll bet you
    look at the minimap too.

  55. FCM 50T crashed!!! hahaha (13:40)

  56. hope all our SEA members got some chance to win :)

  57. Dez take all the time you need for your giveaway! I think i speak for
    everyone that we don’t really care about the giveaway as we do about your
    channel. And i want to thank you for all your content and as extra the
    giveaway is also nice ofcourse. ;)

  58. Whats DezGamez nationality and native language?

  59. I hope to see a few wot:g video’s in 2016. Nice game but all those
    blindshots :-P

  60. spam

  61. I hope I can get the type 59 :o

  62. Cheers Dez! I bet you could reach 75000 subscribers total before 2016

  63. Happy new year Dez! Hope you had a good time with your family and friends
    🙂 and I wish you as much sub’s as possible In 2016 🙂 Keep up the great

  64. the giveaway has ended……..

  65. Prepare to make a video of you doing 10 backflips at the end of the year

  66. We did it? NO. You did it all. We just had to click one button yet you have
    created lot of great content for us. Thank you and good luck in 2016.

  67. Grats on reaching your Goals for 2015 and i believe we can help reach your
    goals for 2016 as well. Anytime a new player on the Na forum ask who to
    watch your one of the 4 people i direct them too when i post. It was great
    year of Vids lots of nice Variety and entertainment and learning as well. I
    do have to laugh at that guy calling u a cheater for no reason like does he
    even know the games mechanics and how they work. Well here to completing
    your goals for 2016.

  68. No Dez, You did it :)A good channel with a good host deserves success :)

  69. moar subscribers is needed!

  70. Hahaha Too late dude,I’ve already watched quite a bit of your beginning
    years and those bf3 episodes as well. 😀 now I feel like I’ve seen your
    baby pictures lmao!

  71. good start to the year Dez. Keep up the good work.

  72. Congrats from Spain! nice job keep it up!

  73. Francesc Triviño

    Couldn’t stop laughing at “Muchas gracias amigo” ???

  74. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    What’s your native language?

  75. always much respect for someone who manages a foreign language as well as
    you do.

  76. 10 backflips… ill remember that

  77. Hey Dez. how’s your day going? Hope you’re doing good? 🙂 Also. Show us
    some love for the US meds? Got my Pershing and it’s ready to go!

  78. Christian Armbruster

    Dez what’s your mother tongue then?

  79. wow its over already :/

  80. I think that O-I is the new king of durp, I resently made a review on it
    and i do really belive its more durpy!

  81. dez I’ve been here since u started and ik that im not entitled to anything,
    but I’d really like to win something

  82. SU100 gets rekt… “okay” smooth Dez ;)

  83. Sebastiaan Postma

    Congratulations on gaining 25k new subscribers over the year, really
    amazing! Keep it up, you are making great videos!

  84. I am too late :(

  85. Can we do it? YES WE CAN! I create 35k new accounts if we dont reach it!

  86. YAY! Another Dez Video! Whoop Whoop!

  87. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    I luv Patton.
    Just looking at the shape of the tank is filling my heart with joy.

  88. dez where are you from ?:D

  89. Too early?

  90. first ?

  91. Christian Armbruster


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