► World of Tanks: Godlike IS-3 – 9,000 Damage – Farmer of The Year!

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Source: DezGamez

Epic Battle. World of Tanks IS-3 Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

After many many requests from you guys, I am going to show you some mid tier action as well!
In today’s epic battle your are going to see pretty badass damage farming by “1stWarlord” in his Soviet tier 8 heavy tank “IS-3”.

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2308367#stats
Enjoy the video!


  1. Not to take away from this game. He did all the right things needed . Made
    all his shots count, sidescraped etc and whatnot. Yes we have to factor in
    that MM pretty much handed him this game from the start and after the T34
    died nothing was left to really counter him. It helps that being in an IS3
    after the 2 tier 8’s were dead there was really nothing left on the other
    team that could reliably pen his frontal armor. you could make an argument
    for the O-Ni and Tiger but even then it was never going to be 100% sure
    they could pen his front.

    Tho props for the insane damage and almost all by normal AP rounds. the
    best damage I could do in my Carnarvon and T32 was 6.4k and 5.5k

  2. like to see tier 10 td in action

  3. Oh noes, please dont start those “wide angle view” shots, it is so anoying
    to start searching for the players tank and to see what actually happens…

  4. Looking forward to Monday Dez :D

  5. “Face is the place…” …do you perchance play Hearthstone? :P

  6. Epic replay = Me Tier replay = Epic commentary / Accent, and Fly fire

  7. LieutenantLefty 41

    challenger 1 in wot id like to see that! 4:40

  8. Oh yeah – and no pigs!

  9. Ridiculous MM – not just for the 2 x tier 8, but also the crazy number of
    heavies and the almost total lack of mobile flanking tanks.

  10. ww2legoproductions

    Nice game Dez!

  11. Flyefire actiorino please! :D

  12. Ho Dez, I would like to see some Chinese heavy action, maybe you will find
    something interesting, hopefully

  13. lol what was this a good game and arty in the match ? i see a pattern….

  14. what a shitty noob stomp game it’s embarrasing to see this kind of ‘plays’
    on Dez’s channel(DISLIKE)

  15. Wanna see some M46 gameplay :P

  16. No auto aim <3

  17. Fly Fire XD

  18. DG please do a 183 full hesh video I miss them xD

  19. stupid team

  20. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    is-3 cool….now weres the king tiger DEZ?

  21. well i finally manage to block 11k damage on my is7

  22. HY Dez Good Game from the IS 3 Player.What is it for the Music in Backgrond
    from the Replay pls can i Tell me.Thx
    Best Regards on my Estland Brother 🙂 from Germany Dagpuhoo510

  23. Dez, I think it would be hysterical for you to go seal clubbing in a

  24. fly fire flyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

  25. Tier VII medium (the weakest of tiers) would be cool

  26. Ha , I got to youtube <3. Yeah ,rebought this tank for CW. Glad I did.
    EDIT: Thank you NewYorkMC for sending my replay to DezGamez.
    Godlike mm indeed !

  27. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I personally, would have shot the 2nd apcr shot and he shot into the air
    and then killed the Fly Fire with the last Shell for that epic medal.

  28. Oh, it’s the OP-3. But hey, what do you think about the upcoming patch?

  29. “World of tanks T110E4 Review / Preview.” Goddamnit Dez, check your video
    description! 😛 :P

  30. Christian Hostetler

    The only way to get games like this is when three things happen
    1) Your enemies are shit
    2) Your team is shit
    3) You are OK

  31. Love the videos Dez but damn this tank is so bloody filthy xD felt sorry
    for that o-ni

  32. Hey sweetheart <3

  33. OP tank in OP matchmaking is hard to do bad.

  34. I would call Tier IV-VI mid tier and Tier VII-X hight tier, tier TIER TIER

  35. what tier 8 vehicle is good for boom and zoom?

  36. Arent you supossed to NOT sidescape in the IS-3 ? those angled plates in
    the front are easy to pen when you sidescape + Ammorack behind then 0.o

    mhe, it worked well for him :/

  37. 1stwarlord is tremendous fgt Kappa

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